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Ted Cruz is NOT a Conservative

Matthew 22:16 And they sent out unto him their disciples with the Herodians, saying, Master, we know that thou art true, and teachest the way of God in truth, neither carest thou for any man: for thou regardest not the person of men.

Conservatism seems to been driven off the tracks by the Punditocracy. In the old days of the movement character and transparency was every bit as important as policy matters. How can you be a free country when your leaders are hiding everything from you and shading the truth? If they will hide the truth about little issues who says they will not hide it from big ones?

We have two choices now and in reality the election is over and Trump has won it is just by how much and is it enough to overcome the establishment, but it is still two men. In July when we had seventeen candidates and Jeb was the overwhelming favorite with Walker right behind, I predicted Trump and Cruz due to Trump’s wall and Cruz’s ground game. At that time I suggested they should be a team with Trump President and Cruz VP for four years while he was trained in executive skills. I was wrong.

My hesitation at the time with Ted was his question of being a Natural Born Canadian and Heidi Cruz working for Goldman Sachs and making $800K/yr. Both of those are still a problem if not much larger and there has been so much more piled on top without being in the least bit transparent. His campaign makes the old Clinton war room seem open and airy. If you dare ax the most basic question you get hit with a hammer and demeaned in the vilest attacks, but enough about his supporters.

I have no idea what the framers of this Country had in mind when they decided to have Presidents born in America or by military families stationed overseas, but it seems a good idea you be born here. That said, the troubling part of the birther issue is his refusal to be transparent. Why does he seal all of his birth records and immigration documents to keep his citizenship hidden? Lay everything on the table and get it behind you rather than covering it up like Benghazi, this makes no sense.

Goldman Sachs is the bigger issue of the two and lends itself to his lack of character which has revealed itself over and over. If you have a company supporting your family which is the author of every bad economic policy in America, how can you claim to be a defender of Conservatism? Nobody is asking you to take a vow of poverty and quite the opposite, but this is profiting on all of those years in the Bush Administration writing all of those free trade agreements. Free for the other Countries while putting chains on America. Goldman Sachs is the very last bank any Conservative would work for if they were who they say they are. How would he balance her making over a million a year if he were President or VP if he had to rule against them and for America?

Then there is the campaign, from Iowa to Colorado there is a pattern of behavior that is very troubling for a Christian Conservative. Whether we like it or not, Christians are held to a higher standard which none of us can attain, but at least make an attempt. He has a habit of taking the shortcut and then blaming someone else for his decision. The buck never stops at his desk and that is a problem.

Whenever he has an issue where he is obviously lying like claiming Carson was dropping out in Iowa, he claims ignorance while saying he is the smartest man in the room. The one he really cannot deny or explain is the half a million his Pac gave to the Carley Pac. Now he will claim he cannot communicate with his PAC and if you believe that there is a bridge in Brooklyn you may want to jump off. How was his campaign manager able to buy the partially nude picture of Trump’s wife and turn that over the PAC if there is not communication?

Why would any campaign which is continually short on cash give a rival campaign running for the same office and roughly the same polling position be given such a large sum of money? If there is any explanation give it, since the appearance is this was hush money to cover-up an affair with Carley’s campaign manager.

In the old days of Conservatism, the appearance of corruption was corruption however today it is until proven beyond a shadow of a doubt so you stall. The same old Carvile tactic. Why did the PAC give a half million and what did Carley get for that? Both PACs should tell the truth if either one of them is honest.

Then we move to Whisky Creek and Colorado with his cozy relationship with the establishment. I remember when Conservatives would vomit if they were supported by Linseed Graham, John InSain, Jeb, Georgie Will, Kraut, National Review, WaPo, Reid and the entire GOP establishment but they ignore that to promote their version of conservatism. These people are the problem and will only make our issues worse, yet they claim it will be different this time.

After Colorado when there was not a single vote cast with Cruz taking all of the delegates we heard rules, regulations and the need to educate yourselves. Having been in one of those GOP selection caucuses here is how they work. Everyone knows exactly who they are voting for before they arrive since they have been given slates of names who to vote for of which delegates will vote for Cruz.

The ones who arrive with an open mind or intend on voting for someone else are outvoted by the slate. You vote down the slate so every chosen delegate gets the same overwhelming votes, it is pure corruption. It is all carefully choreographed and has absolutely nothing to do with the people they supposedly represent, only the kingmakers who demand their voices heard.

The one I was at was ambushed by the Paulbots who got around half the delegates even though he received 4% of the Primary vote. These charades are more like the Soviet Union than America. You can bet none of those slate delegates are under seventy or been with the Party less than forty years.

Cruz of course comes out of the Colorado fiasco blaming someone else as it is never his fault. In reality his team organized all of those slates and made sure of the outcome days before they met. You can claim they had the better ground game, but that way of selecting bound delegates has nothing to do with the voice of the people and more to do with the dictates of the Party.

There is a pattern with Ted Cruz which is very disturbing. He continually will take the shortcut on the truth and openness and then blame someone else after he gets caught. It seems we have had enough politicians who fit that mold and we really do not need more of them and especially as President. If we are going to turn America around we need to begin with honor and transparency which is lacking with Ted. This is not an indictment on Cruz as much as the conservative establishment, but some questions need open answers and apparently never will. It is time for a new direction for Conservatism, it is time to Trump the entire District of Corruption.

Pray America wakes