Brayin Candy

Earl Blumenhauer


Follow the way of LOVE and eagerly desire spiritual gifts, especially the gift of prophecy. 1 Cor 14:1

Old Earl Blumenauer gets caught with his hand in the casket. He secretly manages to get his assisted suicide provision back in Obamacare. After provision 1233 was eliminated from the original bill he goes around Congress to have it reinstated in the dead of night like a vampire in search of a neck. The Party of Death does what it does best and that is open the door to have mass murders for those they consider the weeds of society, the unborn, the handicapped, the elderly and the infirmed. The roots of the DNC go deep into the other socialist dictators who were infamous for their mass murders. When you put your life in the hands of an atheistic gummit you have set yourself up for their definition of right and wrong or life and death.

Earl Bloodthirsty (D) comes out of the most liberal District in the Soviet State of Oregon.  He won his race 75-25% from the heart of liberalism. This state which is the home of Assisted Suicide also has a similar law for mandatory Death Counseling to set those who don’t have the proper matrix score their last wishes. Much of Obamacare is a copy of Oregon care which denied a lady with cancer, cancer fighting drugs yet approved her assisted suicide drugs. Welcome to Deathcare.

Only a Dem from a District like his would dare to offer such an obvious provision as open to corruption as this. After Obamacare destroys the Insurance Industry and the Country moves to single care and rationing these doctors will be forced to be the deliverer of their options, the blue pill or the red pill. This will allow the DNC to clean out the hospices of the high cost Medicaid patients who are either terminal or vegetables whom the leftists believe are weeds of society. Then of course they will go after the elderly who they determine to not have a quality lifestyle and then cancer, heart and chronic diseases. This of course will give themselves the utopian Country for their Inner Circle while the serfs beg for their lives. Oh how glorious a County to be ruled.

The larger issue the assisted suicide provision provides is the elimination of a doctor’s Hippocratic Oath since he is now bound by an amoral gummit; he has to leave his Oath at the door. This turns the doctor into a virtual federal worker and after single payer is passed he will become a literal employee as well as their executioner. This is how it has been instituted in every other communist dictatorship and exactly what the DNC is installing for America. This is what happens when you make an atheistic govt your god and rely on it to decide right from wrong using moral relativism rather than the one true God. As always it will become your master and you will become its slave.

The answer is to take gummit out of the equation and give the power back to the individual through his ability to choose his own doctor and insurance. As bad as people have been brainwashed into believing the insurance companies are evil, they have to answer to the people who are their customers. If they don’t offer a satisfactory product the people will go elsewhere to find one that is. If they were to offer their products over the internet complete with comments and Google, the best programs would rise to the top as the prices would approach the floor. The main problem insurers have is the overregulation and interference of free markets by state and federal governments. Why are there no Geico or Progressive Insurance companies fighting to keep your premiums low? The gummit won’t allow that competition.

People need to be able to purchase the policies they want with the benefits they can afford from multiple companies. If you don’t want herbal incense therapy you wouldn’t have to buy it as you could build the policy that matches your personal situation and needs. This would drop the price of coverage as well as free the people of an overbearing master who would have their lives in its control. For those with pre-existing conditions, there is no possibility of being dropped from their policies anywhere in the Country. If you have to purchase after you get your condition there is a penalty to be paid although there could be a risk pool just like drivers who have a higher risk driving record. Once again you need to free the insurance companies of their overregulation.

Will this transition be easy and as simple as cutting the ties from the gummit and begin buying policies on the net, of course not but it is the only answer and time is running out. It will be hard and full of hazards as we learn a new life full of freedom and independence, but what we will have at the end of the road will be the City on the Hill. We need to bring creativity and competition to allow free market forces to do their magic. We could have ideas using the computer and software yet to be invented to turn a problem into a solution. When we reach the end of this journey the only thing standing between you and your doctors treatments will be your and his decisions. This will truly give a person his freedom and dignity as opposed to waiting for your number to be called for the showers and ovens by Earl Bloodthirsty.

Pray for the Tea Party Congress