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A November to Remember

A November to Remember 

LOVE must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good. Rom 9:12

Some are disappointed the Repubs didn’t win 100+ seats and take the Sinate; although it could have been worse you could be a Dem. What a great night for freedom as we watched victory after victory sweep across our much improved Country. America was freed from the oppressors as Patriots of this Revolution were elected across this land and even progress was made on the Leftist Coast. Sure we elected Brown the Clown and Box-a-Rocks as well as the Tennis Shoe Murray and most of the really Old Guard Soviets but there were real victories inside these socialist bastions. Here inside the Peoples Republic of Oregon we tied the state House and Sinate against all odds. This election was beyond monumental as we may have seen the biggest Revolution since Ben Franklin as we have defeated the most powerful organized syndicate ever developed. The Goliath of the DNC, the Unions and PravdABDNC took a stone right in the forehead.

This was the biggest single victory in the House since the Great Depression and FDR. For this to happen despite all the advantage the DNC enjoys proves there is a true grassroots revolt growing as Americans have become enraged over the stealing of their freedoms. They voted for the alternative 2 yrs ago over a nonstop attack on President Bush and the war from the orchestrated propaganda arm of the DNC that has become absolutely irrelevant. People no longer trust or believe the Establishment media as it has become as despised as the politicians they dutifully carry the water. The Old Media has become as corrupt as the rest of the DNC apparatchik.

This election proves the power is now swinging back to the people. There is a resurgence of pride in the freedoms and liberty we have in America. We have rejected the out of control spending as well as the loss of freedoms under Deathcare and unchecked spending. The entire Country east of the Cascades has realized you can’t continue to bankrupt the citizens w/o some serious impacts. They have rejected the paybacks to unions who have too much control of this Country. They have heard the continuous vilifying of business spending their own $$ on elections yet nothing about fat cat union bosses spending more. America understands that the $200 Million the unions spent on this election have chords attached. At a time when their pensions are criminally underfunded is there any question what those orders will be pulled for? Will the members question spending their pension funds on losing politicians?

As great as the results of this election was it is only the first of many steps. We need to set our sights on the next battle and the next. Like those Minutemen who were defeated time and again throughout the 7 yrs of their revolution and sacrificing everything, we need to follow their model. When they knew if they were caught they were hanged and staying meant getting shot can we ask any less of ourselves? We need to take a short time out and regroup to reinvigorate the charges for the next battle. If we have a similar victory even with smaller numbers it means we can bring true freedom back to the individual. We can begin to defeat communism and truly build a new Country. We have been allowing our liberties to be quietly taken away one by one and now are the time to reverse that trend.

We now have a great opportunity to finally have those townhalls the Dems refused last summer. We can discuss w/the American people if they want Deathcare or scrap the entire premise and go back to capitalism and individualism. We can discuss this bill page by page to finally let the American people know what is in it. Then we can discuss the rest of the bills the regime was so happy to pass w/o one ounce of Republican input. As more and more of these oppressive bills are displayed the educating of Americans can begin on what is and isn’t capitalism vs an all powerful socialist dictatorship. This will be the basis for the next great battle for the election of our next President. This discussion is critical in exposing the commiecrats for who they truly are and what they were trying to accomplish in destroying this Country.

We now have the power to force the Neo-Commies to debate these issues on the stage of politics. We are in such dire straits they are going to be forced to defend their politics in the open in front of the American people/firing squad. They are still in power and can no longer hide behind Bush or those evil Repubs, the light is on them. Now is the time to take our message to the American people and explain the freedom small Gummit allows individuals compared to an oppressive tyranny. This is one of the benefits of this historic win, it puts the World spotlight on our Patriots and they have the opportunity to shine it on Liberty and Free Market Capitalism. This is what we have been waiting for and time to take the battle right at their defenses. Just like the American’s on D-Day rushing the Normandy cliffs we have to go straight at them and take out every clichéd argument one by one. Now is the time and this is our place in History to form a brand new Country out of this smoldering DNC mess in the image our Founders dreamed.

We win this battle for the hearts and minds of America it will not only begin to solve our financial and spiritual problems but would drive the communists to the Ash Heap of history. They can lie next to their extinct allies Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Saddamn.  All their totalitarian models can be disposed in one spot of historical disgust. The best part of God’s perfect timing is we are going to debate Capitalism vs communism with one of the worst communicators ever to occupy the Oval office. We have Cornwallis surrounded and now is the time to take the battle to him and his encircled troops. The rebirth of our nation depends on our courage and heart, Fix Your Bayonets Freedom Awaits US.

Pray for America