Brayin Candy

Going Rogue

Through him you believe in God, who raised him from the dead and glorified him, and so your faith and HOPE are in God. 1 Peter 1:21

Unlike the buggy whip press who dutifully panned Palin’s Going Rogue, I’ve actually read this American success story. Unlike their WH e-mailed talking points saying it was a whine fest, it’s quite the opposite and gives all the Glory to God. Her humility comes through as she sets the record straight on some of the most vicious attacks on any person to ever enter politics which would be sexist if she were a liberal. She not only tells a very readable personal histoir from childbirth to present, but manages to throw in some local jargon to give this a down home every American feel. She knows God’s hand is upon her as we see his miraculous Grace revealing him in every milepost of her life. She credits him and Todd for her success.

The first person she gives plenty of thanks is John InSain. No matter how little most of us care for him, it was a bold move to pick Palin who is us. There was a battle inside the campaign, which a number of managers were against; which John won. It was clear McCain was on board with her and the bold fresh face she brought to his funeral. What can’t however be said for the Campaign Chairman Steve Schmidt who obviously had one too many M’s in his name. He’s the backstabbing snake who has been running the anti-Palin campaign basically from the day she was picked. Dropping F-bombs in front of Piper was Bullet head’s most endearing quality.

She never lived a charmed life but a hard one. They’re salmon fishermen who fished Todd’s Eskimo family's fishing rights their entire lives, and no they’re not getting a divorce either. As she says," have you seen him?" She’s the true American success story, about being in the right place at the right time for all the right reasons. She simply wanted to clean corruption in her town, then State and now the District of Corruption. Every stop she’s made was left w/less waste and crooked politicians behind bars. Hey Sarah, fish the DC swamp, gut some whoppers!

Her hallmark issue of course is energy, being from the biggest and most geographically challenged state in the union. After years on the energy commission, as well as being married to a driller, she became the state expert on the issue. She not only cleaned the corruption in the Commission as a committee member, she accomplished more as Gov than any leader. She brought together Canada, America and Oil Cos to agree to a multi-billion pipeline bringing cheap natural gas to the US. To make it clear, she has done more for energy supply for US than any politician in 30 yrs. Now, Premier obozo has sent his goons up there to stop it.

The other issue she sets straight was the Quitter charge. She understood one of main clubs the DNC use and especially the current gangster regime is legal harassment. They learned during Newt Gingrich and others you could level charges to destroy Repubs w/their mediattack dogs, which is what they were doing. The endless empty lawsuits were meant to hassle and bankrupt her to end her career. Her bills had run up to $500K w/no end in sight, which meant they would likely head up to millions. Not only was it costing her millions it was crippling the state defending everybody on her staff grounding the State to a standstill. This of course was being funded by sleazy $oro$ and others bent on her destruction while protecting his corruption.

She made perhaps the most Rogue move in histoir of politics by stepping down from office. Gov Palin decided she would do what was right for her state and her family, so with the power of prayer and Todd/family she made the decision to step down no matter what the consequence. Of course PravdABDNC claimed career ending extortion scandal was another lie. This not only destroyed the DNCBS strategy, but allowed her to write her book and do a tour. Unlike our Presentant, she only took a couple of days to make the biggest decision of her life. She now has become the second most powerful person in America and the leader of the Patriots’ Revolution.

God is in control as we now see not only the failure of the obozo regime but the exposure of the Global Snow Job from the recent e-mail intercepts. She is in the perfect position to lead the charge on the left flank of the enemy armies. She is positioned w/her knowledge of energy politics to destroy their monstrous tax increase on the working class. This is a non-existent crisis to tax everybody who earns a paycheck, and destroy their jobs. She can expose the fraud for exactly what it is and counter it with the need for more coal power as well as oil, gas and nuclear. Now, CO2 and carbon are moot points since that fraud has been solved. She has suddenly been dropped right in the middle of this data manipulation scandal with a bankrupt media as its only defense. She has been given the keys to an M1 Tank and all she has to do is open fire.

Timing in war is everything and right now Palin is in the same position Gen Schwartzcoff was when his tanks were 12 miles behind Saddamn’s army before Gulf I. The main tenant of liberalism is algore’s Ponzi scheme which is exposed for the lie it is. If she starts a full assault on this fraud, the entire liberal facade will collapse for the entire world to see. In a matter of weeks this outrage can be turned into a smoking heap of destruction. She has a loyal army standing ready for battle and this day has presented itself for her to win her first major clash. In one Shock & Awe, she can destroy Cap & Tax and the Establishmedia in bed together. This scandal is targeted right in her sights, corruption, taxes, spending and energy non-development. They are sitting out in the open desert just waiting to be burning hulks.

Lady Sarah, take your linguistic rapier to fight this army of oppression w/everything you have. We, the Lilliputians will stand with you firing our million arrows to bring down this giant. With the Lord on our side, who can stand against us? Now is the time and this is the place, right when you release your book Rogue Warrior. God is in control and once again is guiding our path to Freedom from this oppressor. For Saracuda’s army it’s time to reduce their favorite weapon of Global Warming into, their Iraqi Highway of Death.

Pray for America and Lady Sarah's Army