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Benghazigate is opening

But I see another law at Work in the members of my body, waging war against the law of my mind and making me a prisoner of the law of sin at Work within my members. Romans 7:23

We now have credible sources saying PravdABDNC is hiding two emails showing the current President ordered the military to Stand Down on rescuing Ambassador Stevens and the Seals. These e-mails are being withheld from the American public for fear they would destroy the President’s dwindling chances of re-election. This is simply another example of the complete lack of credibility from our Establishmedia which has become nothing more than a wing of the corrupt DNC, excuse the redundancy. After we sweep this coward out of office perhaps we can find a way to fire Pravda too.

How can America tolerate a group of reporters who refuse to report a story simply because they are Marxist ideologues? We have to get to the bottom of how and why an Ambassador was assassinated and what happened. Was it a simple terrorist attack or was something else going on which was even more sinister to explain the stand down order? We need answers to these questions or is the District of Corruption going to whitewash this like they have every other scandal that has been an arm’s length from Obama.

There is a rumor floating around which says there was a kidnap and exchange being carried out between Stevens and the Blind Sheik Omar who plotted and executed the first Twin Towers attack. If this was true then it would explain why they did not want any interference from the rescue squad and would also explain why they had the lame excuse in their pocket in case anything went bad. If this was the case then they believed their kidnap was going fine until the Ambassador ended up at the Hospital dead. This would explain all of the stopping the rescue missions to let the terrorists capture the compound and then negotiate the release with the Blind Sheik. The first rule in negotiation, know who your opponents are and make sure you can trust them, a step horribly missed by the regime.

The other theory is Stevens and the Seals were meeting with some Libyan groups who they had given weapons to overthrow Ghadafi and were getting our weapons back. We apparently sent a ship of weapons including Surface to Air missiles which are now in the hands of Al Queda and he was attempting to buy them back for millions of dollars to these terrorists. This one is the more frightening to imagine our government would be willing to give those types of weapons to terrorists with a chance they could be used against us. This again would explain not sending in aircraft knowing they could be shot down by our own missiles causing a scandal he would have a hard time explaining to every American who does not work for the media.

If either of these theories are true he needs to come clean to the American people and let the cards fall where they may. They are both equally damaging from trying to affect an election by placing an Ambassador’s life at risk to giving weapons away to affect another leader in the Middle East so he could avoid going to war with that country. Which is worse, arming a militia to overthrow a dictator who was no longer a threat America or threatening to go to war with a dictator who was a threat to America and his neighbors and actually going to war? You would have to say Bush was more honest than Obama.

Can anybody imagine the media being in anyway complicit to a Romney administration with a dead Ambassador story? The duplicity of the Stone Age Press has passed being a joke to becoming a threat to our country. This president if he cared in the slightest about the truth would go before the American people and explain what happened and why. He would have to explain what the Ambassador was doing there and why he was not given the proper protection at the Benghazi compound. If he cared an ounce about transparency he would have to explain if the rumors are true and why he would allow such things to happen. Finally he would have to explain his Stand Down order and why he would abandon our fellow Americans to die horrible deaths.

America will not survive if we cannot trust our leaders. Democracy only survives when the truth is sanctified rather than something to be hidden. Transparency is required from every level of our gummit and what is severely lacking in this one. The answers to these questions are difficult answers and ones that will likely destroy his campaign even though it is already over. His problem is the truth no longer can be hidden and he is too much a coward to admit it so he is trying to be the Dutch boy stopping the leaks in the dike, there are just are too many of them to stop.

In the end we have the internet and it will become even more powerful as the Marxist Mathews Media continues to abuse their power. They have become an afterthought as they become more and more obvious while the alternative media becomes the source of the truth from Rush to Drudge exposing the corruption unfiltered. Without these sources we would still be persecuting some poor schlep in jail who made a video who was the regime’s designated fall guy if this plan failed.

In a couple days we will have a new President and the media will be one step closer to actual bankruptcy not just morally. The new media which will take its place has to be one that provides for its own financing and is not subsidized by other parts of a corporation so that the news will have to have value. It will need to reflect the value of its one commodity which is reporting the information and letting that information rise or fall of its own volition. This is why the public values so many of the internet sources while discounting PravdABDNC to nearly worthless. As a news source the internet is diamonds while MSDNC is coal as is being proven by Benghazigate. When your news organization has sold itself out to one side completely there is no value to their information.

We have a President who is costing Americans their lives needlessly and then lying to us and a media which is covering up his scandal to promote his Marxism. In a truly transparent world he would have reporters hounding him everywhere he went and demanding answers to very serious questions. There is no free press outside the internet so those who are in speaking distance of the President are happy to be the filters to maintain his façade. Perhaps after Tuesday one of the mediots will find the courage to break from the pack and decide the deaths of Americans is a story and begin to find the answers to it. Meanwhile, we will surf the net to find the truth as it leaks from the massive dike as it collapses from the weight of its own corruption. What replaces it will be a phoenix that resembles Lady Liberty with her Torch of Truth held high.

Pray for America