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President Trump did Nothing

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. Then shall ye call upon me, and ye shall go and pray unto me, and I will hearken unto you. And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.

Jeremiah 29:11-13 KJV

President Trump was absolutely brilliant during the latest correction of the markets. While everyone feared another giant selloff and a need for the Fed to get in front of it he brilliantly put his trust in the American markets and did nothing. This is why we are so fortunate to have a capitalist at the helm of the Ship of State in his knowledge and trust in what the markets will and won’t do in both the long term and short.

When we had the attacks on the market to get Barak elected McCain and Bush did just the opposite. In Sain actually suspended his campaign over a five percent drop and a run on the cash rather than explaining there is some sort of international 9/11 attack going on to collapse the economy. Of course there were systemic problems with the collapse of Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac thanks to Bawney Fwank and the Clintons, but all of that could have been explained while you ride out the storm. Unfortuanately for candidate McCain you would have to understand it to explain it so he took the path of political expedience and suspend your campaign while pumping trillions into the gash.

Barak took it one step further with his Crash for Clunkers and Stimulus for Unions to the point of actually punishing Repub car dealerships to somehow stimulate the economy. Most honest economists would say doing nothing limits a recession to eighteen to thirty-six months while pouring federal dollars into the problem extends it years just like this one did and what FDR did to extend the Depression.

In addition to freaking out and driving up more debt and punishing major sectors of the economy with their Wall Street protests he slapped thousands of regulations on an already hurting economy. His war on coal and oil drove up the cost of oil so the public had to absorb $4/gal gas while in the depths of an already deep recession. Fortunately for them he could not stop fracking although he tried, and the fracking boom in North Dakota brought those prices down to acceptable levels and stopped a complete Depression although many economists believe we were on the edge of one.

This is what happens when you have a Marxist centralized gummit. They believe they are smarter than the economy and have a giant lever in the bottom of the White House which turns up or turns down the economy. They believe in the cult of liberalism which says their god is man and the only thing greater than god man is a group of man gods such as Academia. Academia is arrogant enough to believe they can run the economy better than those Repub car dealers and only need to regulate the economy into running efficiently and morally correct so they replaced profitable dealerships with Dem donors who lost money.

They truly believe they are smart enough to make the Marxist model work which punishes achievement in the societal need to spread out the wealth. This is why they gave half of General Motors to the unions in both a payback and the distribution of wealth to the union members. This is why they turned it over to someone who had never been in the auto industry but was an academic who could turn out the right cars rather than the ones people wanted and is why America is still struggling against the rest of the world not understanding America buys cars for different reasons than Japan, Britain or France does.

They really don’t understand Americans really don’t like electric golf carts unless they have the proper amount of liberal cult brainwashing. So the industry spends all this money to convince people they want to drive a car that goes 150 miles before it dies on the road rather than pulling into the pump. They have to convince people to charge their cars on an energy grid that is falling apart already and wanting to put millions of cars charging giant batteries to that failing grid. They do not want to explain to them there will need to be thousands of power plants to get that power to the people before they can run their cars for free, except for the additional electric bill you will be paying. They use the saving the earth doctrine of the cult to make people leave their efficient gas cars to drive tuna cans with batteries.

These Academics make the simple so complex when you already have the perfect transportation machine with the nearly ideal energy source that has a distribution network in place, why change? The only thing easier than pumping energy out of the ground and converting it into usable gasoline with heat for the same oil is coal which you just dig and burn. Barak of course was against both.

Capitalism looks at these two situations and says we keep running our cars with gas and simply make the engines more and more efficient and run our houses with cheap electricity while rebuilding the power lines. This uses both sources of energy with oil taking the transportation load and electricity handling manufacturing and home heating, etc. One source is very flexible and movable while the other is more static to maximize our energy production.

President Trump gets this. When he made his Fed Chairman change there was some added market volatility and dropped a couple thousand points which many though may be a giant crash. He looked knowing the underlying economy was good and getting better from all the things he did last year. The lowering of taxes and regulation would stimulate the economy far more than any targeted stimulus money. He understands the multiplier factor which says every dollar that stays in the economy multiplies by one hundred as it purchases this and that moving from business to business.

He knew the tax cut and bringing foreign money back in as well as all the investment was bringing trillions of dollars which will far outdo the District of Corruption stimulation. This would be like spring rains for the starving businesses. He trusted his knowledge of economics and how it may take some time for these improvements to really take hold but they would and when they dis the economy would really get rolling, so he did nothing.

He did not have an emergency meeting with a bunch of Harvard eggheads who would tell him the world was ending and he had to make some big gummit solution. He simply said markets go up and down but the overall economy looks great and the fall was actually spurred by the worry it was going to have a 5% GDP this quarter. The markets were worried the economy was too good which would raise interest rates and inflation, too much good news for the markets to bear.

His doing nothing worked and now the markets are recovering and will likely reach new highs to the angst of Marxists. We finally have someone who is leading America the way it was meant to go. He understands there is no better place in the world to invest and any better workers or infrastructure anywhere. There is no better leader for business to trust rather than those clones around the world who are more interested in fake crisis control rather than helping the Joes down at the factory trying to put steak on the table. Finally, they have someone who cares about them rather than the lobbyist trying to get money for another boondoggle invented his academic’s fake model.

So during President Trump’s first economic crisis he passed with flying colors. He did what no other President had the courage to do which was nothing. He realized he had plowed and fertilized the field for businesses and all he had to do was wait for the rains to come and germinate the seeds. You could bet his advisers and managers were running around like Chicken Littles crying for a solution, but he just kept doing what he was doing and let the farmers do what they do. The rains are coming from around the world and the seeds are sprouting and within a couple years we are going to see a harvest like we have never seen before if America just lets him keep his hand on the till. President Trump is beginning to see flickers of the Shining City on a Hill.

Pray America woke