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Marxist Slavery

Marxist Slavery 

So also, when we were children, we were in slavery under the basic principles of the world. Gal 4:3

As bad as Obamacare is, it is not the worst Marxist law we are living under. Marxism is simply a lie built upon another lie which results are blamed on the opposition. The only reason Americans are outraged by Obamacare is they can see and feel the direct pain it is causing them. Obamacare has been rolled out so publically there is no way to blame it on the Repubs, so the entire blame is sticking to the President and his Party. Other bills like the banking regulation bills or Global Warming regulations are not as easily hidden and Americans do not directly feel the monetary pain, but they are affecting Americans just as much if not more than Obamacare.

The entire Democrat platform is a lie, period. They pretend to be for the worker when they are only for absolute control and punishing those workers. They hate the free market and the middle class so they punish them over and over again in the lie of helping them. Just like Obamacare, they vilify a business such as the insurance industry and while punishing that industry the real whipping boys turn out to be the people who need and want those policies. These workers are going to have huge increases in their premiums and higher deductibles putting these people’s financial security in jeopardy.

This is the same tactic these Marxists used against the oil and gas industry as well as the power companies. They promoted the Global Warming lie through the Three Pillars (media, academia & DNC) and the people who are going to be hurt with the war on the Free Market are the working class. They attempted to close down the oil companies, but have been foiled by all the oil in North Dakota. Even with the unexpected discoveries domestically, if not for the moratorium in the Gulf and their restrictions in Alaska and other American reserves we would be enjoying gas under $2. This is costing American families thousands of dollars per year to punish the oil and auto companies. Marxism is all about keeping the working class enslaved to buy votes from the welfare class.

The same tactic was systematically done against the banking industry, lumber, housing, fishing, transportation and every critical industry that promotes the free market. The difference with this one is they are not able to hide it behind some obscure law or an unregulated regulating agency like the EPA. No Obamacare has his name all over it and is has been the cornerstone of the Democrat Party. This nightmare is attached to them like a goiter in a nudist camp. There is no hiding or covering this monstrosity of a healthcare bill or applying blame to anyone except Obama and the Dems. The only difference between this train wreck of a program and any one of dozens of Dem plans is it is completely exposed. Even more damaging is they know beyond a shadow of a doubt, their President knowingly lied to them, period.

Marxism requires blinding its followers with lie after lie after lie. It is a political system founded on a lie that it allows people freedom when as Obamacare proves, it controls and enslaves. Marxism requires central planning and control which is why everything is being focused on the District of Corruption. They are taking control away from individual banking, insurance and resource development and centralizing it into DC. After Obamacare is instituted there will be nothing in your life which will not be controlled by the Gummit.

The Dems have to lie since none of their ideas work outside of academia. They have these immense Marxist ideals of how people will work for free if it is for the better common good. It sounds good on paper as these naïve eggheads pull down six figures. They believe everyone else will work for the common good while they pull big money, prestige and generous pensions. So they build their theory on a lie to begin with and then use brainwashing methods to convince people their ideas work when they have no chance. The idealists actually believe in socialism while the pragmatists understand people like free candy and will vote for the candidate who will give them the most. Then you have the Obama, Bill Ayers wing of the Party who is only into punishing America and redistribution, they are the most dangerous of all.

Because they could never get the Repubs to go along with Obamacare it was left in the open and had to perform or would be a signature failure and is. Every one of their plans has failed equally as bad as this one it is simply the size and scope of this failure is magnified. It is magnified and affects every American negatively and cannot be swept under the rug like Global Warming failures. You cannot get a consensus to say Obamacare is working when it is so publically failing. They had their consensus media all ready to promote and defend it only to find it is even too big a boondoggle for the Marxist Media to lift.

Now is the time to connect the dots to the socialist failures one after another. While we point out the absolute monstrosity called Obamacare we need to say the same thing has happened to his energy program and the EPA restrictions. There is no reason to restrict the development of our domestic oil production other than some liberal extremists who have a problem with the car and the freedom it represents. There is no physical reason to restrict just as there was no reason to destroy everybody’s healthcare plan. Neither one of those DC dictates will help Americans or the environment; they are only there to control and restrict Americans.

They have to show how Obamacare is as bad a plan as the stimulus program or the cash for clunkers program, let alone the GM buyout. All of Obama's plans have hurt America and we should point out there are some clunkers in the Congress that have a far too many miles on them. There is not a single plan which has been passed in the past 5 years that has had a better return than the Billion dollar website or the Obamacare program, it is just people have not been made aware of these fiascos. There is no difference between Obamacare and Banking, Auto, Stimulus, Energy, Coal or any of his punish America programs and should all be mentioned in the same breath. In a free and open media Obamacare would be the end of Marxist slavery in America.

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