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Brexit America

Brexit America 

Exodus 9:7 And Pharaoh sent, and, behold, there was not one of the cattle of the Israelites dead. And the heart of Pharaoh was hardened, and he did not let the people go.

Brexit is a major victory for the British people and a loss for Marxism. This is the biggest win against the global agenda since WWII and could be more far reaching than the war. At that time the Marxists were not as well established or accepted as they are now and only had a fraction of the power they do now in their capitals of London, Paris, Berlin, Moscow and DC. WWII was a territorial war which was fought by a madman and Brexit is an economic and social overthrow of world centralization.

The entire Punditocracy are saying this was a bunch of racists exercising their hatred towards Mooselimbs when they could not be further from the truth. The Islamic issues with the beheadings, rapes and massacres are a representation of the massive corruption and incompetence which naturally happens inside centralized gummit. They take a problem like immigration or Islamic terrorism which has a pretty simple solution of targeting and do just the opposite. When they should be closing the borders, profiling and deporting potential Islamic terrorists, politicians claim that is hate and take the freedoms away from everyone else. Their solution is to coddle Islam and strip search Nuns in airports.

Terrorism and immigration are not the reasons this election was won those are simply examples a a failed system which continues to grow. Brexit won because Obama is an example of the massive arrogance and condescension Marxists have towards the masses and someone else who is saying there is another way. Brexit was the British people saying no to a one European global world and yes to Trump’s capitalistic solutions which have not been tried for nearly a hundred years. After being mocked and belittled for the last year the Brits stood up and threw the EU bullies off their island.

Worldwide communism and Free Trade sound so wonderful and on paper is, but when DC and the EU get finished with it there is nothing Free about it. These Free Trade agreements end up being two story stacks of paper which regulates every last syllable of the trade leaving chains on everyone and enriching DC, London, Tokyo and Berlin. Brexit is the British version of the Tea Party to throw off centralized chains.

This is also a rejection of the entire liberal agenda from Global Warming to Tolerance, the whole thing was rejected. Britain had the entire structure standing for staying in the EU and proclaiming the economic disaster, as if this is not, if they left the EU. They had the liberal media blasting and mocking the Leavers while calling them racist, sexist, homophobes if they dare to think against the agenda. They had Hollywierd and Obama stepping in with their disdain and hatred for those simpletons who want freedom rather than oppressive taxation. For him to go to London and lecture the Brits after how he has treated them takes a new level of arrogance and condescension by the Overlord.

Unlike Marxism which puts all of the people in a barn to be fed at certain times by the centralized overlords who can divide the hay fairly, Capitalism demands freedom and flexibility. Capitalism is more of a free flowing enterprise which demands as much dynamic flexibility at the sales end and more individual initiative and creativity.

Capitalism happens outside of the barn where there is more risk, but certainly more opportunity to find new and better fields and design better barns. None of that happens inside the communist barn because the overlord is taking too much hay for himself as he decides which cows get fed more and which gets fed less depending how much he is bribed. Marxism is the purest form of corruption ever created and that is what the British rejected.

The obvious leader of this movement is Donald Trump and his British ally Boris Johnson. Nobody understands how capitalism works better than Trump. He has done it inside the form of Crony Capitalism with all of the Wall Street hoops to jump through and adapted amazingly. He knows how to play the game although he also understands pure Capitalism and the Art of the Deal. The art of negotiation is what capitalism is all about and what he is doing in his campaign. Just like Brexit he is trying to ask America to give him and a new way a chance. He is asking to take a risk of throwing out all of these back-scratchers in the District of Corruption and leave the barn. He is telling them that there are fields and fields of green grass outside of the barn if you simple walk out that door and leave the corrupt overlords and take the chains off your ankles. He is the biggest threat the One Worlders have seen since Reagan.

We saw the markets take a hit as the bankers, Soros and the One World promoters took a hit as they got to see what the Middle Class deals with every day. The cattle are being told that the hay loft has been burned with this decision when in reality it is just the farmer’s cut that burned and that door got opened an inch as the smell of green fields wafts through the barn as we chew our cud.

On paper the complete organization of the world economy looks like a good idea, but for the average person it is a disaster. Has it been good for the Chinese? They work in work camps that look like Gulags working 12-15 hours a day so the Inner Circle can have their fancy cars and mistresses. There is no chance for upward mobility if you are outside the corrupt system so your family if you have one is enslaved to generations of working on a assembly line making iPhones until your eyes go bad or are replaced by a robot. China is not a success it is example of the failure of a corrupt gummit taking advantage of the people. Lowering regulations and taxes would give workers a chance to start their own businesses.

Marxism is all about control and regulation. They control you with high taxes, Nationalized Healthcare and economic regulations. Their ultimate economic regulation will and is Global Warming which says you cannot do or build anything without approval of an all-powerful government. Places like California who have installed draconian GW initiatives are becoming economic disasters as it is nearly impossible to build or carry on commerce due to their regulations and taxes for GW. This is what Britain rejected as the EU was beginning to pass the same laws.

The establishment is going to claim the supporters of Brexit are a bunch of xenophobes who hate Mooselimbs when that is as far from the truth as you can get. There is a dontwantheadcutoffbyislamicterroristophobia, but the Mooselip issue is only an example of what happens when you have a centralized government attempting to solve a fairly easy problem which has a non-tolerant solution. The people have realized tolerance and PC does not work for that problem and Marxism does not work period They have heard the message Donald Trump and the Tea Party have sent and in a bold move with nearly seventy five percent of the people voting have said enough is enough and now time for a new direction. This was D Day all over again and now we will see if the Globalists can keep them off the cliffs.

Pray America wakes