Brayin Candy

Impeaching Slow Joe Biden

Seek the LORD while he may be found; call on him while he is near. Isaiah 55:6 NIV

When you are a Pubbie in Moscow on the Potomac you have two choices, win ugly or lose graciously and the Party has been very gracious over the decades. What you are witnessing with President Trump is winning ugly and there is no such thing as an ugly wins. These swamp creatures are fighting for their lives as you see crook after crook being exposed for who and what they are.

Slow Joe is not going to survive this scandal since he is seen on TV bragging about how he had an investigator stopped from investigating his son. Who you going to believe, Joe or your lying eyes? Everyone knows you launder your bribes through your family and then have a very special Christmas gift. This is the way Harry Reid did it, the way Pelosi, Feinstein, Schumer and the Clintons would launder the money since the spouse and children are not under scrutiny. Slow Joe just may have not been as clever since he was a Vice President at the time and brought his son on official trips. Imagine if Pence got caught doing that?

The appearance of corruption is corruption and Joe Biden appears to be very corrupt. Trump is exposing everyone for the greedy politicians they are. It is too bad since the Hunter Bidens of DC makes the other 5% look bad. Donald Trump is exposing everyone for who they are and his back is beginning to look like Swiss cheese. Nobody would be surprised if this latest leak was from his side of the aisle and was purposefully used to weaken his presidency.

This is what winning looks like in the 21st century. When you have instant news moving faster than the speed of the networks you have to be on top of it 24/7 and this is just what the Prez is doing. He does his daily brief and is on top of every aspect of the news from the fake Peachmint to what is going on in Bangladesh; he is just a computer of current events. All the while he’s making moves to maximize our economy through cheap abundant energy and reduction of regulations. This is the best economic environment we have had in forty years. This is the other thing that terrorizes the Communist Party to their socks.

So what is Dictator Pelosi going to Peach Fo Fi for, asking about corruption in the most corrupt country in the Europe? She through her adoring mediots is saying the country which spawned the Russia scam is off limits to questions about corruption. She is also saying anyone running for office is off limits from questions since that may affect an election? This is the oldest tactic in her playbook since you could never axe the Clintons about their Clinton Family Laundry or her destroying emails about her bribes from every country in the world including Russia while she was Sec of State. How about we just investigate Pelosi and find the entire spider web.

Since there is no High Crime or Misdemeanor let alone anything tangible with the phone call they have to invent crimes to satisfy their mouth foaming base. She is making up some imagined breaking of his Constitutional powers when the President basically has all the power of a king when it comes to negotiating with foreign countries as it should be.

Who does not have unlimited power and especially with foreign affairs is the House. They are not the monitors of the President’s phone calls and she is completely abusing her limited powers of the three equal but separate branches. This is not in any way a criminal or oversight investigation but simply a political harassment fishing expedition since her fake Russia coup failed miserably and so will this. She is absolutely destroying her office and the impeachment power of the House in their fear of exposure of her and their corruption.

What next, someone going to ask Mad Max how she got that multi-million dollar house she lives in CA or the million dollar home in DC while her husband’s bank got a bailout it never should have received? Of course she launders her graft through her spouse like every other crook.

Dictator Pelosi thinks she has this Peach Fo Fi thing figured out but she doesn’t. America has her and her dirty swamp cronies figured out. There is nothing there as everyone knows and the Nut House is the most out of control Star Wars Bar Scene we have ever witnessed with Peach fever making them delirious. She is now taking away all of his rights to defend himself which these people claim every right under the sun yet the President does not have a basic right of innocence and confronting your accusers. This is as kangaroo as you can get.

You know the Dems have no problem getting ugly while the Repubs are polishing their cufflinks. This President has been in the dirt his entire life and knows ugly wins. This is as ugly as we have seen and the entire swamp does not know how to defeat it as he bashes Slow Joe over and over. This will be the ugliest win America has ever seen while his detestable army know is a thing of beauty.

Pray for Truth