Brayin Candy

The Corrupt SECongress

No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and LOVE the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money. Matt 6:24

We now are going to have a corrupt gummit, write laws to be enforced by a corrupt agency to stop corruption on Wall Street. What could possibly go right w/this idea? We have an out of control WH which only knows one thing centralizing power inside its Commie Czars. You have to be a pure ideologue to believe this or any gummit can run the US economy w/a central command. We are watching another Three Card Monty being run on the American people as they are once again vilifying the Rich to pass more Nationalizing of our economy, this time it’s Wall Street and in particular making Goldman Sachs the evil villain tying America to the tracks. What we don’t see behind the smoke is the corruption inside the SEC.

Premier Achmed gives one of his hate filled reads how making money w/o taxing is unethical and capitalism is not a license to steal. He said those evil capitalists would take what they could any way they could; stealing from the average person trying to buy their houses, retirements and children’s educations. If it’s wrong for them to take $$ from the working person and those $$ were stolen, why is his $Million he took from them not stolen? He needs to put his $$ where his Prompter is and give that $$ to a military education fund, like Hannity’s warrior fund. He wants US to believe Wall Street is evil and corrupt looking to steal you blind while he and the gummit are as clean as the wind driven snow. The truth is we are axing a hungry fox to guard the henhouse.

He has a bill that would have supposedly stopped the Obama meltdown when in reality Wall Street was where the storm landed not the cause of the storm. The storm was caused by a corrupt congress which Corrupt Obama was involved along w/the rest of the House of thieves. The other piece of pure corruption is the SEC who was nowhere to be found in the meltdown or any other scandal to have hit the financial markets. They are the dirty cops in the Whorehouse.

If you look at the Madeoff scheme you will find the SEC has been accused of incompetence, fraud as well as being heavily involved in the hiding of the Ponzi scheme for a variety of reasons. They are being sued by investors for negligence and incompetence in not investigation Madeoff even after being notified. The SEC may be the only agency in DC which is not only as corrupt as congress but more incompetent than the Post Office. The SEC is the Pony Express in an email world. This is who will be policing this marvelous piece of regulation. You will basically have the Chicago Police Dept overseeing Capone during the prohibition enjoying free drinks at the speakeasy.

Two Madeoff investors Phyllis Molchatsky and Steven Schneider are suing the SEC over the Ponzi for gross incompetence by ignoring his fraud even after being warned numerous times. If you also add in the coincidence of Madeoff’s niece being married to a SEC investigator and you have another corrupt agency not doing its job while investors are being fleeced by a crook who should have been exposed years ago. There are reports he hadn’t been reviewed since 1996 even though investors were complaining about not being able to withdraw their investments. This is only one of many scandals the SEC has been accused for being bought off by the powerful banks they were expected to oversee. What do you expect for an organization run by Chris Dodd and Bawney Fwank?

After 18 mos of investigating the Obama meltdown the only thing they can find is GS selling a hedge fund which bet the Subprime Mortgage Market was overpriced and would go down? Out of all the corruption we know existed in Fannie/Freddie the best they can do is someone was shorting a market so we need legislation to stop that so a corrupt SEC can approve when those are issued. Most likely the SEC approved this very fund when it was issued as well as the marketing yet they have no fault.

Let’s get this straight; we have a corrupt Wall Street being overseen by a corrupt SEC which is under the jurisdiction of a corrupt congress who is writing a takeover bill originated by a corrupt regime. We haven’t seen this type of takeover of the economy since Hitler/Stalin/Saddamn was in power. If we want to take the snakes out of the economy the most effective way to do it would be to take gummit out of the formula and let the market maintain itself and have a real agency to investigate when complaints are made rather than regulating every transaction.

They won’t point out the corruption in the SEC or gummit since they want the people to worship gummit as their god just like they do. They want the people to believe they can trust gummit rather than business so they can control the people when in reality business is far more trustworthy than gummit. Business has to provide a service and maintain honesty to survive and make a profit gummit doesn’t have to make a profit and can be corrupt simply by staying in power. They can stay in power by either lying to the people or voter fraud. In this case you vilify GS so the people don’t ax about congress or Fannie triggering the meltdown. Why hasn’t Fannie been audited or reformed although congress will be re-formed in November.

Rather than writing more oppressive laws to go w/the mountainous boondoggle called HC how bout we strip away the useless rules and regs. How bout these agencies and congress do their jobs of eliminating corruption and waste. There is enough corruption in the SEC let alone congress to keep them more than busy for a lifetime. These congresscrooks would actually accomplish something to help the economy instead of grandstanding as if they are great protectors of the little guy when if you remove the smoke you’ll find someone stealing your watch.

The primary job of the congress is oversight yet they haven’t done anything other than make the corruption deeper and more entrenched. When you have thieves like Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Rangel and Dodd writing your laws concerning corruption you are going to get more not less. You are going to have economies in worse condition not better. You will see more Ponzi schemes not fewer. It will be good for the wealthy who can afford the attorneys designing programs to sidestep these laws while the little guy will be strapped w/higher taxes and costs as they take the brunt of the storm, just like before. His Million $ contribution is a perfect symbol for these corrupt politicians. In his case, its fine for GS to steal the $$ given to him yet is criminal to put it in their own accounts, just like Rezko in Chicago?

Pray for America