Brayin Candy

Michelle's Broom Closet

While ABDNC is looking into Gov Palin’s closet full of campaign clothes they continue to ignore corruption from their candidate for the 20th election in a row. In January 2005 the day Obummer was sworn in as senator, angry Michelle was given a $200,000 raise as a new position was invented to hide the Graft. Turns out the bribes from Rezko were peanuts compared to the grease being spread by the University of Chicago Hospital. Eventually the salary was paid by us as Barak was able to get an earmark for the Hospital of $1,000,000, oops guess that earmark was turned down; never mind. Guess some of us are just too cynical to be Commiecrats?

It seems Saint Change is the same ol politician in the District of Corruption as all the rest. While our never vigilant press are being obsessed voyeurs in the Palin family, it turns out the Oblack family was up to their necks in Graft and Corruption. January of 2005 when Black Whiteguilt Oblack stole his Sinate seat in the usual Chicago mafia style, Michelle was given a title and her salary suddenly nearly tripled. She went that month from hospital administrator making $121,000 to a brand new position called Vice President of Community Affairs making $317,000. Now after leaving the hospital the phony position has mysteriously dropped from the hospital. Apparently Change is very lucrative in the Chicago swamp.

There is no way to tell what exactly the hospital got for their $200,000/yr bribe since the hospital can’t really say what she did when she was infrequently there, but we can guess there were plenty of favors. There is one admitted earmark Obummer had to divulge when he entered the Presidential race for $1,000,000 for a hospital pavilion. Such a Coincidence it would pay for his wife’s salary for 3 years. Wonder if the pavilion was ever built, nope the earmark was turned down. Some things never Change other than the amounts when it comes to congressional corruption.

When the hospital was asked what the VP of Community Affairs was, nobody at the Hospital could explain it other than some Public Affairs position. This bogus position was invented to pay off the Obamas and is another example of their willingness to take bribes. We know the Italian Shoed Briefcases made sure there is no proof this is a bribe yet even for Chicago, this is obvious. Being a corrupt sinitor for two years is the sum total of his qualifications and is all we need to know. He and Joe Boredom would be two of the most corrupt politicians to ever occupy the WH. This job will be worth at least a $B in bribes and graft for these two crooks.

Sure $200,000 per year is chump Change in DemocRat terms, but there is no such thing as just a little corrupt, it’s like being a little pregnant. Either you are or you aren’t. Between this graft as well as the sweetheart deal with Rezko and his VP who are up to are their necks in bribes and nepotism you have an obvious choice in two weeks. Speaking of old drunks, how big a headache does Black Racist Oblack have every morning realizing that McCain gets to campaign with a Babe, while he has Uncle Fester. Let’s face it Biden looks like an older version of Jack Elum w/the voice and wit of Gabby Hayes. Last report, the Gaffomatic was on a Tramp Steamer heading for Shanghai??

From here on we have the two real Mavericks vs two entrenched politicians up to their ears in Corruption. One side will begin to destroy the District of Corruption and the other will Float in it fattening their Swiss Accts. One side put the Governor’s private jet on e-bay and the other has taken bribes from Hospitals, sleazy Slum Lords and Hedge Funds. The decision can’t be any clearer.

Now the issues are: drilling for our own oil and cleaning up corruption and communism. These are the winning issues and are clear to all Americans cutting across Republicans and Dems. This is what the Founding Fathers dreamed and now thanks be to God, he has given us a onetime chance. No matter what you think of John McCain, nobody can say he has taken a bribe or ever will. This is the chance in a lifetime and with the McCuda,.we can finally start to Drain the DC Swamps.

Pray for W, McCuda and Our Troops