Brayin Candy

Capping the EPA

Therefore, since we have such a hope, we are very bold. 2 Cor 3:12

For the last 7 yrs, when we heard about Dems passing the War Powers Act to give President Bush authority to invade Iraq we continually heard how they were “deceived”. If we received a dollar for every time we heard that either Bush or the CIA lied about the WMD or hid information we could fund Social Insecurity. We always heard the DNC and their sock puppets in the Establishmedia Attack Machine complain they received incomplete briefings and were fooled about WMD. Those same congressmen are now willingly passing bills they haven’t read let alone have an idea about the contents w/no complaints of hidden information.

 During the run-up to the election we were always told how transparent the obozo admin was going to be. We heard how secretive that Bush was and how he lied to/tricked congress. Remember Bush lied people died? Well apparently it only is a problem when Repubs are in office since now there appears to be no issue that needs researched if it’s a Dem in office.

Both the Spendourlastcent and the Cap America Bill were passed w/o even the most basic reading by congress. When my congressthief David Wu was axed if he read the bill he refused to answer the question and only said he did the best he could. He refused to admit he didn’t read it when the people demanded he answer yes or no, which means no. How could he read the last 300 pages that were added at 3 AM before the vote? They asked him about that and he had no answer. Every one of those pages was filled w/pork to buy those last votes. Those pages likely had a $Billion per. Now we see that the Transparency concerns were nothing more than bumper sticker clichés for votes, nothing more.

In addition to the Cap & Kill late night graft party, the DNC silenced a researcher in the EPA from inserting a report critical of the myth of Global Warming. Chairman Maobama, Nazi Pelosi and the EPA hid the report from the undecided votes and the American people. They knew if someone from the EPA had doubts about the validity of CO2 caused Warming there would be credible opposition. 35 yr EPA official Alan Carlin helped issue this report which was critical of the methods of measurement leading to the theory of GW. He pointed out that there may have been a problem w/the way the data was gathered compared to more accurate satellite temp measurement. He showed that the weather stations were placed in city environments which were warmer than outside the concrete canyons. He showed there is no warming and as a matter of fact the earth has been cooling for the past 11 years. This had to be squelched in such a close vote when the phones were in meltdown mode. His 98 page report was hidden and those borderline votes were secured w/o the American people any the wiser and much more the poorer.

He also destroyed the idea that the polar ice caps are shrinking or there were more hurricanes likely to happen in the near future. He pointed out any global climate change has more to do with sun activity & water vapor than anything man is doing. He wrote a comprehensive report that basically destroyed the very reasons Cap America was passed.

 When the EPA found this article was published and passed to the GOP the EPA quickly moved to destroy Carlin personally. They claimed he wrote this w/o the approval of the EPA and he wasn’t a scientist even though he has a physics degree at Cal Poly and an economics PHD at MIT. This is somehow supposed to discredit his opposition to the global warming myth as opposed to our great einstein, algore who dropped out of divinity school. Oh yeah, gore is a Marxist so he is scientific.

A comment Wu accidently made when axed why the bill had to be rushed through so quickly they couldn’t read it. He stated the bill had been in the works for 30 yrs. Yeah, the commiecRats have been trying to make us energy dependent for over 30 yrs and the real purpose of this bill. They have eliminated Nuclear power and drilling for our own oil, this bill was passed to eliminate coal and finish their goal. That will completely starve us for energy while chasing Windmills and Butterfly Wings in a blacked out wasteland. That is what Premier Hussain wants for America, mass starvation while riding bicycles w/o the ability to pay our electric bills. This  will make him and the DNC controllers of all our energy production/cost/usage.

The other reason for the bill is to raise taxes on every man, woman and child in the Country. Everything requires energy components so they have found a way to tax everything including air. They will add the tax to the energy producers which will be collected from the users and added to every item throughout the economy. If you sell an apple from your Depression Era stand, that apple will have to be fertilized, watered and transported to your street corner and add to the cost. This is a not so hidden tax which will add to every item purchased or used in your life. There is not one item you use which won’t have a hidden tax all in the name of protecting the planet.

When President Bush rushed into Iraq in those short 18 mos, the Dems claim they didn’t have all the current information available to make the correct decision. What if you are going into a war on something as questionable as "climate change"? If there is any question whatsoever you should never risk an economic catastrophe on the American people. This will affect both the wealthy and poor alike leaving them both in a desperate situation. Nazi Pelosi not only didn’t allow seeing all of the bill, they hid every opposing view that would argue against what they were trying to accomplish. This proves they didn’t care about the pollution and only wanted the issue to push through more taxes on the American people. By hiding the information and not reading the bill this shows Cap & Tax America had absolutely nothing to do w/climate change Mumbo Jumbo. Alan Carlin may not have gotten to argue his point yet he was able to expose these corrupt polluticians for who they really are, tax and spend Stalinists who need more control of our lives. Why are no Freedom Loving Americans surprised?

Pray for America's Freedom