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What FBI Investigation


Through whom we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand. And we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God. Rom. 5:2

The latest revelation of the IRS scandal that it is not even being investigated should terrify everyone. When an FBI official was asked who was leading the investigation and he could not even answer it, you know there is no investigation into this targeting of Americans. You can bet he would know who the lead investigator was if there was any pushback on a liberal protected group, but against the Tea Party they are on their own. This is who the FBI and the InJustice department are trying to stop.

While FBI Director Mueller was being questioned on Capital Hill he was asked how the investigation was going and how many agents were looking into it. This is one of the biggest scandals in decades that Americans were being singled out and infringed upon because they were dissenting against Obamacare. They were denied the ability to raise funds in the public square because a public agency was being used as a political bully and breaking numerous laws. It is obvious these laws broken and there was a conspiracy to break these laws which is what the FBI is supposed to stop and investigate the extent.

Director Mueller was axed about his investigation and he basically told Congress to get lost. He said he did not know how many agents were investigating and when asked who was heading up the investigation, said he didn’t know who was even leading the investigation. Director Mueller and the FBI are part of the conspiracy and are not going to look into this obvious abuse of power as he abuses his position. We now have complete corruption throughout the IRS, Justice, FBI, CIA, State and every other alphabet in the District of Corruption.

Welcome to Chicago politics, the DNC has recreated Chicago corruption around the country and centralized it in DC. Anybody who is not a Communist Party member is now an enemy of the State and will be treated as such. As the noose tightens and the country begins to tolerate the abuse of power we will see a greater and greater degree of intolerance towards Freedom loving Americans. When you have the FBI telling Congress to go fly a kite and the IRS now has full reign on the citizens we are one step away from a dictatorship in the image of Stalin or Castro.

All week we heard about the massive mining of people’s cell phone and computer information and how it is only the call placements, not the actual calls. Why should we believe them? Shouldn’t we believe the worst with this regime and hope for the best? Shouldn’t Congress and mediots ask how bad it is, rather than tell us not to worry there are safeguards similar to the ones the IRS has? Anybody who believes that spying on Americans is a good idea and for our safety is giving up safety for freedom and receiving neither.

When you have this much massive corruption running throughout the gummit you are bound to see pockets of it revealed. It appears the DNC has corrupted every department and has become one giant political machine built to destroy all others. It is being masked as stopping terrorists, but what it is really designed to do is to centralize power throughout America. It has shown how it coordinates power in the Benghazi cover-up, the IRS and now the data mining scandal. The IRS targets the Tea Party like the True the Vote woman and then is harassed by the FBI, EPA and ATF in one coordinated attack. Then when people ask for protection from this abuse the FBI tells them and Congress to forget any protection from them.

The worst part is the ones who are being abused are the ones who earn and pay the taxes so the abusers can corrupt the system. The people who go out every day and play by the rules and bust their hump so there can be a public system are the ones who are being targeted for attack. The ones who slave away and then give these abusers forty percent of what they earn are being targeted by the ones who they are paying to protect them. At what point do they say enough is enough and go Galt on this corrupt game which is being stacked against them? What are they getting out of this other than harassment and abuse?

What we are seeing when these officials go before our Representatives in Congress, like we saw from Director Mueller or the IRS Director is a giant middle finger to the American people. They don’t believe in the least bit they work for us but, we work for them. As long as we keep our heads down and our mouths shut they won’t have to abuse us, but if we dare to protest or organize for dissent we will be open for the full power of the gummit at our door. They don’t need gulags or prisons, they have everything they need in our houses to control and monitor us. Gulags are for amateurs they can simply punish us and make us use more of our earnings to fight them until we are forced to accept their punishment through audit and investigation. Welcome to the Soviet United States where we are all free, it’s just that some are more free than others.

Pray for America to Wake Up