Brayin Candy

Profits are Great

Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the command of God our Savior and of Christ Jesus our HOPE, 1 Tim 1:1

Why did profit become an evil word? Anytime a leftist wants to kill a private industry they just say they made a $Billion to completely discredit industry. Shouldn’t the profitable businesses be who we’re listening? It’s criminal for an insurance company to make a decent profit, yet it’s honorable for the gummit to lose $2 Trillion to do the same thing only worse. When did the world become flat? Why do we vilify an industry that is doing its job and making a profit so we can install a bloated corrupt gummit bureaucracy? The insanity of wanting to turn our HC system over to a czar who was a corrupt EPA chief makes you think you've moved to Cuba.

What if obozo owned the NY Yankees and thought his players were making excessive salaries so decides he would pay them the same as teachers. Say he would pay them no more than $100K w/salary and benefits. What would happen to his best players? They would go to other teams and he would be left w/some stiffs. They would never win a game, the fans would stop coming and would quickly go Bankrupt. That is fine w/Chairman Maobama since he hates the Yankees. That is what is happening to American business, only rather than going to the Sox the best CEOs are going to go to China or Saudi Arabia or wherever the $$ is, leaving us w/incompetent Socialist stiffs.

Why are we not lifting up profitable companies as heroes in this economic crisis rather than going to the profits are evil card? God Bless those companies who are making a profit and especially the Oil companies who have to import, refine and transport against repressive gummit regulation and prohibitions to fuel our Country. These companies deserve medals rather than vilification.

Next spokesman who spits the term profit as a negative should be hammered with their support of $10 Trillion losses by this corrupt gummit. Why gummit losses ok, but profits from companies who employ people are are not? Then they deny being communist?

Look at Premier Hussain/UAW’s Auto Companies. The only one who didn’t lose record amounts is Ford who also didn’t take the Bailout. Another example of a free market corp. outperforming Obama Motors proving again that central planning doesn't work. Premier Chavez obozo’s companies are being run by a Car Czar who’s closest he has been to the industry, was driving past a car lot in his limo while sipping Chablis. Ford is being run by an auto CEO who has lived his entire life inside that complicated industry. The same will happen to HC.

Payroll Czar Feinberg is an Ambulance Chaser who negotiated the settlement for the 911 victims. He was selected for his valuable skill of contributing $300K to Dems as well as was once a staff member for Dead Uncle Ted. He seems awfully quick to limit the amounts that CEOs can make, but has no problem w/fellow attorneys making Million$. He will also be telling the Doctors what they can make after Nationalized HC is mandated. Would you rather go to a Heart specialist who makes $80K or one that makes $500K? In this instance, you get what you pay for and you will see Doctors/nurses leaving the profession for greener pastures. You will also see the best students leaving for more profitable professions once the gummit takes the profit out.

We have a regime that is shackling everybody who is successful as well as nationalizing America’s private industry. Rather than bringing in successful businessmen to turn this recession around, they are handcuffing businesses w/people who have no clue how to run anything. The Czars were chosen on two criteria, were they a radical communists/unionists thug to bring about a socialist system or were Wall Street paper traders and lawyers who have no manufacturing experience. What can these Czars add to the recovery of our economy, Nothing.

We as Conservatives need to highlight successful businesses for earning large profits. When the CommiecRats claim a business is evil for making Million$ we need to throw it in their faces saying it’s better than losing Billions as a gummit program. When he complains the Oil companies have made Billion$ we need to tell him that if they can make that kind of profit in spite of the gummit we need to expand them. When he points to evil Insurance companies for making excessive profits then why don't they just expand to cover everybody?  Ax him how is gummit losing $$ better than an insurance making $$.

To claim that making $Millions is bad yet his losing $Trillions is fine, is pure corruption. We should be expanding those Insurance companies rather than trying to put them out of business. The last thing we need as a Country is to let the gummit do to the HC system what it’s done to the Post Office, Schools, Banks, Fannie/Freddie, FEMA, Medicare/caid, SSI, GM, Chrysler, Amtrak, and ACRIME. Take their corrupt hands off our Doctors and Hospitals.

Rather than making HC worse and gummit bigger they should try to fix the messes they've already made. Perhaps they could start small and make Amtrak self sufficient? We know they can’t reform it w/o making it worse although if they could show us they can fix anything it may help convince us. Then they could work on something big like Medicaid or Medicare. There is more corruption in those two programs than they could fix in a lifetime. These two Ponzi schemes need to be changed from the ground up. No rather than fixing the messes they have already, they want to make bigger messes as monuments to themselves.

Stop punishing successful businesses and individuals it’s time to make them more successful to create jobs. When we see a business is making profits the gummit should do everything it can to make it more profitable. This will breed more success to expand those companies as well as bring copycats to expand those businesses and jobs. The goal of congress should be to find and eliminate Corruption and facilitate successful businesses. Unfortunately, Nazi Nancy and Black Santa Oblack wants just the opposite, while mystified why we’re not coming out of this recession.

It is time for us Conservatives to make the economy work in spite of these communist tyrants til we can vote them out. When we hear about someone making $100 Million we need to say we wish they made $200 million. It’s time to celebrate Industries profits and jobs, it’s what America and Freedom used to be for.

Pray for America and Our Troops