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Watergate times ten

 Watergate Times Ten

Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest. Joshua 1:9 KJV

What did he know and when did he know it? It is so refreshing to find out the DNC actually believes one of America’s enemies is a threat. After fifty years of allying themselves with every US enemy from Nazi Germany to North Vietnam, China, USSR, PLO, Hamas, Al Qaeda, Iraq, Iran, Black Panthers, Communist Party, Old Media, La Raza, and others it is great for them to find Russia a threat to the DNC…err…America. Somehow you just have to question their sincerity.

Once again they have overplayed their hand. They seem to think if they and Fake CNNews agree something is a damaging issue then America will go along. You would assume after being so wrong so many times in the past dozen elections they may want to ax John Doe rather than F Chuck Todd. What they are going to find in the Great Plains is people no longer believe the establishment or their feigned outrage of the week by the DNC’s one act play.

The real issue is how the Obama administration was able to justify the tapping of people’s phones without any search warrents? Anonymous sources at the top of the Obama team claim they had tapped the entire Trump campaign and were relaying this information to the Harpy team. This is how they knew to tap the phones of people who were going to be in the administration having listened into all calls talking about future cabinet holders which set up the questions during confirmation.

These sources are saying none of these wire taps were approved by a court order and was a rogue operation being run in the WH. This was done through the NSA branches with agents from the Mooselip Brotherhood who would take the fall if caught. This is a branch of the Snowden group which taps every phone in America 24/7/365 recording all calls from every citizen in the country if a crisis arises. They simply tapped all of Trump’s staff and family as they listened to every call he and they made throughout the campaign searching for scandals and strategies.

When the WikiLeaks’ Clinton and Podesta emails were released they came up with the Russian story as an explanation discrediting the leaks. This was classic Clinton war room counter-attack as they decided to destroy the source like they did to Paula Jones discrediting the emails. Once they had everyone in DC outraged at the fact Russians were releasing DNC emails they then hatched the Trump is part of the release even though they know the actual source of the leaker not being Russian but inside the campaign.

This has now become a Soros/Clinton/Obama manufactured story as they feign outrage anyone would help the Russians leak emails to WikiLeaks. The next piece of the puzzle was to leak the Trump visiting Moscow and the prostitutes which they thought would destroy his campaign as it was tied to the Hollywood tape and all of the sexual harassment claims. Unfortunately, Trump kept records of where he was and in this case where he was not which was not Moscow at the time.

After the election they began this final attempt at impeachment. One of the primary reasons they are having extended confirmations is to get as many answers on the record to attempt to manufacture a perjury charge. Their next step is to get a special prosecutor and hopefully a grand jury to get thousands of more answers on record which can conflict and jail them for perjury setting up the impeachment trial and the return to the DNC to power.

What they are doing now is going through all of their phone calls and comparing them to the cabinet member’s testimony in an attempt to find a perjury charge. No matter how obscure or manufactured the charge they know if they can get a special prosecutor named it will waste the cabinet member’s time and make the appearance of scandal which will be magnified by ABDNCBS.

What did he know and when did he know it? When did Barak know our gummit agencies were tapping private citizen phones without a search warrant? Watergate was about breaking into the McGovern headquarters to steal a single piece of paper and tapping their phones at the HQ. This is the same thing only breaking into Trump's HQ digitally and most likely all of the campaign phones as well.

This is what there needs to be an investigation about, not some entrapment questions about a phony email leak which Podesta never used a password for. If you are worried about hacking an email to affect an election, are you worried about tapping an entire campaign’s cell phones and who knows what else? This is what needs to be exposed.

This scandal crosses the entire swamp for who and what they are. Which reporter wants to become the next Woodward-Bernstein to expose this Watergate times ten? We already know the answer since Watergate was not about ethics or morality it was about stopping a landslide President from destroying the DNC and it worked.

Their problem this time is they do not own the information highway. With the internet and alternative news the truth has ways of crossing Dinosaur Media barriers. They no longer control the news to the point of being mocked every time they try their old tricks. Add to this and a President who is an absolute social media genius and once again their extensive trap has the looks of ACME Explosives. People are already asking what the actual crime was and are these standards we are going to begin holding everybody to, Mrs. Clinton family laundry?

This was dreamed up by Obama who felt justified in stopping Donald Trump from becoming President and stopping everything he had accomplished. This was an ends justifies the means decision which allowed him to need to continue the path of a socialist America. America in his mind is a deeply flawed Country which exploits the poor and colored as well as every other victim group so Trump had to lose this election. Once Donald Jobs Trump won the election he then had to be destroyed and impeached so the decision was made to release the damaging calls of the President Elect and pass them to the media in an attempt to discredit him.

This story needs to be exposed to the light of day and see what America thinks. This is Nixonian times ten since it is doubtful Nixon ordered the wiretapping and was only guilty of managing the cover-up if even that. This is a sitting President abusing multiple American citizens' Rights to privacy. No matter what you think of a person they have the Right to expect their phones to be private as well as their conversations if they are not committing a crime. A candidate has an even greater right to expect their phones to not be tapped by the gummit, but that does not seem to be the case in the Barak Hussain regime.

When is the media or one of these sanctimonious Dems going to call for an investigation into the tapping of these phones and the leaking of those phone calls? Is this now ok and would it be fine for President Trump to tap all of theirs in hopes of discrediting them? There is more smoke than Mt Saint Helens this occurred and references are in the Congressional record.

It is time for an investigation into who called for this and how deep into American personal lives this goes. They need to stop listening into phone calls and allow private American citizens to be private. Most of all America has to find out what Obama knew and when he knew it? We need to know Americans are free from these Nixonian tactics and make sure they never happen again.

Pray America woke