Brayin Candy

Slaves to Socialist Security

Speak and act as those who are going to be judged by the law that gives FREEDOM. James 2:12

If you want to be a $millionire don’t join a Union.  If you want to steal a $Million run a Union. Back in the Great Depression the entire world was run by Socialists. Some were Dictators like Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini and others were Democratic like America, France and Britain. After WWI they were attempting to make a one world gummit as FDR was elected who had the gummit run all of the businesses through regs and price controls in the WH. Britain was the least communist of the bunch until the beginning of the war when Chamberlain trusted Hitler which brought in Liberal Party member Churchill, who was a masterful war strategist but a socialist like FDR.

FDR wanted a pure communist Country cept when Hitler/Stalin signed their accord, which Stalin broke in Poland; the start of WWII destroyed FDR’s plans. He had to release his 100% tax rates on the rich as well as control of the banks and auto industry to make weapons. What FDR and the other communists learned through the commie Workers Party unionists was if you control the people’s retirements you control them. The other main shackle is their Healthcare. FDR attempted to rewrite the Constitution to include HC as a right which would have owned the people completely but failed. What he did accomplish was the start of Social Insecurity for a monstrous first step.

Once they have your retirement, you’re their slave. They later brought in Medicare which means your entire life is dedicated to eventually turning it over to the gummit. The unions followed the same model to offer pensions as a way to have absolute control of their prisoners. Once you have a vesting in your pension you no longer have a voice since the union can just mention your firing or the reduction of your retirement to make you go along w/whatever they promote. They added in generous HC benefits so there was no longer a way anybody was going to cross the bosses no matter how corrupt they became for fear of losing everything. This was much easier and cheaper than breaking kneecaps, although when the next step is needed, bodda boom, bodda bing.

Once the fund became a huge pool of untraceable $$, corruption was not far behind. Both, SSI by the District of Corruption and their partners in the unions began skimming for their causes. One of the favorite causes of the unions now is loaning millions of pension $$ to politicians during their campaigns w/the promise to pay them back after they’re elected. That is second only to condos/bimbos in the Bahamas. These have become massive fraud and Ponzi accts which are basically unfunded even while the $$ are taken out of the member’s check and matched by the employer. In the teachers unions’ case it’s matched by the taxpayers check. This makes for a massive conflict between the teacher, union, politician who is funding schools and campaign funds. There is absolutely no one in that chain who is for protecting the taxpayer while they’re all bought off by his $$. If this isn’t a Ponzi scheme, what is?

Now we are at an impasse, nobody wants to address this problem for complete fear of losing their retirement. Never mind, most have already lost it just not officially. SSI needs to be overhauled to the point where people have to have the attitude of working till the last breath if possible. We are all in this mess together and the only way out of it is to take less payment and pay longer. The only other option is taxing our children at 70% and how does that help anybody? Then there will be no retirement since the entire financial system will implode under the weight of the Baby Bummers.

The unions have long since passed their prime as now the only thing keeping them alive is their promise of a pension and HC. If not for those and mandatory membership for certain trades there would be a reduction of 50% for their lockstep support of the DNC.  Why would anybody join the Coal miners union if they weren’t tied to their retirement when they are paying dues into a Party which has a platform for the elimination of their jobs? Why would any thinking coal miner support Cap and Kill Coal? Why would any UAW worker pay dues to a Party which has done everything it could to destroy their jobs? The reason is they have to go along so they don’t lose their pensions. Sure they’ll justify it in their minds and go along w/the Workers Party rags about how they’re for the proletariat and against the Bourgeoisie, but in their hearts they know their union is helping destroy their jobs. They have to justify it so they can keep their pensions, when in reality they are slaves convincing themselves those chains look like Gold Bracelets.

Over the years the unions have become interlocked w/the DNC to the point of not knowing where one starts and the other ends. They’re equally yoked and corrupt from top to bottom. The pensions have become slush funds for both being refilled by congress through Porkulus bills. We just saw 1.5 Billion go to the Vegas union pension funds today as he gave it some sort of mortgage/ACORN/Reid slushorama. Is there any question these $$ is going to be a jackpot for the casino unions? The problem w/unions is no matter how they may have started, there are so many places corruption can occur it’s near impossible to keep it out even if they wanted. Once it’s established there’s no way to rid you of it since nobody wants to lose their retirement or three taps to the back. So everybody looks the other way while swimming up the Denile.

Congress and the unions have used our retirements like the broke Cowboy who hit the lottery. When axed where all his $$ went he said he spent a lot of it on Booze and Broads and wasted the rest. That’s what they’re doing w/our retirements. The only real solution is to walk away together. The ones who are on it need to have theirs reduced by as much as they can stand while the workers need to keep working, after you find a job. The state workers need theirs reduced dramatically and 25% need laying off. We have to trust in God, not in these gods. We need to go back to being Americans who are not afraid to walk across the rope w/o a net, it’s called living. Then the chains will drop off as the Massa no longer has any way of tying you down. When we do, not only will America move away from the rocks, it will again be the lighthouse of the world.

Pray for America’s Freedom