Brayin Candy

A letter to Limbaugh

But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ: Ephesians 4:15 KJV

Rush you made this conflict yourself by teaching your listeners to think for themselves and they are. You have circled the wagons for Ted Cruz with the rest of the conservative media while a majority of your listeners have chosen Donald Trump. They have heard all of your arguments for your preferred candidate and have logically decided he is not as good a choice as Trump. The disappointing part is after your fans have stuck through thick and thin in your life you have thrown them overboard for the crime of thinking for themselves about Trump.

Many of your longtime listeners have turned the dial and wonder why you have become so strident in your pushing of one candidate over another. In past elections you have remained neutral or held your preference to yourself and simply analyzed the candidates objectively which is why they enjoyed turning into your program. This election you have your favorite while having an obvious dislike for Donald Trump and make fun of his supporters who you call “Trumpists” like they are stupid. You do not understand that is like being called a name by an old friend who you have stood by for years when the world tried to destroy him and then he won’t support you when the same people come with knives.

As conservatives you are used to being made fun of by the Establishmedia, what you don’t expect is to be made fun of by Rush Limbaugh. It is like being in a war and being fragged by one of your own Generals and him enjoying it. We can understand attacks by the enemy, but not by our own leaders and especially someone as influential as Limbaugh while he has no real curiosity as to why this phenomena is happening. The reason they are moving in huge numbers to Trump throughout the country is he is saying the same things Rush has been saying for decades and not afraid of the media like everyone else is. The fact that he is still standing only shows the media is a paper tiger and he has a match and gasoline.

The main reason he is leading is The Wall. Americans are tired of not having a border and being told we should accept every Mexican that comes across it. We are tired of the crime and drugs that comes with that invasion and there is no way to stop it without a fence. The last thing Americans want is a fence in a free country, but we cannot withstand forty million poor people, our infrastructure cannot afford it and Trump is the only one who will get that fence built. Without a wall when the Dems take back over they will pull back the border patrols and let their future voters in to stuff their ballot boxes. They cannot do that with a wall, it will still keep them out.

Politicians will talk about what to do with the Hispanics that are here and whether to deport which is a great debate tactic, but building the wall is the only debate that matters. If you do not close the border there is nothing to discuss. We hear about touchback amnesty and all sorts of clever phrases, but if you do not close the border with a physical wall you are only shoveling sand into the sea and amnesty makes no difference. Once the wall is built then you can talk about what to do with the illegals who are here.

The second reason people are flocking to Trump is his economic solutions. When politicians are running and especially Repubs they are taught to say jobs, jobs, jobs. We will balance the budget and bring our fiscal house in order which will lead to more jobs and blah, blah, blah as the people’s eyes glaze over. Trump has real solutions to the problem and first and foremost is stopping companies from moving to other countries for cheap labor. Yes it will be a pain for a while as the prices of products go up using higher priced US labor, but it will be American workers being paid; now if we could get rid of the unions we would have a perfect world.

His other solution is getting rid of the Global Warming hoax and opening the coal and oil resources to promote cheap American energy. The fear of most politicians to take on the environmental lobby has destroyed the economy. Our reliance on Middle East oil and inefficient Clean energy has sucked our coffers dry as we try to appease the Marxists who want to destroy us. He understands this and rather than fight them on political terms he is brilliant enough to stay with the economics and say he does not believe in Global Warming putting them in a box. Developing our own oil while bringing our jobs back to produce for the biggest market in the world can return us to our once great nation or at least stop the leakage.

His third major appeal is to blow up Obamacare or socialized medicine. He has said he wants to see it torn up and start over with free market solutions. The major problem with fixing it is that once the Insurance Industry has been destroyed like it is now, how do you say, never mind? Now there are millions of uninsurable with insurance since Obamascare said to insure everyone and give the uninsurable lower rates and the insurable higher. How do you cover people who have illnesses that are uncoverable with a policy when they should not have one? How do you go back, that is going to be a major factor and exactly what Pelosi and Obama wanted to happen to force Nationalize HC and all the horrors that go with it?

Rush, the collective mind of Americans and especially Conservatives is extremely intelligent. Millions of Americans put together are what makes this country work and they have been weighing this race. They see which candidate is speaking to their frustration and which one will do what he says and they believe Trump is their man. He does not speak political speak, he speaks English; New Yawker English, but almost the same thing. He is not going to say one thing and then when he gets there say never mind it is too hard and we will just play along with the Democrats like has happened every other time including Bush. He talked Conservative and the first thing he does is teams up with Teddy Kennedy to destroy the education system and Medicare as a way to get along. They don’t see that in Trump.

The last big thing America sees is someone who is not afraid to be politically incorrect. He is driving the left absolutely crazy with calling a spade a spade. Now that is the shortest trip known to man, but the permanently offended are rioting with the thought of someone calling illegal immigrants what they are. They are apoplectic having their Sanctuary Cities being taken away and not allowed to rape and kill without consequences. To actually say that Islam is a problem makes their heads explode as we watch gang rapes happen around the world and he points that out. Political Correctness is destroying our civilization and he touches that third rail over and over again to the cheers of ordinary Americans.

Rush, many of your listeners who are supporting Trump see him as you in many regards. He has changed the dialogue and taken the Marxists to task and forcing them to explain themselves. Yes, he uses invective humor and is modest just like you to do to them what they do to us only he does it better. He finds their weakness and exposes it to the world and like you say good humor has to have an element of truth and his does. When he goes after Crooked Hillary it is going to be devastating and stick to her like a skunk stole. The American Conservatives are not ignorant or gullible with Trump, they see a rough General who can lead this country back from the Marxist abyss and articulate what capitalism is and why it is the best system ever devised. We see one of the last people we would have chosen as the best choice to articulate what you have been saying for three decades and America is tuning in.

Pray America wakes