Brayin Candy

Seeing the Forest for the Trees

He answered: “’LOVE the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind; and, ‘LOVE your neighbor as yourself.’” Luke 10:27

Just like the disaster of the Gulf caused by an overregulated gummit so too have they destroyed the western forests and housing industry. Just as they will not allow business decisions to be made on where and what to develop in a timely and efficient manner, they have destroyed the forests in their slavish devotion to the eviroterriost movement. For the past 40 yrs these Earthfirsters have dictated what meager amounts to cut in their ultimate goal of destroying housing and America. We have seen the damage they wreck on our lumber industry.

Like the Gulf disaster and Global Warming these so called protectors of the environment will throw the earth under the bus if there is a political advantage which can be gained. Like the Global Horizon explosion and blowout these Soviets will let the destruction become overwhelming if the pictures can convince people to turn more of their lives to the state. In the Gulf they will let the oil cause as much damage as possible to broadcast pictures of a devastated seascape in hopes of nationalizing the oil industry like British Petroleum. In the forests they allow fires to burn for miles to protest loggers harvesting those same trees. Street theater is the main weapon of the commie agitator thugs to meld public opinion their way.

If the capitalist system managed the forests they would not only be producing three times the number of trees we are now producing but would have lush forests covering the thousands of square miles of National Forests. We would have botanists who were as interested in making a lush healthy forest which is resistant to insect as well as fire rather than being brainwashed by the commie academia. Rather than having a pure bias against man and for Global Warming and elimination of comfortable housing they would focus on making the healthiest forests possible.

The first thing we would see that would be different is the addition of fire fighting roads to eliminate the fires that sterilize the forest floors. Due to the lack of clearing of underbrush we have forests which are tinder boxes, waiting to explode. The fires today burn at over 1500 degrees as opposed to the 900 degree fires which used to burn when forests were allowed to be managed by the forest industry. Those forests were healthier by managing the scrub trees rather than letting it build and is now blast furnace material.

The other method which was used to stop fires was clear cuts which worked as fire breaks. This could allow fighters to make breaks which would eliminate the runaway fires we are seeing today killing thousands of square miles. These clear cuts are far more efficient to harvest as well as replant. They are normally replanted w/in a year and in 5 yrs you have a miniature forest growing healthy and strong. These stabilize the ground while they provide cover for animals as well as grasses for them. If the mills were allowed to care for their cash crop we would have the healthiest forests in the world rather than the starving lodgepole forests we have now.

What the environazis have instituted are forest fires waiting to happen. We had one of the most beautiful forests in the world down in southwest Oregon on the Coast Range called the biscuit forest. This forest feeds the Rogue River as well as most of the Southern Coastal streams. The enviros stopped any logging of that area as well as a moratorium for building any fire roads let alone any improvements in this roadless area. This was an area which was filled with second growth Douglas Fir, Cedar and Redwood as well as other varieties native to the area. Unfortunately the area was not managed and the eventual lighting strike happened. The fire went through there sanitizing over 500 square miles burning over 50 miles of forests and wildlife. This fire burned so hot that even though it happened over 10 yrs ago nothing will grow on that land since most of it is purified over a foot into the ground. Nothing will likely grow there for over 100 yrs thanks to the Sierra Nazis so the ground will remain unstable unlike managed forests. They don’t care as long as the mills are shut down.

Not only do they stop most fighting of fires like these but they will not allow loggers to go in and clear these logs out. These forest activists would rather the bugs eat them than have a sawmill turn these burned trees into houses. Not only will they not allow logging or road building into these fire ravaged areas but they will not even allow replanting in areas which weren’t sanitized. Does this sound familiar to the Gulf spill, of course it does. These people have no real concern for the forests they only use it as a club to beat up on America. The fact they are fine with 100s of square miles of trees and animals being lost to a fire yet will stop any logging of a single tree anywhere in the western forest lands. Trees killed by fire is fine but chainsaws are a crime against humanity.

We need to take the brainwashed liberals out of the control of our forests and put capitalist in charge. These are lands which are begging to have 20 yr crops of trees rotating through these lands one after another for generations. We can have the healthiest greenest forests on the face of the earth if we would just take it them out of the restrictive hands of the envirobureaucrats and put it in the hands of the efficient capitalists. These people have a real vested interest in these forests producing strong healthy trees for the American people. They have an interest in the forests not burning or being sterilized by continued mismanagement.

They have every reason to make sure these forests are here healthy for generations to be used and visited while they wait for the greatest solar panel ever designed grows taller and straighter to be used for thousands of uses which can only be done by wood. These forests could provide the world with lumber products while we get the benefits of healthy forests filled w/abundant wildlife growing as strong as the forests. We have a choice to we continue to treat the forests the way the Sierra Stalinists treat them or do we manage them to become the greenest forests on the planet. We continue the way we are going and we will be seeing a Global Horizon continuing to happen every year or we can plug that hole and fill the pipeline for the mills, people and wildlife.

Pray for America