Brayin Candy

Impeaching the impeachers

Because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God. Romans 8:21

When you blow away all the smoke, mirrors and pyrotechnics from the impeachment all that will be left is Uranium One. This entire three year Kabuki Theatre was nothing more than a smokescreen to cover the bribes Hillary and Barak received from Russia for our most rare and sensitive resource, uranium. Hunter Biden is simply a loose end who was getting a taste from some small players related to the Russian deal. At what point does his dad nod his head and let the cabal tidy him up.

The Russian/Ukraine scam was simply plan B for the cover-up of the sale of our Uranium to our biggest enemy on the planet, Russia. This is simply a grand plan to be used only if Hillary was not able to continue the most corrupt administration in the history of America. This was $150 million dollar scam on America in exchange for the most important strategic resource in the world making the Clintons and their associates very, very rich. After she became President everything would have continued to be hidden and she would become a multi-billionaire.

The Dems always want to talk about greed on Wall Street and the Banking or Insurance industries, but there is nothing more wealth building than corruption and graft inside Moscow on the Potomac. This hundred mile circle has made more millionaires per capita than any other city. Not from producing anything or providing services, but finding new and more devious ways to be bribed for scratching backs and nobody did it better than the Clintons.

The Clinton Foundation was set up supposedly for the purpose of being a charitable foundation and soon became a money laundry of massive proportions. The most direct payment is any charity which uses your name to promote funds pays you 15% directly for the use of your name. When you are talking about $150 million that is a quick $22.5 million legally and nobody knows how much more went out the back door.

This fund has over $3 Billion pledged to it according to the WaPo which is around $450 million for the Clinton’s name although it is questionable how many of those pledges will be met now. The greed of the Clintons is well documented so there is no question when she was offered the $20 million plus bonuses what she would do.

She then pulled every favor in the book and most likely arranged for numerous bribes to numerous Democrats including Barak Hussain and the deal was done. Obama was supposed to be a monumental move for the Dems taking America their way for decades so the entire city became part of the deal. The CIA and FBI were the dirty cops who swept this deal under the rug and any illegality was ignored as we gave our most dangerous resources to the Russians. There were numerous calls, texts and emails to Mueller and others in the FBI on her phones that needed destroying.

The entire DC establishment assumed Hillary would continue the nightmare, but a funny thing happened on the way to the coronation, Trump. It is not like they were not prepared, they had a plan B which was to frame Trump with a fake dossier to set him up if it was necessary. This was installed during the election by the media to establish the Russian connection if necessary.

Once she lost the election which she likely knew was a very real possibility a week before since they knew the real polls, not the ones given to the media. This is when they began the Russians stole the election fantasy. They installed all the pieces necessary to attempt a coup, but more importantly to protect the Clinton Family Laundry which was the funding mechanism for the DNC. It became all hands on deck from the FBI to the media to protect the Clintons in their time of need.

Now we see exactly what the entire operation looked like.
Everyone in DC is guilty from top to bottom on this scandal which looks bigger and bigger by the day. All of the scandals are incorporated into this one Clinton money grab. We now know what was in all of those destroyed e-mails and why she kept her own server to keep any record of Russian contact. There is no question now what the subject matter was and why this had to be hidden no matter what and why she had the server and computers wiped.

The FBI was deeply involved with the destruction of the evidence of the e-mails and hard drives as well as the hiding of the details of the Uranium One deal. The people who were in charge of the Federal Bureau of Incompetence were Mueller, Comey and Rosenberg who were desperate to hide their guilt in the treasonous sale of our uranium to the Russians. They found a way with the leaks of classified information as well as a pushing out of Sessions authority in the Justice Department and installing Rosenberg as the appointer of the Special Counsel.

Once Rosenberg chose Mueller for SC they knew they were home free as far as covering up their crimes and harassing President Trump. He would have unlimited power from that point on and had protection from any questions by Rosenberg as well as the DNC and ABDNCBS. The media would keep the investigation pointed at their despised President Trump. They are the biggest part of the Resistance movement and the Russian fraud was their ticket to an impeachment.

So now we have one of the most corrupt people inside the Beltway being passed off as objective and in the prime spot to hide his own guilt. He also is able to cover for his partner in crime Jim Comey. This is a scandal that goes from one end of DC to the other and is attached directly to Putin and the KGB. This is the deepest penetration inside our gummit we have ever seen and once again the DNC is using smoke and mirrors to hide their crimes. This operation was started before the Hillary loss and has been executed better than they could ever hope.

The entire scandal has been exposed and is becoming more and more clear who was involved and how deep. With the internet there is no hiding stories and scandals like the old days under Bill Clinton although they can still shape it on the Establishmedia. The problem for the establishment there is a new media which may take longer to get the truth out, it is persistent and better funded than before. This means soon everyone will hear how the pieces all go together as there is not multiple scandals but one interconnected from the Uranium One, e-mail erasing, FBI cover-up, dossier and now the corrupt Special Counsel.

The swamp is well stocked with old alligators like Nazi Pelosi and they are trying to eat the new gator hunter. You can bet all of Barr’s investigations keep heading to the same destination which is Uranium One. They are using all of their tricks and swamp fog to keep the moonshine stills running at full speed.

There is only one person standing in their way and he is freezing them with his spotlight which is why he was impeached. Problem for them is he or his voters don’t care about their Peachmint games. The fake Peach Fo Fi was only one more corrupt trick in their bag. Patriots are seeing a new day as the swamp is being exposed for what it is and how it works.

Nobody said it would be easy but the water is receding and the corrupt predators are losing their hiding spots as the rest of America is beginning to see Hunter, Hillary, Barak and their swamp for who they are and a shiny dome of Uranium is poking out of the mud.

Pray America wakes