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God's Measure vs Man's

But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him. Hebrews 11:6 (King James Version)

When I died twice and revived there was a lengthy period of reflection of what happened and the usual guilt of why I was returned after millions died of the same thing. This is more common among those who survived war or a disaster wondering why I was saved while so many have died. In my case it was that most who have Sudden Death Syndrome you just find the body and of the few who survive you have some or massive brain damage when I have had minimal effects.

When quizzed from her friends about what happened physically my wife simply says, “He didn’t get any worse, but he didn’t get any better.”

Usually, when I explain the miracle of my survival and the quick actions of my wife with her years as a nurse providing CPR, the next question is did you see anything while you were dead? Did you see the bright light, the golden staircase, did you smell smoke? "Next question?"

What I remember while I was dead was, a short conversation with my dead brother which probably brought me off the respirator, I felt the most intense presence of Jesus Christ. It was as if he was in the room and more real than anyone ever was. As I was going out, I heard the words, “Well done my good and faithful servant.”

These are things which I have sorted with the last two years and coming back which really came alive when I was doing a radio program with a friend. Someone called in asking for prayer who was taking care of his sick mother and was having a tough time finding a job and felt like a complete failure.

After he was prayed for much of my death came clear and asked if I could add something for him. I told him about Jesus saying good and faithful servant and not knowing what he meant since my financial life was a complete failure. I was and am underwater while always trying to juggle my bills to keep the wolves off the door but God always sees a way. I told him he was measuring himself by Man's measurement and not God's. He was doing what God wanted him to do which was taking care of his mom and was succeeding.

The financial success is not what Jesus is looking for, he was talking about my serving him and not man. He was talking about volunteering to help abandoned children hear about Jesus and singing praises to his name. He was talking about writing this drivel explaining who he is and the world’s worship of Satan as well as the pagan cult. He was talking about stopping Man’s pagan idols like Light Rail and earth worship, but that is not what he was talking about at all. That is my pride and sin.

Our problem is we measure ourselves by man’s measuring stick and not God’s. God told me Well done my good and faithful servant because I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior, nothing more and nothing less. That is God’s measuring stick which is so far beyond our comprehension which we cannot scratch the surface, nothing else matters.

Writing this brain candy does not matter to Jesus and neither does reading it, but if one person is enlightened by it then it has served his purpose as long as that purpose is not trying to get to heaven. Only accepting God’s mercy and attempting to understand his love for man matters, but nothing I have done or will do matters to hear those words again and spend time again with Jesus, I accepted him as my savior and that is enough. Even Billy Graham was a good servant for one thing and one thing only, God’s Salvation.

This is the great divide between worshipping Man or God. Man has a list of do’s and don’ts which he makes up as he goes while God simply has one real command with his Word to guide you. It is too easy for Man to comprehend while they want you to live this pure life when there is no such thing as a pure life in God’s measurement, he is perfect and created everything, how do you measure up to that?

This is why Man has built this complex cult using paganism and eart worship. It is easy to comprehend being a “good” person rather than a “bad” person. The problem is who dictates what is good or bad? By whose rules are you measuring and are the rules going to change randomly so what was “good” yesterday is “bad” today? Since Man is evil of course the rules are going to be relative and ever changing so you can always fall into his “good” category.

What Jesus told me in that hour was nothing I did was “good” it was all evil being motivated by evil thoughts. Whether they were pride, ego, or self-promotion there was nothing I could do which was truly “good” except admitting I was an evil sinner and asking Jesus to forgive me and save me. That is why he said, Well Done.

To imagine being on Man’s Hamster Wheel running faster and faster to be a “good” person. How fast do you have to make that thing spin using a vegan diet, BLM, Antifa, AGBTQXYX2+2, Global Warming, Abortion, Virtue Grandstanding, Hate Trump, Hate Whites, Hate Yourself, and on and on as a measure just running as hard as you can to make yourself perfection and then you drive by KFC and have some evil delicious meat and have to start over. Man's religion runs to self-destruction.

Worshiping man is worshiping evil so it needs to be hidden behind smoke and ash to make it acceptable. You have to live a more and more extreme life to get the same high you got from it the day before. This leads to depression, addiction, hopelessness and eventually actual suicide or virtual suicide where your soul is dead. The Hamster Wheel is the most hopeless life you can ever experience while Jesus is the path to hope and life.

Dying is not all that bad and actually a very hopeful experience. What I learned is I measure myself by Man’s measure when I really need to learn to understand God’s. All of the things I have done for my financial security and making myself a better person has no count at all to God. Sure, it makes you more comfortable here, but does not have the slightest count for Jesus, nothing. How many millionaires and billionaires are the most miserable people on earth?

Bringing people to God may help my conscious and help their lives to hear those words but does not matter on God’s scale because they are brought for selfish reasons and their Salvation is because of God’s message reaching their emptiness.

Only one thing matters, Salvation: God’s ruler. This is the most humble and pure thing we can do on this earth is to accept we are evil sinners and need only one thing to save us from ourselves. This goes for earth’s most powerful man to its most lowly, only one thing matters and that is getting on our knees and giving our sins to God and accept his Salvation, nothing else; they are all filthy rags only God matters and that will allow you into his arms and heaven. Do not bend, do not stray, do not question that is his measurement stick, Salvation and nothing else. That is, it, Well Done my good and faithful servant is his mercy.

It is time America stopped measuring itself by Man’s ruler and start measuring itself by God’s. Man’s yardstick is an exhausting Hamster Wheel of continually chasing a moving target which moves farther and farther away from God every day.

It is a cult of religious words and phrases which mean nothing to His perfection and are pagan beliefs piled on top of evil phrases. It is time America moved away from this smoke and ash and asked for God’s Salvation and forgiveness. Until then America will be no more than an evil country pretending it is holy according to Man’s imperfect measure.

Pray we measure to God’s ruler

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