Brayin Candy

AIG Bonus

 When did they replace the marble in the Capital Building with Glass as they throw stone after stone shattering the very foundations of the building? To say the people who have bonuses at AIG should give them back goes against everything this Country stands for. To say they are going to Cap the earning potential of people they don’t agree with is none of their business. We are watching Central Planning worse than the USSR. To try to comprehend Bawney Fwank as the leader of a lynch mob defies sanity. To see a corrupt politician who should be in jail rather than leading a hearing is like watching a mugger pistol whipping a priest.

In reality we are all commodities for the marketplace of ideas. Just like you buy and sell Gold or Diamonds we buy and sell our skills in this marketplace. The reason Diamonds are more expensive than Gold is although they’re both valuable, Diamonds are harder to find so more rare and wanted than Gold. So too are our skills we sell into the marketplace of ideas.

People who work at McDonalds are plentiful and have a skill amounting to speaking Mexenglish and showing up to work on time. The millions of people available holds the prices of these workers down, so the owners will bid the prices/wages down, yet even there you can gather skills in the kitchen making yourself more valuable raising your wage.

When a McDonald’s worker works for an education and gets their college degree, he makes himself rarer and his value goes up in the marketplace. Depending on his skill set with his degree will determine if he is more rare and valuable Likewise if he gets a psychology/journalism degree and goes into an industry where there are fewer jobs, his rarity decreases as does his value to the marketplace.

On the other end of the scale is Rush Limbaugh America’s Anchorman, whom there is exactly one in the entire world. He has unique skills setting him apart from every other person making him the rarest person in his industry. This allows him to charge obscene advertising fees since he has the only program on the radio drawing 30 million listeners. He is the rarest of rare which makes him extremely valuable to the marketplace. The Oprah is as rare a commodity as Rush which is why she too can charge whatever the market will pay. The same can be said for Actors, Athletes and CEO’s like Bill Gates. The rarer you become by making your skill sets unique and valuable to the marketplace of ideas the more the market will pay for you. In reality we are all slaves at a slave auction.

CEO’s are another rare commodity and are bid for by companies. The better the CEO the higher the companies will bid and why AIG agreed to the bonuses. Never mind what happened this year, no CEO in the World could see the time bomb that Bawney Fwank placed in Fannie Mae. These executives have made their companies money over the years and have become more and more valuable commodities in their industries. These men are compensated according to the amount of business they bring into their companies and many are paid on a merit scale which is essentially commissions of profits brought into the company. This is likely the case with the AIG executives and have already earned the money just like every other year they worked for this company.

For these thugs in congress to lecture anybody about the worthiness of execs would be laughable if it wasn’t so obscene. The same people who caused the Obama Meltdown and destroyed the Financial Industry over decades of bad policy sit up there and want to steal the money these men have earned. The same commies who have done everything they could to destroy this Country including writing these bailout bills use them as decoys to take the focus off themselves who are the real midgets of this meltdown.

How many times do we have to see this one act play before we realize they are playing the oldest parlor game in the book? They stick up a CEO who they put out of business, then blame him for their incompetence while they beat him like a runaway slave. The only thing he did was attempt to overcome all the hurdles Fwank and the Demcorrupt Party put in front of him. Then when he finally trips over one of those hurdles Fwank and his Thugs gather around him and kick him senseless. These clowns are like golfers who when they chunk one in the water cuss out their caddies. The first step will be to not fall for the decoy and pay the AIG execs the $$$ they have earned. If congress can do this to these other hard working Americans, your turn will be next.

Pray for America, Our Troops and Obama’s Failure