Brayin Candy

The Y2K-0rona Bug

In whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace;

Ephesians 1:7 KJV

It is looking more and more like I am wright and the entire intelligentsia is dead wrong about the Y2K-0rona bug. It is more like a bug and less like a plague than the media has been fooling us with. Now if they would allow us the malaria preventative drug chloroquine phosphate while you load up with zinc, we could get back to work and begin enjoying cheap gas and interest rates to pull the entire world out of this malaise.

President Trump it is time to lead even if the DNC and its ankle biters in the media want to paralyze and destroy this country, you must begin suspecting a trap. Ignore the number of cases since the only number that matters is number dead. After two months plus of recording the virus we have 7,000 dead and if you take NY and NJ out of the equation you only have around 3,500 for the rest of the country. So out of the remaining 250 million you have 3,500 deaths or around a one in a hundred thousand chance of dying from this disease and you destroy the entire economy.

The academics whose models are a disaster are telling us it is growing exponentially. If it was then why did it stay constant between 250-500 a day dying and now has plateaued around a thousand with 1,090 dying in the last 24 hours after it was reported breathlessly there were 1,450 a couple days ago. Now they are pushing everyone wearing a mask since the 6’ rule is no longer enough. Chicago threatened to arrest a guy for riding his bike even though he was alone and nowhere near anyone even if you could transmit the disease.

It is time to free the people who have been trained to avoid touching, feeling or being within 6 feet of each other. Everyone over 70 yrs. old can self-isolate as well as those with high risk underlying issues such as diabetes and cardio problems but let’s get out there and develop a herd immunity to this flu today. 

President Trump you are being played by the bureaucrats just like GW was in the Iraq war. They are playing you with their slick science speak which is nothing more than a cover for not knowing what to do. Dr Midget comes on and says he needs to keep the country shut down until the flu is over and is backed up by Natashia who agrees that there may not be 2 million deaths but there will surely be somewhere between 150-200,000 even though the models are wrong.

You have two people who refuse to endorse the most effective drug around the world oversee solving this issue? Start giving the malaria drug to the medical community first and then first responders and elderly and get this behind us. This will buy you time until there is a cure which is likely 4-6 mos. away while the economy is being rebuilt. 

If it is so easy to cavalierly close down the economy and destroy tens of millions of lives why don’t these bureaucrats give up their salaries until the doors are reopened. If they can with a model destroy businesses such as the local restaurant, shop owner and auto industry then certainly they should be willing to share the pain. Don’t pay any of these people including Pence until the people they are willing to sacrifice are allowed back to earning a paycheck. That may eliminate the idea of closing this for two to three months insanity.

Nobody is saying the task force has not done as good a job as possible, but they are trying to manage this with the communist Central Planning model, and it is showing how flawed that system is. Why should a state like Wyoming be managed like NY? The reason NY and NJ is the center of the disease is the subway. You can bet they will never tell us how many dead are subway riders or the distance from the subway the infected live but dollars to donuts there is a very high correlation between riding and catching. Imagine how covered those straps, bars and seats were as well as breathing in each other’s faces making it a perfect breeding ground.

You look at a similar population of Los Angeles where you have a couple hundred deaths and 280 in the entire state of 40 million. This means in CA you have a .000007 chance of dying from the Y2K. You may as well go buy a lotto ticket too. You have an entire state shut down over 280 deaths simply because NYC is having an outbreak and may lose about 10-20,000 sick and elderly. I am ready to take my chances of dying to get this back to work and have our country back. Just keep NYC closed and let the rest of the country take the malaria drug. 

The malaria drug solution is too simple for DC. They need all sorts of Blue-Ribbon committees and lifelong alphabet heads discussing the intricacies making it as complex as possible. Inside the Beltway of Corruption the committee is where all good ideas go to die and is replaced by more money out the show blower. All these committees have unlimited budgets and spend money like a snow plow clearing a mountain pass in winter. They will have multiple trillion-dollar ideas to solve the Y2K-Orona virus and when it turns out to be exaggerated, will declare victory.

In the middle of all this Blue-Ribbon confusion sits the Communist Party and Nazi Pelosi. That petri dish called the NY subway is where they want the entire country. The reason CA and the rest of the country does not have the outbreak is the car. The symbol of capitalism liberals hate allows people separation from diseases and allows a herd mentality to form from slowing an outbreak in a population without immunity while it develops one. If you carpool and everyone in the car gets it you have 3-4 rather than 2-3 million.

In addition to driving rather than riding in a disease-ridden train which the Green Raw Deal demands, Los Angeles is far more spread out than Manhattan. Rather than living in 50 story condos LA is spread over 500 square miles allowing natural distancing and much harder for a disease to travel. This is another advantage eliminated in AOC’s Green New Deal as well as gas and electricity making cars a thing of the past and slow moving trains the only mode of the future. Do you have a week to go from NY to LA on a train with 1000 infected passengers or 10 hours from LA to Gay Bay? Hope you make it alive.

How many respirators could you buy with the $150 million rather than laundered for the DNC by the Kennedy Center and Planned Abortion? These are the solutions the DNC brings to the table and you thought they cared about blacks and the oppressed. As bad a job as Boris and Natasha are doing with their Stalinist shutdowns, the Dems are only interested in attaining power from this crisis. They are always using a crisis to their advantage and pouncing on every decision as the wrong one hoping for more pain and suffering to acquire more power and control, it is who they are. The next time they unify for the good of America will be their first and this isn’t it.

This is America and the goal should be getting America back to work as soon as possible with as few deaths as possible. It should not be having zero deaths since it is not possible, and the solutions are not realistic. Minimization would require getting the malaria drug out as a preventative and continue using common sense distancing while the immunity grows, and vaccines are developed, ending the threat. It is time for President Trump to realize Centralized Planning does not work and go back to his common sense and look at the map as a battlefield to be developed. 

The real solution is transitioning the rest of the country out of shutdown while avoiding the Big Apple until it is over. If other areas develop, they can be isolated but by all appearances if the malaria drug works which it has shown to more and more, then free the other 40-48 states and get this behind you. Americans never cowered to the Germans, Japanese or Russians why start cowering to China's Y2K-Orona bug?

Pray for America