Brayin Candy

The Barack Who Stole Christmas

And he said, “I tell you the truth, unless you CHANGE and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Mat 18:3

This will be the worst Christmas of most of our lives, thanks to Ebaarack Scrooge needing to push his religion on America. We may never have a more clear vision in our lifetimes of the brazen Cultists of Liberalism. Witnessing the trifecta of Global Scamming, Cap &Tax and DeathCare we clearly see a present danger of the lies of communism. Just as we have miraculously had a few honest scientists leak the outrageous lies of Global Goring we're now seeing there may be two honest Dems who can’t stomach the lies of tyranny within the HC bill, who may withstand  the Chicago thugocracy they are enduring. Who would have dreamed an Emmanuel would deny Christmas in America.

From the Global Warming fraud we were able to witness all the tactics they use to fool the masses. First they will lie and corrupt the facts. Fudging the GW data is just like their claim that there are 45 million uninsured when in fact there are maybe 10 million who can still walk into a hospital and get treatment. When they are called on their fudged stats they attack the person who points out their lies and attacks them personally, like calling skeptics, “deniers or flat earthers" who deny the holocaust. Does anybody want to be associated w/denying the holocaust? They fail to point out their own insatiable hunger for greed and power. The final fallback step is to dictate control, like the EPA did once they realized Copenhagen was going to fail. That is the stage they are at now with HC having to mandate like a dictator.

Just as there were a couple of scientists who must have been so sickened by the corruption w/in their profession they allowed the truth to be seen, so now too in Congress two very brave and honorable Senators are actually standing on principles against a hurricane of hate. Senators Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson appear to be outraged at the lies and Chicago tactics the WH is using to pass this bill. They are finding anybody who disagrees w/the WH, you and your family will be slimed. These two men aren’t Fundamentalibs, who aren’t willing to bow down to the gummit god and check their faiths at the door.

Not only are libs hate filled, they’re petty as we’ve seen in numerous encounters like Al Frankenstein not allowing Joe to finish his sentence on the Sinate floor. Outside of being a complete buffoon, he’s a vindictive two yr old punk, thank you ACRIME. Lieberman puts his Judaism in front of politics, may be having a problem lying about this Black Hole. He will need heroic courage to take the arrows coming his way from his old “friends”. He may be moving away from the Party of Death so well represented in this disaster. 

Not sure about Nelson but Lieberman is a decent man, who is a bit of an idealist in politics. He has always dreamed of universal HC as an idea since he's been in office, it’s just he never pictured it w/this many controls. How can he support something that fines and jails you don’t buy it. How can he be for something that rations your benefits to the point of putting a max limit on diseases like cancer. What, they going to send you home to die w/a handful of morphine like they did in the Soviet Union? These controls are not America and Joe knows it. 

Ben and Joe both represent insurance states w/millions of jobs at stake. CT and NE are the insurance capitals in the Country and have real issues w/this takeover. They employ millions of people in good paying jobs and don’t want to become Detroit. If those companies had the restrictions taken off them to the point of being allowed to offer flexible policies for those who aren’t going to need a sex change operation, acupuncture therapy or 50 yr old men needing Viagra paid for, their premiums could come down. This is how the dirtbags in the District of Corruption work, they regulate a business into the ground, like banking/auto, then beat these businesses w/clubs and take it over when they fail. Ben & Joe realize this is corruption and are doing something about it. If they can hold strong the next 5 days there will be a new congress in 2010 who will take those restrictions away for real reform. The first reform should be tar and feathers.

The freedom of the American public is resting on Nelson and Lieberman’s hunched shoulders. If they can withstand the Chicago Daley Machine coming their way, we will throw these shackles just like we did against Global Fraud. Now we have to fight w/everything we got left against HC Fraud through Christmas Eve thanks to Ebaarak Scrooge the godless, power mad dictator. He’s gathering quite a few chains of Marley's.  These last days are going to be the worst since they are at the finish line and know if they knock out Lieberman and Nelson they can destroy the insurance industry to ultimately enslave US. They are going to going to throw the WH sink and washing machine to get what they’ve always hungered, absolute control.

Undertaker Reid burying Christmas w/the economy must make him proud. For him and Scrooge to steal Christmas and Hanukkah shows their cult is the worship of gummit. To them Dec 25 is just another day to plot and steal more power and wealth from the American people. To make the entire Country have to fight this rather than celebrate w/their families is as selfish a political move as we have ever seen. George Bush would never even think of something so craven. 

The continual pushing of this WH is something we have never seen and hopefully never will again, yet we must fight. They are Fundamental atheists and destroying Christmas while taking away our choice of doctors is a twofer for these cultists. Hang in there America, cause the Calvary is on the way in the form of 60 yr old grandmas holding up their handmade signs shouting, “throw the bums out”! The 60's shreds used to like grassroots movements, not this freedom revolution. Ben and Joe may have had enough, whom we may owe our freedom; and next year the rest of America will too.  Got Tea? 

Pray for America and Mary Christ-mas Patriots