Brayin Candy

An Inconvenient Trick

For this is the way the holy women of the past who put their HOPE in God used to make themselves beautiful. They were submissive to their own husbands, 1 Peter 3:5

The largest fraud in the histoir of the Planet has been exposed as just that. We have now found that the World’s most respected scientists have been polishing this massive Turd to a mirror finish. Now we find out, the Skeptics were absolutely right that these corrupted scientists were cooking their books worse than Madeoff. There never was any Global Warming, it was nothing more than a fraud developed by some powerful people 15 yrs ago and marketed by algore, Shell International and our Establishmedia. Unless we stop this in the next week, obozo plans on giving our sovereignty away in Copenhagen w/the New World Treaty. That’s what GW is about, to control the entire World under the guise of CO2 reduction. If Bernie Madeoff got 50 yrs for his 40 Billion fraud, what should Gore get for his $50 Trillion theft?

U of East Angilia Prof Phil Jones may end up having one of the most famous lines on the web w/his now famous, "I added Mike’s Nature Trick to hide the decline" What he meant was that since the World temps were lowering over the past 10 yrs which would disprove GW, he added a degree or so over 20 yrs to make it look like temps were gradually rising. Never mind the absolute corruption that represents, he was a High Priest of the Science Cult and needed to maintain the $Billions that this research represented. He is also a One World communist that needed to manufacture a crisis to force the World into his political utopia. He is the perfect example of academia’s moral relativism proving the ends always justifies any means.

Penn State’s Dr Mann is a bigger monster in this scandal. He is the one that devised the now famous "hockey stick" which showed the temps going along fine until 10 yrs ago when they suddenly rose dramatically like a hockey stick lying down. Problem is, the temps over the past year actually went the other direction so he fabricated data and was the originator of "the trick" to make the data match his hockey stick. He was part of the group that had pushed this fraud by fighting against any peer review from skeptics.

Dr Mann should lose his tenure for instigating a fraud of this magnitude. His other brilliant method was measuring tree rings to provide temps over the past 100 yrs. Never mind that he had a minuscule sample from one area, he matched the tree rings w/recorded temps to prove the rise in temps. Not surprisingly the temps stopped rising in 1960 so he quit using them. As for the raw data over the last 100 yrs, his dog ate th...they got thrown out for lack of space. You would think teachers could come up w/a better excuse for losing their homework. Why this guy isn’t behind bars let alone still brainwashing students, tells you all you need to know about academia.

Enter Dr Trenberth who was the lead scientist for the UN, last month said in an e-mail, "The fact is we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty we can’t."

Not sure how you could ever spin this statement into anything other than the absolute admission that GW doesn’t exist and can’t be measured in any form or fashion. This is coming from the guy who has been writing this UN fiasco for the past 10 yrs and knew that if their reports were looked at they would be exposed for the Snow Job that they created. Other than that Mrs. Kennedy, how was the parade?

These emails explained the intimidation tactics that these Stalinists used to maintain their consensus. If anybody was to disagree w/them they would look into the removal of their PHDs. They would put them up for review and threaten and intimidate until they Goose Stepped w/the GWers. For any new PhD candidates that didn’t agree w/the theory there was little or no chance of receiving their doctorate. This is the way academics and cults work and the absolute control of science. There is no competing thought or testing if you want to succeed inside this religion. This is nothing but pure propaganda and political power to maintain their corruption and graft. Fellow scientists have been destroyed both financially and politically by these High Priests of Science and we're now having that confirmed. That is what happens when you have men deciding right from wrong rather than God and the Bible. Men are generally evil beings and this once again proves what happens when they decide morality, innocent lives are destroyed.

Most all of the skeptics knew this was going on and certainly the GW community did too. No telling how many of these emails were deleted through the years or how many had made it to the politicians who were promoting this fraud. How much did algore know about this and how long has he known he was selling a fraud? You have to figure w/all the lies he had in his movie that he had to know his numbers never balanced. He had to know that there were tricks being used if he did even the slightest investigating. This means he was the Bernie Madeoff of CO2 credits while he stood to make $Billions. He is still trying to bankrupt entire Countries for his own selfish greed.

This is the perfect vehicle for our friend $0R0$. How could he not be involved in both a trading of carbon credits as well as the destruction of America to make a communist World Gummit? This is made to order for him w/algore his sleazy Henchman. Could there be a more perfect evil pair to manipulate the planet for a Global Shakedown?

 The only way science can be trusted again is to have the skeptics come in and examine all of the information inside these halls of deception. If there was such a thing as GW then it should be able to withstand the examination of a skeptical eye. If not, then it was one of the largest frauds ever devised and the entire fiasco needs exposing and prosecuted. The only question is if we can stop Ohbummer from signing the treaty in Copenhagen giving away America’s sovereignty next week. Its beyond time the GW believers like Gore take the same ridicule and answer those questions skeptics have been asking for years.Pray for America’s Freedom