Brayin Candy

What if DC is wrong

He that followeth after righteousness and mercy findeth life, righteousness, and honour. Proverbs 21:21 KJV

What if everything man knows is wrong? What if everything is built on a fraud and that fraud is maintained by the elite to keep them in charge? What if they have sold us a bill of goods through both fraud and poorly thought out ideas? If this charge is true then it is time for America to take a look at a new way of doing things than the way it has been since Roosevelt.

We have been following evolution as the state religion since the fifties for the same reason the old Soviet Union did. If there is no God then the most powerful force on the planet is man and the only thing more powerful than man is Government. If there is no God then you do not render unto God, you only render under Caesar. This makes it easier for gummit to control you and makes gummit your god.

What this has done over the decades is to handicap our economy by having gummit become a bigger burden to the point of smothering the economy. It has become an autonomous behemoth which eclipses anything in its way. By making it godlike there is no challenge to its power and anyone who does challenge its laws, regulations and pronouncements is mocked or shamed into compliance. We have seen over the last five years massive abuses and corruption with no consequences or in many questions the victim being punished.

We are now at the point of having our gummit actively at war with Christianity. It has punished and fined people for following their God given Right to worship in the manner they see fit. We are seeing the punishment and fining of those whose beliefs are counter to what the state requires you to believe. If you believe homosexuality is a sin or even unhealthy you will put out of business since the District of Corruption has decided it is not a sin, but in fact a sainted activity. Anyone who disagrees will not be tolerated.

When you make man your god you are following an evil god. We are seeing the institution of some of the most draconian rules and regulations ever pushed. We have decrees such as carbon dioxide declared a poisonous gas which has to be regulated due to the manmade fraud of Global Warming. To imagine that the very thing you expel from your lungs is also a poison would be laughable if it was not costing us trillions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of jobs.

When you take God out of society and replace it with earth worship such as environmentalism you actually put man in charge. This cult religion was invented by man and now you see the followers defending and worshiping this explanation of creation like fundamentalist monks. When man makes the rules you are asking for trouble as we have seen in killing field after killing field. The first step they make is removing God from the people and replace him with government and that is what we are seeing now.

Once gummit takes control then there are only two things it knows how to do which are taxing and make laws. The only thing it really effectively can do is outlawing and stopping people from doing the things they like or must do to enjoy their lives. As the gummit gets larger and more powerful it develops agencies to regulate and control different activities and businesses which out of good intentions or in many cases activism shut down activities and businesses through fiat.

One of the most outrageous forms of government activism is the Western States. One of the reasons for the Civil War was the converting the western territories into Federal Land. Lincoln wanted to own the land east of the Rockies and the Congress was for continuing the process of having the Federal Government role as a sales office of these lands. Lincoln tied it into the Emancipation Proclamation which was a State’s Rights issue which said the Federal government owned the state and the state essentially had to obey any of those laws.

The territories needed protection from the Federal government from the Indian wars which were killing settlers and needed cavalry protection as well as forts and courts. Lincoln needed those states to pass the Emancipation Proclamation and made an agreement to bring them in if they would vote for the Proclamation. In addition they were required to give large portions of their lands for that protection. One of the ironies is Blacks were not allowed into the Oregon Territory yet they voted for the Proclamation after allowed statehood.

Once the Civil War was fought then the Western States had no claim to the Federal Lands inside their state and had to abide by any rules or regulations DC issues. Now we have an activist agencies running our resources and attempting to shut down grazing, logging and mining. Rather than managing these resources effectively they are destroying the industries which depend on these resources.

Grazing is the free growing of beef in areas which cannot be farmed or used for any other purpose than grazing. The cattle do not affect any other animals and is one of the healthiest ways to manage the environment. The claims of damaging fish runs have been shown to be junk science a number of times and more activist science to promote the Marxist agenda.

The forests are being completely mismanaged. These forests should be producing another fifty percent of trees they are already growing which is at five times sustainability. This means the forests are overgrowing due to incompetence and dying from lack of sunlight and nutrition. This leads to massive disease, bug kills and intensive forest fires.

Proper management would eliminate the disease, bugs and devastating fires, but the gummit will not allow that. This is the problem with a manmade cult being the National Religion; man creates the laws and tenants of this religion. In this case industry is evil so they are not allowed to help the forests or resources to be managed and thrive. The God of Abraham put man on the planet to be a steward for his creations and manage them.

If God were in charge and the resources were managed properly there would be more cattle growing on these lands as they would have been sold to the ranchers to make them more productive not less. The forests would be harvested and planted on a healthier rotation which would be better for the forests, animals and people. Healthy forests are less likely to have disease issues and fires do not burn as well making less pollution. These forests could be up to fifty percent healthier if they were managed effectively.

What this would mean for America is lower housing costs as well as more exports as we would be shipping lumber around the world from our abundance. The Western states could be the resource engine of America as these vast areas could be used for productive uses rather than locked up. This could completely turn this country around as this engine would power an industry base built on high quality and plentiful raw materials. What if DC is wrong?

Pray America wakes