Brayin Candy

Madoff = Obamanomics

And our Hope for you is firm, because we know that just as you share in our sufferings, so also you share in our comfort. 2 Cor 1:7

Obamonomics is a complete and absolute failure in every way. From losing over 4 million jobs and climbing, to forcing this Country over $9 Trillion in debt it deserves an F-. From taking over a fuel starved auto industry to keep the UAW employed w/make work jobs, to completely mismanaging the banking industry. Now he has a Cap America bill that will kill the energy industry as well as taking over the Healthcare industry. To imagine someone who couldn’t manage an inner city abortion clinic wants to run healthcare is as likely as a Chinaman winning the Indy 500. Can you say Dr Kevorkian. He is going to do to the hospitals what he has done to the auto dealers.

Premier Hussain is a Mao idealist who has always hated America and its capitalist economy. When he came in office he was going to finally punish the rich who got unfair tax cuts. His blind following of his ideology forced him to hit the enemies of liberalism in industry so hard he knocked them out. He foolishly believed gummit could spend the $$ better than the American people and he’s wrong. He stated we needed to blindly pass a Spendthelastcents bill since people were saving their $$ rather than spending it. He said the gummit was the only one who could spend enough to kick start the economy. He was dead wrong and it failed completely. He has never heard of the multiplier effect and it shows.

He is forcing out 20,000 jobs a day and it is only going to get worse. There is no business other than Bankruptcy Firms who have any reason to be optimistic to do any hiring. The market predicted this disaster perfectly. When the market saw Nazi Nancy and Red Reid would be writing the checks and regulating the businesses with obozo in the WH, the market predicted a deep recession/depression. It knew that this spendaholic junta would fail and fail completely which it has. There is no reason for businesses to hire employees if they are in survival mode against a gummit who wants to destroy them. When you are fighting for survival the only place you can really cut is payroll, especially when business is slowing down.

All he has ever studied or taught is how unfair America is and he wanted to fix it. He foolishly thought he could punish the money makers w/o hurting the poor. He believes Trickle Down Economics is an evil Reagan term which rewards the wealthy and punishes the poor. He is wrong and now he has destroyed the very people who write the checks for the workers of this Country. He has now killed the economy and all that will be left are those who will be successful in spite of Obomonomics. His goal is to destroy the capitalistic system of America and make us all subjects of the gummit.

The one thing he will never do is cut taxes for the job producers of this Country. If he were to the multiplier effect would come into play. When a person is able to keep $100 rather than sending it to the inefficient gummit Rat hole, he uses the money to buy something. If he buys something like take his family out to dinner then he has made a restaurant and food supplier $100. The restaurant employs 4-5 people and a waitress gets a tip. Those workers earn $15-20 to buy something which employs more people. This $100 keeps spinning around the economy and economists on both sides admit it spins around 100 times before it is used up. This means that every $100 actually turns into $10,000 and really stimulates the economy.

Conversely when $100 is removed from the economy you have eliminated the multiplier and have taken $10,000 out of the economy and dumped it into the gummit Black Hole. There is no multiplier since there are so many inefficiencies and corruption the money is stuck in the gummit freezer. Those shovel ready jobs are nothing but a giant hole to pour our hard earned taxes. It may satisfy his anger, but Obamonomics is hurting millions of poor people who are not all White redneck racists, by punishing the wealthy.

Talking to a builder the other day who was working on a large project on the East Coast explained the fear which is driving the Obama Meltdown. He was preparing to begin a 1/4 of a $Billion resort which is fully funded by a large oil company and was going to start $2 million in excavation this week for the first few buildings. When the developers heard that Obozo was thinking about Spendourlastcent II, together w/the Cap America taxes which will target those oil companies they pulled back on the project. They have reduced the project to a $200K in excavation and rather than 6 buildings this year they are only going to build 1 small one. This decision likely cost somewhere around 1000 jobs throughout the area. This is Trickle Down punishment by Obomonomics.

Another builder who had 22 employees and is down to 10 had to make his employees pay for their health insurance. This was a difficult decision since he’s always paid for insurance but he had no choice since the Obama Meltdown dropped his business over 50%. He made the statement if Ohbummer passes KatrinaCare and is mandated to pay for his employees' insurance he will have to let the rest of them go just keeping his family employed. This is what happens when you punish the rich. The rich are the ones who pay your paycheck and at some point you become an expense. This is how Obamonomics is a complete and utter failure and he has no way out. His entire life has been based on a commie lie and now we are all paying the price.

 Again, the only way to fix this economy is to lower taxes on everybody including the rich since they write the checks. Next the congress has to stop spending. Finally, you have to lower the cost of everything which means develop our energy including oil and nuclear. Now none of the libs will allow it so the next opportunity we have is 2010 and then we need to fire everybody and especially those who have put us in this mess. No matter if they are Repub or Dim it’s time to turn the Tea Parties into Lynching Parties and throw all the crooks out to start over. Everybody who was foolish enough to vote on Porkulus or Cap America w/o reading them need to apply for unemployment. They can go find a better job in Valenzuela or Cuba.

Pray for America