Brayin Candy

Obama's Surge Question

 When Black Racist Oblack was axed, "if you knew then what you know now, would you vote in favor of the Surge" he gave the worst answer since Harpy’s Drivers License question. Rather than simply answer yes he may have been wrong in light of what happened, he refused to answer. Even being dead wrong he slaps on his CIC hat, which has now been on the ground in Iraq for 8 hours, to pretend he is the only expert in his Theater. As always, the same hacks who were completely wrong before, are now the experts.

Perhaps the worst dodge since, I didn’t inhale; Oblack messiah won’t even allow the possibility he was wrong and President Bush was right. Rather than saying yes the Troops and Generals have done a magnificent job in Iraq turning a Vipers Den into a functioning gummit, he obfuscates. He claims he’s not in the habit of answering hypothetical’s when the question wasn’t hypothetical in the least. It was a question axing if you knew the Surge would be an absolute success and win in the Iraq War, would you vote for it. There is nothing hypothetical about it since that is exactly what happened. He still answered, NO.

He then went on to claim that he had no way of knowing at the time whether the Sunnis would reject AQ or the Shiiteheads would stop their sectarian violence. Well Oblack, this is why the question is axed If You Know Now, since we now know those things. The problem Black Racist Oblack has, is he won’t credit the troops or Generals since it would directly say that W and McCain were Right while he was completely wrong...again.

Even ABDNCbs has a problem with him not admitting the Surge is a success and the war is won. Even they have a problem with his herniated answers to such a simple question. His clubfooted verbal ballet is hard to listen and impossible to fathom, even from his adoring whoreshipers in the press Corpse. The last thing he can afford is to tell the truth and admit he wanted the troops killed at the hands of AQ.

He was dead wrong then and is dead wrong now with his Cut & Jog Change. There is nothing honorable about deserting Iraqis. There is nothing honorable about taking our troops from a nearly finished job of building a workingDemocracy from bloodthirsty dictatorship and dropping them in Trashcanistan to pick daisies. Those decisions and timetables should be left to the Generals on the ground and especially Petreus, just as W has done. No, since he has spent nearly 10 hours in the two countries he will handle it the way every good Central Planner has, from the WH. Can you say LBJ?

His dodge of this huge question exposes more of his overinflated ego than his complete lack of humor does. It shows him to be angry about his side losing on the war. It shows him desperately clinging by a fingernail to the Copter Skid, Hoping this could still blow up and the DNC can wallow in their quagmire of Vietnam again. Hoping against hope America will be brought to her knees once more by a bunch of bloodthirsty terrorists. He’s in a box and counting on the Establishment Press to keep the curtain pulled. Unfortunately for the Bagwan Whiteguilt Oblack, he keeps pulling the Curtain back on himself exposing what a small and bitter man he really is. After all, the only reason he was Selected Not Elected is his name wasn’t Hilary.

Pray for W and Our Troops