Brayin Candy

Flush Michael Isakook

Bush lied and people died. This has been the rallying cry for the Fraudulent 911 Moore-ons on the left. This is all we’ve heard from the echo chamber in the Stone Age Press since our troops were unable to find the WMD. The only way they can say this with all of the verification is to change the definition of the word lie. The fact is the world was very sure Saddamn had those weapons and a leader would be negligent to continue to ignore a deadly risk.

The President and his administration checked, double and triple checked their information about those weapons. Conversely, Newspeak somehow heard a rumor from a DNC plant some Korans were flushed at Gitmo and without any verification, reported it to the entire World as if it were fact. Neither one of these errors would be a lie unless Michael Isakook’s unnamed source was fabricated. The first one was acting prudently against a madman who most likely had those weapons with a willingness to deliver them to kill Americans. The second was utter negligence.

The Stone Age Press and their allies in the DNC are in their death throes. They know they’re living in the past and the world has passed them by. They know America understands they have nothing but lies and obstruction with absolutely no new ideas. PravdABDNC is in the midst of going the way of Communism thanks to the Modern Media of Talk Radio and the Net.

The Silver Bullet for Communists is a truly free press and which is exactly what the internet is. There is absolutely no censorship or editorializing the truth, just purely efficient reporting.

What brought down the Soviet Union weren’t weapons and war, but ink. Certainly, President Reagan was a big part of the fall of the wall, but the real death of the Evil Empire was Alexander Soltzenietzen. The foundation of the Empire was Pravda and hiding the truth of their murderous dictators while projecting a caring leader to his people and the World. The West never knew about their Death Camps and all PravdABCBS reported was what an ideal form of gummit they believed and wrote.

While our press was covering for the USSR, their own people received pure propaganda how wonderful the economy was and how well things were. They would read their papers that said production was up 10% and agriculture was supplying surpluses only to go to the stores to see empty shelves. The same was true across the entire economy. They read how bad America was and we wanted to invade their turd world country, keeping the Cold War flamed. Then Soltzenietzen wrote, A Day in the Life of Ivan Devonovych, and it all changed.

Even though the book was never allowed in Russia it was read around the world and smuggled back. All of the sudden the curtain was pulled back and questions were answered. He then wrote about the Gulag death camps and Inner Circle bringing the truth to the people which gave them the courage to expose the mass murdering corruption. While the truth was being exposed in Eastern Europe our Stone Age Press continued to pretend this was not happening and did all they could to prop up their murderous dictatorship. In the relative superior elitist mind, the ends justified the means.

The Space Age Press is a real time news source without filters. You have combined the intelligence and skills of millions of people, bringing a free form town square to the world of truth and ideas. This becomes an unhindered search for truth leaving the Stone Agers wallowing in their quagmire of history. These Dinosaurs have enjoyed their own Inner Circle as NE elitists, looking down their noses at America and Americans. They Lectured us on their version of truth while applying lipstick by the gallon to their Communist Pig. We are the lipstick remover.

They are losing the war but will continue the fight. They have thrown all of the rules aside and are using Michael Mooron as their standard bear. They will report any rumor as fact and raise any attack in the hopes something will damage GW to bring back their Inner Circle. The pure hatred for this President, Military and Country has brought them to a blind rage. There is no longer any need for PravdABC to have credibility, only attacks. We will continue to shine the light of truth on their lies.

The difference between President Bush and Isakook is light and dark. The President did everything you would expect and want; conversely Mike was just reporting a vague rumor. Of course he now blames GW for not doing his own fact checking!  After two years of lecturing the President about WMD, PravdABDNC proves they have nothing to offer but Hatred as they circle the wagons of hypocrisy. The truth is no longer being searched, only destruction of America and it’s institutions by any means. War has been declared, so war it will be. The bankruptcy of the Stone Age Press is at hand and now is the time to drop the Atom Bomb of Truth to Flush Michael Isakook.

Pray for W and Our Troops