Brayin Candy

Suicide Chicago Style

Brothers, we do not want you to be ignorant about those, who fall asleep, or to grieve like the rest of men, who have no HOPE. Thes 4:13

How is it that President Bush’s administration goes 8 yrs w/o a murder or suicide and now we are back to the Dems’ body count again? Is the DNC motto, Dead Men telling no Tales? Blagovich top adviser and fundraiser Christopher Kelly was found by his girlfriend supposedly overdosing on aspirin. Apparently overdosing of aspirin is a fairly common way of dying in Chicago. There, dying of aspirin is the same as being fitted for cement shoes in NY or 3 taps to the back in Jersey. This Rezkobama partner was to report to prison this week and pay $450K for corruption charges inside the Chicago machine. He was a key player in the Chicago Pay to Play system. This guy was so deeply involved in the Daley/Blago machine when he died there were Champaign bottles popping from State St to Pennsylvania Ave. Oh that’s racist.

Kelly was a roofing contractor who was partnered w/Tony Rezko’s, Papa Johns Pizza chain on the Chicago expressways and airports. These 85 pizza franchises made and lost Rezko millions who is convicted of using his influence to get the same chain in O’Hare airport where Kelly also plead guilty to corruption in his acquisition of roofing contracts for airport hangers. This guy was the connection between Blagovich, Rezko, Valerie Jarrett and Obama. They were all part of the money laundering and funneling money from Slum improvement grants into campaign donations for politicians in Chicago. Kelly was one of the kickback artists who you would go to if you wanted a city or state contract. You would pay him millions in fees and kickbacks so he would allow you to do work inside the gummit. He was a part of the Chicago Inner Circle. Oh that’s racist.

This Inner Circle allows corruption to run wild throughout the Chicago DNC establishment. The only people who were allowed to make $$ in Chi-town were those who donated to the right Dem The main pools of cash were the Fed gummit and their Urban Improvement funds which Obama was a community instigator; to be sure the well never ran dry for his donors/him. He made sure Rezko, Kelly and Jarrett were well paid from the trough. The other main fund for their corruption was the state’s $10 Billion Teachers Retirement System/Fund. This pool of $$ was raided on numerous occasions to buy favors from investors and finance companies like Rezko’s Rezmar corp. and Kelly’s company. Oh that’s racist.

Kelly was caught in the middle of a number of pay to play scandals he couldn’t escape. He was a gambleaholic who used his corporation and influence to pay off over a Million in losses. His connections in the gambling industry helped him become a coordinator of a big Casino project that had been discovered was being developed by the mob. Not sure how that’s a neg in Chicago? If Kelly were a raging alcoholic he would control the Chicago liquor authority. Between the mobs, the unions and the Daley machine it makes you wonder why he didn’t commit suicide by garroting himself then 3 taps to the back. Oh, that’s racist.

This scandal runs straight to the WH as Kelly had partnered w/both Rezko and Jarrett. The indictment of Blago has Jarrett and Greasy Axelrod as well as the Illinois head of the SEIU. What a small corrupt world the windy city is. It is also very convenient that 2 of the direct contacts to obozo are now under WH legal protection. This can potentially save them $Millions in legal fees and give them Executive Privilege to keep the obvious conflict at a distance. Oh, that’s racist.

So this is what we know about this "suicide". The people that were involved w/his Construction business was Rezko, Jarrett, Angry Michelle, Rham Emmanuel, Axelrod and Black Rashneesh Obama. They were all interconnected w/the Chicago slum authority as well as a number of Chicago Boards. The final place that they all came together was the Pay to play corruption that ran throughout the city. They were all scratching each other’s backs to drive $$, home/commercial loans, and kickbacks for gummit contracts. Oh, that’s racist.

Much of this $$ was taken from the mouths of the poor to enrich themselves or their campaign funds. Numerous times the heat was turned off the people in their socialist apartment buildings while $$Thousands were being given to corrupt politicians like Ohbummer. Good news is that 98% of them voted for him in the election after they went weeks w/o heat or plumbing so all’s well that ends well. Ain’t socialism grand? Christopher Kelly is the corruption of Chicago who knew where all the bodies are buried and now he is one. Oh, that’s Racist.

The way the power and money works in Chi Town is you are either a politician, union boss or on a gummit Board for the graft train. The boards are where all the jobs and contracts are handed out, where all the grease is spread. These boards are absolutely corrupt and are a conduit between the people, the money and the politicians. You kick back the board members or the politician to get your contract. This is where the Pay to Play rules are made and where the corruption begins. In this case the boards in play were the transit board; the Habitat board and one of the most corrupt the U of Chicago Hospital board that Slum Queen Jarrett chaired. They were all cash machines for dirty politicians and contractors. Oh, that’s racist

This is exactly what Back Chavez Obozo wants to put in place in the HC industry. This will be the largest and most corrupt Board ever created that will be skimming Trillions from our HC system. You think Chicago is corrupt, wait til you see the DC Gummit Option. Oh, that’s racist!

Pray for America and Our Troops