Brayin Candy

Obama Woods

Live as Free Men, but do not use your FREEDOM as a cover-up for evil; live as servants of God. 1 Peter 2:16

America is married to Tiger Woods and is smashing the windows of his car. We've had enough of his cheating and lies, yet he doesn’t get it. We are tired of his flying all over the world to embarrass us while he plays the messiah. We're tired of the lies, exhausted from his spending. The only difference between how Tiger treated his beautiful wife and America is that Premier Hussain came home penniless and wants to mortgage the home. We have had enough, so the Tea Parties are knocking out his windows.

This is a dysfunctional marriage between America and Obankrupt. We have been used, abused and bruised; still he wants to carry on w/his charades. He believes he can wear us down or that we won’t notice the messages on his phone while he lies to our faces, we have and are waiting for Nov when he will taste a 9 iron and file the papers to send this commie to rehab. He’ll never change and will always hate America, thinking she will never be punished enough or his sponsors are not paying their fair share. All commies believe that the capitalists are the problem when Capitalism gives this land Lady Liberty.

Erin actually has the better of the two since its possible Tiger may want to change, ohbummer never will. After doubling down, not only is Premier Sadhist addicted to power and control, he is making his takeover even more complete. He is lying about his HC bill lacking a gummit option when he is going to control premiums, payments and treatments. What part of gummit option doesn’t he understand or does he think he’s going to slip those Death Panels under the door w/o anybody noticing. We are witnessing the worst President ever as he blows past Jimmy Carter knudging Billy. He has all the abilities of Carter w/the charm of Yoseph Stalin.

The HC debate is being pushed on us just like Gorbal Warming, there's consensus that 40 million Americans are not covered that needs covering. There is really only around 10 million who are covered by every local welfare/hospital program under the sun. Of the 40 million about 1/3 are illegals who will be covered under his new plan since there is no verification required. An additional ¼ are young men who are bulletproof and would rather own a Mustang than pay HC premiums. Thanks to obomonomics 15 million are between jobs which leave less than 10 million people who are truly uninsured yet only have to walk into an emergency room to get treatment. This was manufactured by Oblowit to raise taxes to fund SSI and union pensions. The real reason is the absolute control of your life by his thugs is the only reason he continues to push this battering ram on the economy. Oh how he wishes this was Cuba or Valenzuela.

If he would back away the economy would begin to recover which is the very last thing he wants. He wants to be the conquering hero who is punishing all those Americans who hurt the masses all those years. He wants to continue to punish the Rich who forced all those in poverty feel better about their lives. Never mind when the Rich get punished the poor get punished too, its all about getting even. Just like Tiger who by making all that $$, had absolute power over Erin and the women he was cheating with, Obozo wants absolute power over America. He wants take away their Freedom by enslaving them to excessive taxes. In the end obama is a pure racist who hates Whites, plain and simple.

Americans are very tolerant and patient, yet they have limits as Tiger found and so is Premier Hussain. In the end the people rule this Country and are taking to the streets in record numbers. He has been defeated twice in Copenhagen, 3 times in elections, votes in Cap & Tax as well as HC now he wants to push it through like a Dictator using Jackboot tactics. He is a disciple of Marx who was never afraid to use threats and bribes. That is exactly what this power mad President is about to do. The American people are very clear about how they feel about his plan, they hate it. He is about to trigger a revolt like this Country has never seen when he straps multiple $Trillion of taxes on their already worn bodies. Never mind this Ponzi scheme will be used to pay for SSI and mass corruption for the 4 years prior to the benefits starting, its all about HC. Anybody need a used Bridge?

He will now have his dog & pony w/the Repubs as he gives another pointless speech how people are dying in the streets due to those horrible insurance companies. He will vilify everybody cept the real culprits in this problem, a corrupt Party. They have destroyed the insurance industry by excessive regulations while requiring mountains of red tape over the simplest procedures. There is no wonder that the District of Corruption has the lowest unemployment rates as corrupt politicians are fed and feed pork to millions of lawyers waiting in line w/hands extended. Rather than admittting any of their own greed, they point at another industry knowing they can destroy it then replace it w/a bloated federal program. The true selfish greed is congress that wants the power and shackles attached to this HC. When is the last time an insurance company sent you to jail, this bill will.

So here we sit as we have finally figured out what this guy is all about. Do we stay in our homes and pretend the family is fine while he cheats and lies about everything. Are we going to continue to ignore his need to destroy everything in this marriage while he pursues his own selfish needs or do we confront him?  Do we say enough is enough and knock out a few windows in that brand new SUV to get his attention? Yes we do, and that is exactly what the Tea Patriots did, they’ve rocked his world to expose him of his destructive behavior. He’s run over the hydrant and into the tree, so now it is up to us to show him where rock bottom truly lies.

 Pray for America's Freedom