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CommiCzar DeParle

eagerly expect and HOPE that I will in no way be ashamed, but will have sufficient courage so that now as always Christ will be exalted in my body, whether by life or by death. Phil 1:20 
DeathCare Czar DeParle has all the corruption required to belong to the most corrupt admin in the histoir of the WH. There is obviously a requirement to have corruption in your background or there is no way to get through the obozo vetting process. How come he never found a spot for Rezko? Apparently the vetting bar is to be less corrupt than the President. Remember how when GW was in the WH PravdABDNC was always accusing his gummit of having corrupt members yet could never find a single one. Now that the DNC attack dogs have one of their own in office they’re on a 4 yr vacation. Imagine if "reporters" were as tough on corrupt Rats as they were on honest Repubs?

CommieCzar DeParle is another clinton retread who was able to find work during those evil Bush years and even she was able to make around $10 Million in the evil Health Care industry. She always found companies who either were bilking the gummit or being sued for mis-manufactured equipment. The last company she became a board member was sued for the deaths of 12 people and the company not notifying people of the pacemaker malfunction. Apparently their device had a nasty habit of not working when a person’s heart stopped. Kinda the reason those devices were installed.

There were two things the companies she was a board member had in common. One is they were continually having to negotiate w/the gummit and Medicare to keep their connection and they were heavily developing organ transplant. She apparently knew who to call in the gummit overseers to help her companies continue to receive gummit $$. It appears she was hired for her Rolodex inside the Dept of Health and had little problem w/moral issues. The companies she worked for were eventually fined for $560 Million but were able to continue working w/Medicare/caid. Here are the companies she worked for and their ethics issues she was able to get swept under the rug:

DaVita Inc., which owns and operates kidney dialysis centers, has been the subject of several government probes into its billing and drug-prescribing practices, most recently in December by Justice Department investigators in Georgia. DeParle joined the DaVita board in May 2001 and resigned in July 2008 "to devote more time to her other business activities," according to the company. She earned more than $2 million in compensation and stock sales, according to records at the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Boston Scientific Corp. reported to the SEC it received five state or federal subpoenas during 2008, including ones from the Justice Department and Health and Human Services, which oversees the Medicare agency. In addition, Defense Department criminal investigators are looking into the company’s "marketing interactions" with doctors at a U.S. Army hospital in Tacoma, Wash. DeParle joined the Boston Scientific board in April 2006 and resigned on March 4 of this year, two days after she was appointed to the White House post. She earned more than $1.4 million in compensation and stock sales from her years at Boston Scientific and a company it bought, the Guidant Corp.

Guidant, which already was in legal trouble for failing to disclose 12 patient deaths when DeParle joined the board in 2001, has since then faced new problems. After a college student died in 2005 when his implanted defibrillator failed on a biking trip, his doctor told Congress that Guidant officials had known of similar problems for three years, but failed to tell the public.

Five of the corporations, whose boards DeParle served on have paid a total of $566 million since 2003 to settle fraud or product liability cases, often involving tax dollars paid by Medicare.

This is the person who will be running the congress’ Universal Healthcare. She is the head of the Death Machine and will be directing the rationing of Grandma’s care. She is the one who is directing this campaign and obviously agrees w/everything including the claims doctors remove organs and legs for profit. She is a Leftwing Extremist who wants to communize our Healthcare system and is an extremist when it comes to abortion. With her connections at both Boston Scientific and DaVita there can be no doubt organ harvest is just around the corner. Just like the good ol days of clinton when aborted babies were cut to pieces to sell the organs making the abortion clinics fortunes. The structures will certainly be in place.

DeParle is another corrupt CommieCzar who has had her hand deep into the cookie jar. If she was working for the Bush administration the establishmedia would be tar and feathering her 24/7/365, yet as a Dim zzzzzzzzzzzz. Was she stuffing $$ in her freezer? No, yet corruption is like pregnancy; there’s no such thing as a little bit corrupt. Either you are or you aren’t and she was helping companies get away w/bilking the gummit of Billion$. She is another example of the Floaters in the DC sewer called the Obama administration. We can’t afford to turn over our Doctors and Hospitals to someone who is as dirty as this Czar. She will develop a corrupt and purely political Health Bureau making FEMA and Katrina look like Microsoft.

Pray for America's Freedom