Brayin Candy

The Cadillac is Ticking

When Jesus saw her, he called her forward and said to her, “Woman, you are set free from your infirmity.”

We are now seeing the warts of CommieCare which is proving us right it’s nothing more than a corrupt Ponzi to prop up the SSI and MediScare Ponzis. We could see from the absolute corruption in congress surrounding this passage we were going to get more of the thuggery they have put on display since the day they tricked America into electing the crooks. A perfect example of the pain in this law is the Cadillac tax which makes sure the only people driving Cadillacs will be the Union Pimps and Gummit. This is nothing more than a tax to get even w/the Insurance companies and kill as many private jobs as possible. Unfortunately for the union goons their voting members are going to be hit by the fragmentation when this explodes.

We saw once again the unemployment rates were cooked more than Madeoff’s balance sheet to keep them below 10% officially as Premier Bozo brags about how the economy has really turned the coroner. Please explain how somebody who has never earned a paycheck let alone wrote one can tell what the economy is doing? After bleeding 10 million jobs over the past 3 yrs under Pelozi rule we hear how this HC law is going to make jobs. It is going to destroy not only the insurance industry and private business as the Cadillac bomb is sitting right outside the economy ready to explode.

We were all told how the Cadillac tax was eliminated in one of the smoke room deals between the SEIU/UAW and Premier Achmed to help their brotherhood from having to pay taxes on their HC benefit. For non-union workers, who need punished; when the cost of your HC exceeds $10,500 for single you will have to report it as income and pay taxes on the excess. Throughout history it has been a nontax benefit which is why HC has always been paid by the employer as a fringe beni, not anymore. The union pimps were able to get their workers eliminated til 2018 from this which is the way it’s done in the old Soviet Union scratching backs of fellow Reds. The only problem is they still believe you can siphon water out of one side of the trough w/o bothering the other.

There is a huge tax called the Cadillac excise which is a ticking time bomb to destroy the insurance industry and drive more unemployment magnifying the Obama Depression. While Johnny Lunchbucket is paying taxes on everything over the 10.5K insurance companies are being punished at 40% for those excess premiums. They have written into the bill their version of the insurance Windfall Profits tax whether there is any profits or not at a random level of 10.5K. If after realizing they have to insure cancer patients mid treatment as well as quadruple bypass patients and every other HC high risk/expenditure insured and raise these excessive mandated policies the Ins Cos get hammered. The insurance company may be forced to raise his premium to 12.5 then they will have to pay this Ponzi scheme $800 in excise tax whether they made a profit or not.

These excise taxes will be massive as the law requires everybody who works whether full or part-time to have the best plan w/the lowest deductibles possible. The excise taxes will drive up the expenses of the Insurance companies which will be passed back to the employers in higher premiums making more excise taxes. These higher premiums will expose the employees to more personal taxes siphoning more money out of their side of the trough. This spiral will have the desired effect by the commiecRats in blowing up the insurance industry as well as costing millions more jobs to become wards of the regime. The only ones driving Cadillacs will be Party members just like their Moscow model.

We are also seeing the Politburo calling CEO’s to get their Nazi torture as this corrupt congress takes them on for disclosing the costs demanded in this boondoggle Ponzi. Why didn’t they talk to them before they passed this disaster? As according to every mandated SEC regulation when taxable events like DeathCare laws are passed a report must be generated and filed w/the SEC so investors can be warned. Our braindead thugs in congress are now going to punish and vilify CEO’s in their favorite thug tactic to make people hate CEOs when the real villains in this will be lining their sewer demanding answers to their moronic questions. Hey Wax brain, have you ever run a business that made $$? Can we expect the same failure from HC we are seeing in Amcrap, Medibust, the VA, SSI, Fannie/Freddie, the Post office and every other business the gummit has mismanaged? If you crooks were in the private world you would be in orange suits w/numbers on the back. Wait a second…..

They have to cover this up since this exposes the massive job losses built into this bill. A mid-sized business like John Deer is going to have to pay another $150 Million in anticipated taxes for this law. This during the middle of the Obama Depression means there will be thousands of jobs about to be cut. If the avg salary of a worker at JD is $40K this means there are around 3,750 jobs on the line thanks to DeathCare. These potential casualties come from a company which only has a total of around 57,000 workers. Does anybody believe companies can generate more profits to save these jobs by charging more for the product? This is represents another 7% unemployed and is being repeated throughout the economy in large companies and small. This siphoning of cash represents another 7-10 million more lost jobs in the economy. The union members can continue to thank their Pimps for destroying more jobs for America. How those Dues working out for ya?

At a time when these companies are simply trying to survive they’re being hit by attack after attack from an incessant gummit determined on their destruction. These are corrupt communists who’ve hated America and capitalism their entire lives. These are the last bastions of true believers of communist idealism, the American University and the White House. Premier obozo has no feeling for those lost jobs or destroyed companies or industries since the ends justify the means. We now see in the Cadillac tax the two pronged explosion which is going to level large portions of our economy. It will destroy the insurance industry while hurting workers as they have to pay more and more taxes on higher and higher premiums. The self employed will get the full blast as both their premiums and taxes rise.

This spiral is the justified to make enough pain and anxiety to hopefully force America to beg for gummit HC. These tyrants know if you cause enough people enough pain they will call for the final solution of nationalizing the HC system and turn over their lives completely to a Nazi/Soviet form of universal HC. This is the dream these monsters have had since the 70s and those being hurt deserve their punishment for being part of the evil oppressive imperialism. The DNC are the most extreme 10% who hate this Country w/every fiber of their blackened souls.

We need to realize we are dealing w/an absolutely corrupt Party. We have people who will break any law or rule while using every thug tactic known to further their agenda. They need this bill for both the control and to suck every $$ they can out of America. This is not only a wealth transfer it is a siphon to cover-up their failing entitlements. They have ignored SSI and Medicare for so long they are nearly dead using them only for the political gain they represent. Doctors will be punished while lawyers are going to be rewarded since one is a producer and the other is a socialist parasite. This scheme will help union pensions giving them another source of cash to make the problem go away for a couple more years before final solutions are required.

We will see example after example of how corrupt this boondoggle is. It was a corrupt bill written by a corrupt politburo done in the dark of night making deals to expand their corruption. If anybody in America needs to know anything about the commiecRats you have to look no farther than their monument to their soviet ideals in DeathCare. It will tell you all you need to know about their beliefs both economically and morally to understand who they are and what their capable. Next time they talk about your Cadillac Plan you may want to have somebody else start the car.

Pray for America