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Orlando, Clash of two Cults


And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Ephesians 6:4 KJV

The massacre in Orlando was the latest clash of the two dominant cults of the world. The death cult of Islam against the empty cult of liberalism. One is a violent bloodthirsty religion which follows its leader in massacring nonbelievers and the other a fundamentalist religion which believes tolerance is the most holy of beliefs. Both lead to emptiness as they chase smoke and ash to cleanse your sins rather than Christ who offers complete forgiveness and mercy.

Everyone knows Mohamhead was a brutal warrior from the Arab world who invented a brutal cult when he saw his fellow Arabs were turning to Christ. His is a cult built on a Moon and Earth worship which tells its followers to kill Christians and Jews who will not convert to Islam.

There is no love or mercy in their cult only blood and violence as they attempt to rule the world. A moderate Mooselimb only wants to kill Christians and Jews while a radical Mouse wants to kill moderate Mice.

The other cult which is every bit as murderous to the soul is the cult of liberalism or Marxism. They are interchangeable since one is to manipulate the follower into becoming enslaved by both. Liberalism is a works based cult which makes you become a more fundamentalist liberal making you a better and better person. It is founded on evolution which says not only did species evolve so do people. You evolve from a baby to a person and when you become a perfect liberal taking you are back to being a baby, no you are superior to every other person on the planet.

Liberalism is not a personal morality, but societal morals. You can lead any type of lifestyle imaginable but if you want more socialism you are a good person. You can live the most immoral life possible, but if you drive a Prius or are a vegetarian you are a good person since you care about the dirt god.

Once you realize you are a good liberal then no matter what the political issue you can justify your stance by what does it take to make the Country more Communist and validate that argument. The more obscene the activity tolerating it is the most sacred belief in their cult. Tolerating Islam and homosexuality have always been hallmarks of proof they would tolerate and support any divergent lifestyles. To be a truly tolerant person you have to accept homosexuality as normal and ignore the bloodthirst of Islam to prove you are truly tolerant and receive the religious high from your moral superiority.

The fifty dead is a small fraction of the deaths caused by homosexuality and Islam around the world. The homosexual lifestyle is one of sickness, depression and death wrapped in a gay package. It is painted by HollyWierd as a normal, clean lifestyle when it is just the opposite. The chances of catching an STD and now very deadly ones such as AIDS, Hep C and new varieties from other countries along with Mono and Gonorrhea in addition to severe mental disorders like depression and addictions to make it one of the least healthy groups in America. Other than that how did you like the parade Mrs. Kennedy?

The worst part of homosexuality is what it does to your soul. Many of these men were brought into this lifestyle by rape and others by the raping of their spirituality. For most homosexuals the conquest of other men is their pursuit and the young are the ultimate prize. The Chicken Hawk movement goes into the schools and finds young boys they can manipulate and seduce into homosexuality ruining thousands of lives as they live with the fact they were raped and all of the guilt and humiliation that goes with it leading to addictions and massive depression.

The other entry into the lifestyle is through the cult of liberalism. The religion gives special status to its victim classes making them superior to the privileged masses. If you want to be an affirmative action group for the most part you have to be born into it through skin color or ethnicity giving you a special status or sanctification in liberalism. As you become more and more tolerant and immersed into being a liberal you can become a victim group by becoming homosexual. This is instant acceptance into victimhood and the next level of liberalism which many activists have chosen. This is how liberalism is structured as a caste system you are either born into or work towards. There are many paths to personal and societal perfection in this cult and all must be tolerated or else.

We are now watching perfect tolerance being meted out with the aftermath of the massacre. Every thinking person on the planet knew who the shooter was the minute we heard there were multiple killings in a homosexual bar. It had to be a Mooselip who was killing infidels. We are now witnessing liberals trying to explain away the massacre of these kids by explaining this was a poor victim of evil America.

We must now be able to tolerate the massacring of Americans to promote their agenda. This will be the next evolution as liberal purists will understand that the mass killings are justified because Islam is a victim group ally rather than an enemy and if a few eggs are broken that is the price which must be paid to evolve.

This is the clash of two godless cults which have the same goal, the enslavement of the world. Those kids who died were just pawns in that clash and are now being used to promote the movement. There will be no question as to why the savage killed them in the name of Allah or how he did this as a way to salvation or sainthood in his religion same as many of his victims. Both cults come from the dawn of creation and are serving the same master.

Jesus tells the world just the opposite. He says to conquer the world with love and mercy rather than blood and terror. He looks at the homosexual as his own children and tells you to hate the sin but love the sinner. Rather than a caste system where victims or followers are given special levels of worship, everyone is equal where the slave is the same as the master in God’s eyes. He says we are all sinners and no one comes to the Father except by accepting Jesus as his savior through mercy rather than works. A cult requires the follower to earn his way to heaven while Jesus simply asks you to accept his gift of salvation from your sins by his mercy. There couldn’t be a bigger difference.

What we saw last Sunday morning was two sects of the same cult fighting it out for Lucifer. They both lead to the same place which is the real tragedy, fifty young people very likely went to hell unless some were saved by Christ. The bigger tragedy is this represented a small fraction of the death and destruction being caused by those two cults around the world. It is time to decide which master you will follow. Will it be the one with all of the empty gifts of the earth or will it be Jesus a follower met moments after the shooter entered the room.

Pray America wakes