Brayin Candy

Stop Bashing Farmers

Since when do Conservatives vilify Farmers and Small Businessmen? Now that immigration is on the front page, the water walking Border Guards are making Farmers and labor intensive businesses worse than Osama. After decades of Conservatives being vilified by every Liberal group you would think they would have an ounce of understanding for these fellow Capitalists. This is not the case as they attack the employers of Mexican’s with a vengeance of a PravdABDNCBS reporter at Gitmo.

This vile rhetoric has got to cease. There is no reason to doubt the sincerity of the Border Guards but, you have to question the veracity of the attacks. Since when are the bedrock of the Conservative movement the same as slave owners? This argument is more Moral Relativism to compare people who break an unenforced law and migrate to line up for jobs that most Americans are overqualified for to slavery. This is not slavery, it is people moving from real poverty in Mexico to make 10 times the wages in America. The only real comparison to slavery in the 1700s is that the Negroes then were in far better living conditions here than when they were being chased by lions and tigers in Africa. The slavery argument is just a rehash of the old Commie Living Wage mantra. Of course these moral relativists always tip their food wench 25%.

Are Border Guards arguing that they want a Big Gummit program to control the Mexicans coming across the border? They want enforcement but they do not say how big the bureaucracy should be to catch, litigate and extradite only to have them come back across. You add to that the Liberals would force the immigration officers against racial profiling for fear of racism that would make the logistics nearly impossible. What happens when you ship a legal American to Mexico? How do you keep them on their side of the border after they have been shipped back. It would be easier emptying the ocean with a shovel.

Everybody screams, just enforce the laws on the books and the problem will magically disappear. The knee jerk reaction is to jail all the employers. How did "Conservatives" become so anti-small business over illegal Mexicans? So you have some guy struggling to start a landscaping, farming, sawmill or any other low tech businessman who is trying to keep his prices down and you are going to throw him in jail like he is a murderer. If all of these guys were thrown in jail and their businesses closed, how does that help America? This draconian solution is not an answer but the bankruptcy of an industry and movement.

Let’s follow this to it’s next stage as all of the jobs are gone and the crops rot in the fields while all the farmers and small business to be jailed for hiring illegals. The price of food and low tech products skyrocket as consumers bid up the prices due to shortages and supply disruptions. These products would basically do the same thing that gas did after Katrina. Is everyone really willing to pay $20/lb for steak like the Japanese? Are we ready for mass bankruptcies as businesses find their costs exceeding their revenues?

It is time to stop the smearing of guys who are more likely to be driving a pickup with a gun rack than a limousine. Guys that work with their hands outside rather than on keyboreds. These guys are the bedrock of this Country and should be respected for their hard work and American Dreams. They work in very competitive industries that force they to cut costs wherever they can which includes labor. These guys are not Satan because they employ illegal Mexicans, they are trying to make a living. They need legal Manuel Mexical as a Guest Worker.

Once we have the Guest Workers coming across the border in an orderly and monitored fashion we can control of the border and/or build a fence. You can’t do one without the other. This is what the President has proposed except there should be no citizenship granted. They should be encouraged to go home when the crops are harvested rather than stay.

Mexican Immigration and securing the border are the biggest issues facing America today. Until we start addressing the facts and stop vilifying people who are trying to make a living we are never going to discuss it, let alone fix it. Our Farmers and Businessmen do not deserve to be maligned for doing what is necessary to provide their products and services that our markets demand. Ignoring low wage labor as a factor in certain industries is the same as solving the energy problem while ignoring our need for oil.

The solution needs to have an answer for low wage workers who provide the muscle for these vital industries. Vilifying our Farmers and Businesses the way Conservatives have been attacked, only divides the fight rather than unite against the real enemies, Socialism and Islam. America is counting on Conservatives to solve this problem so let’s roll up our denim sleeves and "get er done".

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