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Shaking Down the British

Shaking Down the British 

Neither of them had the money to pay him back, so he canceled the debts of both. Now which of them will LOVE him more?” Luke 7:42

The BP shakedown is the perfect example of the brainwashing of America. We have been transformed over the past 70 yrs into believing in an all compassionate gummit over capitalism. We have been taught from baby to grave into believing our govt is the only interest powerful enough to stand up to evil industry so the slaves can get their fair share of the pie when nothing could be farther from the truth. Only Barton in the District of Corruption was willing to stand up to the establishment and say we are much better off having a private corporation passing out $$ directly rather than a corrupt political machine.

The energy industry has been under extreme gummit restrictions for the past 30 yrs and when they finally have the eventual accident the regime blames them. Never mind this is the first accident in 30 yrs or the gummit is up to its ears in the cause of this disaster, the whitewash has begun. If we had honest reporting of this fiasco we would be finding gummit is making the problem far worse than if you let capitalism solve the problem and organize the cleanup. BP has a huge interest in minimizing this spill to attempt to salvage the goodwill of the people which is something government doesn’t need to worry about. If we had honest discussion this would reveal the grand canyon between Conservatism and Liberalism. Conservatives should put their trust in business while libs always put their trust and faith in gummit.

Every level of education is directed to mistrusting business. We have been taught business is an organization run by evil corporate wolves who are only interested in separating people from their money. These evil monsters are only interested in destruction of the planet to pursue their own greed by sucking the people’s blood. They only want to steal the masses $$ to fatten their bulging bank accounts as they sneer at the poor driving past in their limos, but enough about $oro$. We have learned this lesson since children watching cartoons and have been reinforced over 16 yrs of edoctrination which continues through the establishmedia. How can anybody ignore this bias when it is the basis of societal groupthink even if it is exactly the opposite?

Corporations are not these all powerful entities as we have seen by Auto, Banking and now Oil they can be brought down by the people. A slowdown of business turns an all powerful corporation into a starving child in a matter of months by their customers. In the end corporations are slaves to their customers and have millions of masters who crack the whip anytime they don’t meet their expectations. Industries like oil need to maintain their goodwill of the people or could potentially face a boycott as drivers go to the station across the street which is their greatest nightmare. This gusher couldn’t have come at a worse time as they are now a target of the regime as well as the establishmedia getting painted w/an oily sheen.

Governments on the other hand have no motivation to reach the masses. As long as they keep their groups happy they can maintain their power since there is no profit motive. They are simply for acquiring power through political manipulation, graft and corruption.

This slush fund will not go to the Repub groups such as fishermen or oilmen but will simply go to their union and ACRIME groups. There will be freezers full of cash in the bayou as the corrupt politicians will be passing out graft to buy their votes and favors. This fund would be more effective if BP just flew over the gulf w/a plane and dropped it in the ocean for the fisherman to catch. This $20 Billion is gone forever as they have dropped this cash into the Chicago graft machine. If the avg person gets 5% of the $$ it would be a miracle. The better plan would have been for BP to be passing out the damages. The claims would be above board and handled cleanly and efficiently. BP has a motivation to make these people as happy as they can in a bad situation.

They would have oversight as anybody who was unfairly treated would be on PravdABNDC complaining about the greedy BP destroying their lives. This is the last thing BP can afford and would be pressured into reevaluating and trying to make things right. If the oil industry was handling the cleanup rather than a bloated gummit we would have ships crisscrossing the gulf sucking that oil up w/giant straws and soon would be under control. Rather we have inflexible bureaucrats counting lifejackets gumming up the works.

It is not our fault America goes along w/gummit being the arbitrator of this slush fund. We have been brainwashed into believing it is the only thing to stand up to these so called monsters. We need to consciously reprogram our minds into having trust in business and industry over a corrupt gummit. They both have their corruption, mistakes and bad apples its just business has checks and balances while DC has none. You have as much chance of DC turning a corrupt pol as the unions admitting they’re skimming from their pension funds.

Just like this disaster or 911 they simply circle the wagons put on some whitewash inquisition and declare themselves clean and innocent. There is far too much power centered in one place w/absolutely no controls. We have created a monarch who has a huge appetite wanting to enslave the serfs. How we as free people can agree to a gummit extorting a corporation in this gangster fashion only proves our complete brainwashing believing only gummit cares about our well being when it is just the opposite. It is time for Conservatives to side w/business while libs go w/gummit. The massive mess in the Gulf is proving which is trying to help and which is not.

Pray for America