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But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light; 1 Peter 2:9 KJV

Once again they have turned out the lights in California thanks to thirty years of Communist rules. Right after they passed the largest Tax scam based on Global Warming, they have more wildfires lit by the homeless and turn off the homes. This manmade disaster is looking more and more like North Korea every night.

Their complete mismanagement of the forest and energy industries have led to deadly fires and blackouts which are going to become more frequent and massive throughout the West until this crisis is taken seriously. Blaming Global Warming is smoke and mirrors hiding the real cause. What do you do when they turn off your power for a few days or a few weeks? What do you do for food when your heat and refrigeration is turned off as well as your lights and heat? You have a disaster which should have been avoided but the anti-business Marxists wanted to worship the trees rather than manage the resources.

Calenzeuela has had the Santa Ana winds blow ever year which brings lots of dry energy to feed any potential fires and spread those fires as the cinders fly in the air traveling as high as seventy miles per hour jumping fire lines. They are especially dangerous after a wet spring as this was the wettest and coldest year in decades despite models claiming there would be no snow after 2016 by the GW scientists.

When you have a wet year and record snows it grows the grass in the deserts which then dry out and the slightest spark causes massive grass fires leading right to the homes. Many of these fires were arson or homeless camps and now PP&E has turned off the power, so they don’t get sued again like they did in the Paradise fire which they were scapegoats for an out of control Democrat Party mismanaging the forests.

Forty Five percent of the state is controlled by the Federal Government which has not let the forest industry properly manage those trees for forty years. This has led to overpopulation of the trees which are all fighting for precious water and nourishment choking each other out and dying. These dead trees fall over or are dead standing waiting for a spark to cause raging fires. When you mix the cold wet weather, they had last year with record snowfalls they enjoyed over the last two years you have lots of grass and other igniters to make it a deadly fire waiting to happen.

For Gov Newsome to blame this on Global Warming is nothing more than a deflection from his Party’s massive incompetence. While they were virtue signaling in the legislature making the forests off limits to the forestry industry the forests were dying at an alarming rate. They have passed law after law making it impossible to take out the dead and dying trees for fear a chainsaw may kill one of them. There are around a trillion and a half trees in CA and they get all giddy if the politicians plant one or two. They get their worship high as if they are saving the planet while thousands are dying due to their worship. There are over a hundred million dead trees in the forests of CA which is by far the most in its histoir.

Califonicus has been a desert climate for only about since the dawn of time and now they are surprised it is dry most of the time? The other piece of the storm has been their complete mismanagement of the water supply due to their earth worship. The snail darter has taken out vast areas of farmlands when these lands held the water and nourished the land. They tore down dams which stored water in the name of environmentalism and now they have huge fires spewing CO2 by the tens of thousands of tons. An average fire puts out more pollutant than all the cars in CA does in a year, outlaw that Newsomesameastheoldsome.

The final piece of the storm is the complete destruction of their energy supply. They have not updated or allowed PP&G to maintain their power grid in forty years. They have of course torn down all their dams and no new nuclear or gas power while ignoring the power lines in favor of windmills. Don Quixote has nothing on Jerry Brown and company when it comes to windmills. They planted thousands on the hills next to San Fran and are now a windmill ghost town. Standing there as a symbol of “Smart” Energy versus practical.

These same really Smart people are now sitting in the dark telling their voters to just sit and wait while they vilify the power companies when they made the impossible rules power companies had to live by. The final rule was not allowing PP&G to cut trees under their power lines. They have had to divert so much money to so called renewable energy like solar which is over ten times more expensive and complex than practical sources that even if they could clear the trees, they do not have the resources to do the work. Thanks to smart energy we have old decaying transmission lines that leak energy and start fires.

This entire crisis is caused by the Sierra Club and their allies in the media and DNC. Some of the secular RNC has fallen for the worshipping of the creation, but a lion’s share has been the Communist Party. They have used this worship and religion as a tool to make people vote for them in the hopes of saving the globe when they have been destroying it. This is the biggest manmade crisis in America as we are seeing entire cities shut down from something that is easily solved if the cult was minimized.

The way to solve this is to become stewards of our resources rather than worshipers of them. Stop worshipping the creation and go back to worshipping the God who created it. To worship him you maintain his creation and manage it properly. To do that you need a perfect storm to counter this storm.

Sell the forest lands to the people and then maintain them properly like every state in the East. Take out the trees which need to be removed and grow the ones that are left to be grown and cut in a sustainable pattern. The average tree only grows healthy for twenty to forty years before it begins slowing down and moving towards death, so you cut it and plant a dozen in its place and in twenty years you have another young healthy forest with vibrant wildlife. Add thousands of square miles of unused land you can plant new forests and have the strongest healthiest forests in the world as well as resorts and Shang-ra-las the world has never seen. Rather we have fires and power outages from corrupt politicians milking the Global Warming scam to gullible worshipers.

How appropriate the leading edge of the Global Warming religion are all sitting in the dark wondering where their next meal is coming from or how they going to prepare it. They have no restaurants or stores to buy it from or go to and if they have a really smart electric car, no way to get there but walk. Their jobs are shut down as are the schools and childcare and every other convenience imaginable whenever the wind is blowing more than 30 mph. This is what their religion has brought them and if they stay on this path it will get worse.

While they are sitting in the dark with no way to charge their phones or watch TV, perhaps they can look at a new faith and a new religion that has been around since Adam and Eve. One way which wisely says to not worship the tree but be stewards of it. One which says those forests need man’s covering and care to make them healthy and vibrant. Trees can be thinned and harvested to make the forests healthier with fewer trees in a wider area for good health. With todays biology these forests will last forever if they were sold to people willing to work them and be good managers. The same people who have a problem cutting trees are watching millions killed in fires.

The people of Paradise CA lost their homes and now they have lost their right to uninterrupted power due to the mismanagement of the Federal forests. This crisis could have been avoided but the Sierra Club and politicians in San Fran and DC decided they wanted to turn these trees into idols and now we are all sacrificing either a little or those in the dark, a lot. It is time to choose.

Pray for wisdom