Brayin Candy

It's Time to Choose

The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed, Luke 4:18

What if everything the Republican Party knows about elections is false? Our little group out in Oregon has been doing everything against the established methods and finding our methods win elections. In a Blue Tide which swept the Dems back into power in the state we not only won elections but won them in bigger margins than almost anywhere in the state and spent less money. What if money and commercials mean nothing in a campaign and all of our formulas are completely wrong? What if the print media is ignored by the voters and the candidates don’t need to cater to it? This is what our data is pointing towards.

It is time for the secular atheists running our Party to make a decision. We are no longer playing a cute game any longer but are fighting for the actual survival of the American way of life. Unless the secularists and arm length believers are absolutely sure of evolution being the truth of our creation then they need to turn their backs on this fraud and embrace God. Rather than playing games that God is some sort of myth and their being above religion it is time for them to question evolution and examine the holes you can drive a freight train through. We are in a complete meltdown of our society right now thanks to Godlessness so the time for playing cute games is over.

The Republican Party has become every bit as Godless as the Dems. Sure it is populated by true believers yet they are the minority whose beliefs are ignored by the secularists who control the Party. Over and over we hear how we must keep our religion out of politics while the Dems make their cult religion the foundation of their politics. We have millions of Christians who would not only vote but would become hard working activists if the Party would actually give them a reason to be involved. The Party would rather ignore these potential voters than give up their precious belief in evolution and the even more ridiculous theory of pandering to the Democrat voter.

It is time for the secularists to put up or shut up. When kids are shooting kids and have nothing to hold onto it is long overdue to take a real direction. Either Darwinism is a fact that can be proven beyond a doubt or it is more junk science. Even Darwin said if it couldn’t be proved within twenty years of his discovery than it was not a valid theory.

We have gone over 150 years and we have yet to find a single transitory fossil which can be absolutely documented without huge questions. We have not found any human missing links that were not a modern man or an ape/pig composition. It has gotten so bad they gave up on the primordial soup making the earliest form of life when they had to admit the volcanic eruptions would have sanitized the earth completely. These are not holes they are craters in this theory the scientists still cling to since it is the basis of their godless religion. Darwinism is either real or false and everyone has to finally make that decision once and for all. It is time for the Darwinists to put up or admit it is a fraud to promote atheism.

The secularists in our Party still cling to their Godless beliefs since they don’t want to enter the social issue war and fight it on an easier yet weaker fiscal argument. This too is a false premise. While they are trying to make friends and trying not to alienate the Dems and Independents they completely write off the Christians and believers. You hear over and over how you have to appeal to the middle and ignore the Christians who will vote anyway since they have nowhere else to go. This is a false premise since you actually hear over and over at the doors of Christians and especially Pro Lifers they will not vote for someone who supports abortion. So for every supposed Pro Abortion vote they get they are losing one or more Pro Lifer so the Life issue not only does not hurt them it may in fact help them. We have an example in Bend where the candidate was in a heavy Dem district and he won by a large margin and actually ran on his Pro Life stand. What if everything we think we know about elections is absolutely wrong?

The other major myth is the media can make or break you. We have a number of examples of that not being the case. We ran our ballot measures against Light Rail in both Clackamas and East Washington Counties with the media universally against them and making up all sorts of doomsday charges in the papers and TV. The entire establishmedia monopoly was doing everything they could to defeat these measures since they were at the heart of big gummit planning and the measures all won by 60% or better.

We also have numerous examples of candidates including Romney spending huge amounts of money on commercials and attempting to get those precious Dems to vote for them and coming up well short. We were not able to see one example of this method having any affect to the point of having candidates who spent no money on commercials actually outperforming them. People have become accustomed to digital media and know how to minimize its affect. When you have two hundred channels and a channel changer none of these commercials are going to be watched let alone have an effect.

We ran our campaigns way outside the mainstream and since we were amateurs who had no preconceived bias we were able to look at elections in a new way. We never followed the established formula which was followed with certain expectations or rules we ran it from the gut. What we have found is the secularists are wrong and have held the Party down when people are looking for real people with common sense solutions. Secularists have no answers only the same old tired clichés the Dems have while trying to conquer the middle. Conservatives have as good or better chance of being elected if they run their campaigns in a new and more targeted grassroots method. The media needs to be ignored since our data has shown the media has no affect on the vote and can only hurt you chances with your base by appeasing them.

What we have found is everything we have been told as a Party is false. Whether it was by ignorance, intention or collusion there has to be some real changes for it to begin winning. We have enough people to overcome the Dem advantages in Oregon but we have to stand for common sense and start leading. This will begin when we bring God back into the equation. The secularists are not going to like it but they need to explain why evolution is more believable than God. If they can’t do that they are simply playing political games with the Party and need to stop. These games have gotten us where we are and only going to put us deeper into the liberal cult of chasing atheistic smoke. The good news is with the new interactive world there are targeting methods to go around the media and begin taking the battle directly to the voters. This is the direction the Party needs to look to get back on the winning path. It is harder and will take courage but we have seen actual results in one of the bluest states in the country. It is time to choose. Do we continue the failed secular path or try a new path and accept God as absolute truth and start winning back our country?

Pray for America