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Running the Blockade

Running the Blockade 

“But I tell you who hear me: LOVE your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. Luke 6:27-28

So now Code Pink has Blood on their hands in the ME. They certainly did during the Iraq war when they funded terrorists making IED’s to kill American soldiers, but now they have organized and funded to cause the deaths of their own Hamas soldiers. Does this mean that Cindy Shehag and Evans are going to throw blood on themselves or shake their own bloodstained hands? Now they know how President Bush felt when he sent his own soldiers to their deaths, although our soldiers were well trained and heroic as opposed to her troops.

The real question of this blockade run against a sovereign Israel is how could it not be organized by the White House and Premier Obozo? To have this attack by these ships and Hamas, attempting to break the blockade when Bibi Netanyahu was to be visiting the WH? This from a President who believes Israel should be pushed into the ocean. He sat in the church of a man who preached Jews were Zionist Devils and here was his chance to put Israel on the defensive. It is obvious he talked either directly or indirectly with either Evans or Bill Ayers. These hard core commies should be listed as terrorists rather than political activists.

How in the world does an American regime justify coordinating an act of war against Israel or any other Country. This is the same president who did not want to meddle into the overthrow of Iran when they were murdering their own freedom demonstrators in the street. He turned his back on those dying young people whose images were blasted around the world reaching out to Lady Liberty yet actively promotes an act of war. There needs to be an active investigation to who ordered this attack and pushed it from these very closely tied allies. He needs to answer some very important questions about his involvement.

Imagine if during the Cuban blockade or Vietnam blockades a hostile enemy organized a breaking of that blockade is there any question those ships would be sitting on the bottom of the ocean and war declared on that Country? If there is the obvious connection between Commie Pink, Evans and Ayers, then Israel has every right to consider America at war w/them. This is every bit the act of war as N Korea sinking the S Korean naval ship. We need to know if and who ordered this breach from the Inner Circle. The bigger question is did the president help organize this and did he give his ok to move this attack forward that killed 11? Not only is this an act of war but Code Puke now has blood on their hands, which does have the stench of Failure.

How ironic is it, the obozo regime suggested a naval blockade of Iran to stop their development of nuclear weapons. Of course they never followed through w/the idea but imagine if we did have a blockade of Iran and another Country attempted to run it? Again it would be an act of war and we would have been justified in taking military action against that ship. This is one of the most hate filled amateurs to ever occupy the WH.

Now we know that Code Pink is a militant organization which supports terrorists who attack America and Israel. This is a heavily communist organized group which wants a worldwide commie gummit. They work very closely with terrorists like Hamas, the Taleeban and Al Queda in Iraq. They are nothing more than a terrorist organization who has been given free reign simply due to their opposition to the wars. They will continue to flail that bloody shirt while they support our enemies and promote their commie agenda.

They represent everything about the DNC. It is a Party that is full of hate for anybody or Country who stand in the way of their global order. They have always hated Israel nearly as much as they hate America. This is why they will support every terrorist group who targets either of our two Countries. They want to end freedom and democracy to replace them w/tyranny and communism. For Israel Code Puke and Evans/Ayers want to push them into the sea so their terrorist friends can have another dictator in the ME. Then the ME will have “peace”. When commies say peace they mean Rest in Peace, just like those 11 dead Hamas terrorists.

NOW Code Pink a so called pacifist organization has organized an act of war which resulted in 11 dead and numbers of injured. They are continuing their aggression in the Gaza blockade and will likely continue to push for war against Israel while protesting our wars. They are nothing more than funders and organizers of terrorists and war hiding behind their skirts. It is time to call them out for the violent group they are as well as the massive hypocrisy they represent. It is fine for them to fight a war against Israel killing Jews, but we can’t fight a war against terror killing terrorists???

We have to find out if they were and are a conduit between the WH and the flotilla they assisted in this act of war on a sovereign Country and ally. If they did, then people in the WH need to resign as we have as a nation overstepped our charter. We as a nation stand for Liberty first, last and foremost and starting a war goes against that in the most fundamental way. We need a complete explanation of who was involved in our gummit. Next time Commie Pink protests the deaths of our brave soldiers perhaps they can look at their own bloodstained hands first?

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