Brayin Candy

The Killing of Osama

 The Killing of Bin Laden

The latter do so in LOVE, knowing that I am out here for the defense of the gospel. Phil 1:16

Why does the story of a thirty minute raid have more changes than a Liberace concert? The only thing we know for sure is that we crashed another helicopter and we must observe every Mooselip ritual so those animals who want to kill us will like us while they saw our heads off. If we go by their stories our SEAL team had orders to kill unlike George Bush who captured alive every chance he could to gather information. He allowed our soldiers to make the call as the situation developed while this one was a top down decision to kill Bin Laden thanks to obama painting America into a corner with no other choice.

The final version was that our SEAL team took the compound and when they found Osama he was unarmed, terrified of our troops and we killed him. Now, it is what he deserved but there is no American soldier alive who would shoot an unarmed man even if he was Bin Laden. These men were the very best of the best and if he was unarmed there was no way he was going to be a threat to them especially after they had practiced this attack for months. This means they were ordered to kill him by obama since nobody else would have the authority to order the killing of the number one mass murderer on the planet.

The reason he couldn’t take Bin Laden alive and had to go through all of these versions of deception is the DNC's destruction of George Bush’s programs to keep and judge terrorists. He and the rest of the America haters have spent 10 years bashing Bush and taking apart his prisons and military tribunals which were established for just this occasion. We could have captured Osama who was a walking treasure trove of information to completely dismantle Al Queda and then try him in a Tribunal at Gitmo and finally execute him in front of the world. This would have finally exposed who and how 911 was done, ending the conspiracy theories. Rather we had these clowns claiming his innocence for the past 10 years and would have turned his capture into a legal rat’s nest which left us no options except execution.

Once again we get another life lesson how the liberal cult has no core values other than the lack of core values. For 50 years they have called our soldiers murderers and baby killers every chance they had and look what they do when they have the reins of power. Not only did the sanctimonious dogma he campaigned on fall apart from closing Gitmo to giving Al-Zarqawi a public trial in New York to declaring Osama innocent until proven guilty he changes when there is a chance to get a dead moose bump in the polls.

What likely happened is he went golfing while this went down so he could have plausible deniability for the kill order and not inflame his Mooselimb brothers. This is why it took 16 hours to give the order, not to do the operation but to order the killing of Bin Laden; there was no capture option. When the investigation comes out he can say Hilary or the military gave the order in real time which is what all dictators use as an excuse. Hitler told Eichmann to solve the Jew problem so he never would have to admit he ordered the mass extermination of them. The horrible part is Obama exposed these brilliant soldiers to accusations of shooting an unarmed man which is inexcusable on the Present’s part. Bin Laden should have been caught and strapped to a waterboard to glean everything they could from that sick brain, then tried and hanged. That would have been a powerful symbol to the world as well as the destruction of AQ.

This is in no way a criticism of our amazing soldiers who carried out this operation. They proved once again we possess the best skills and are bravest on the planet. The problem is that actions like hating America so deeply you are willing to risk the safety and security of the American people for political gain has consequences. By their hatred of George Bush, the CIA and military they dismantled the tools we had developed to capture and interrogate Bin Laden. Rather than uniting behind the War on Terror they and their paid propagandists saw it as an opportunity to make cheap political points against Bush. Thanks to their craven hunger for power and especially obozo, we have the key to destroying Al Queda sitting at the bottom of the Ocean.

Once again the commie libs prove why they are a danger to the United States and Freedom. From our nonexistent energy policy an upside down foreign policy to floundering in three wars and now we execute a bounty of information thanks to a Party’s need to vilify rather than lead. These are the ones who are against this exact mission as well as continually lecturing about the death penalty and they kill someone with no due process. As good as killing him is he is the ultimate, a bullet is too good for him; he should have had to suffer like the people he has made suffer. Obama claimed he wants to see the Country unite, how about he unite with Bush and rebuild all of the important structures he worked so hard to put in place. Bush caught and squeezed all the information out of Saddamn and Al-Zarqawi leading to Osama who could have led to the death of Al Queda. Perhaps Premier Hussain could try to learn something from this monumental mistake. George Bush knew to leave his ideology behind and let the experts develop the tools to win the war on terror. America could use his humility. Rather we watch Obama fly around on his victory lap hoping America doesn’t notice he was hoisted by his own petard.

God Bless Our SEALs