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The EcoCult 

“Woe to you Pharisees, because you give God a tenth of your mint, rue and all other kinds of garden herbs, but you neglect jusctice and the LOVE of God. You should have practiced the latter without leaving the former undone. Luke 11:42

Once again America has been damaged by the cult of liberalism. We have foolishly allowed them to become the deciders of what and who is able to develop our abundant resources. After 100 yrs of developing the cult of earth worship which has its foundation in atheism they have managed to lock up all of America for their selfish need. The earth cult is no less a cult than the Rashneesh who inhabited a town in Eastern Oregon. It was run by a maniacal cult leader who fashioned an eastern religion braindead liberals throughout the world flocked. This was a town of 10,000 being developed to worship their cult leader as all of the followers were young professionals who gave everything to live one of the most immoral lifestyles imaginable in their search for purpose. This was a cult that literally anything goes while women were raped as a form of worship and the leader had a fleet of Rolls-Royces.

Liberalism preys on the weak which is who liberals are. How hard is it to be for everything except saying no. They have systematically moved their followers from the worship of God and Jesus to the worship of atheism and evolution. These cultists have been told not to have any interaction w/Christianity for fear they would not be able to manipulate these people to do their bidding. The leaders of the cult have used it to have them live the lifestyle they want them to lead and bring them closer to their ultimate god, communism. Once they are fully committed to this gummit they will be no more than slaves to the gummit.

When the DNC took God and the Bible out of the schools and replaced it w/Darwinism they made a giant step towards their atheistic brainwashing. They maintain this religion fundamentally using the courts to enforce their cult standing. They will put no other gods before their evolution and moral relativism. They used the sciences as the priests to declare evolution the truth and God was labeled a myth. They would make fun of anybody who worshipped Jesus “freaks” and said they believed in the Easter Bunny. This is the same tactic they have used for every step as they then declared science was a better method of caring for the earth with the declaration of earth day and combining it w/ecology or the science of the environment/atheism.

At that point the takeover of the environment was complete as mankind became the abuser of the earth and science became the protector. The liberal masses soon became hooked on this environmentalism and a cult was born. We now see every excuse under the sun being used to worship and protect every part of the abundant resources God has blessed on us. This religion has infected ever part of our society as we have seen fraud after fraud being used to close down companies and individuals from using their land. We have seen the forests turned into wastelands and coal and oil locked up for no other reason than developing those resources may not be aesthetically pleasing to the earth worshipers’ minds since nobody will see them. We have seen an attack on farmers who want to raise crops and animals which the earth cult sees as an evil which needs to be stopped. Never mind it takes more water/fertilizer and energy to raise vegetables for vegans than it does to graze cattle, they have declared eating meat a sin against the earth.

Just like the disasters they have caused on our forests we now see the results of their attacks on the oil industry. Their 30 yr war to keep oil from being developed anywhere on the US continent or coastline, these fundamentalists have forced oil companies into a relatively small area in the Gulf making them drill in the most extreme depths. British Petroleum knew how to manipulate cult leaders and that is to appeal to their real worship which is the tithe. They gave the messiah Million$ to get the permits to drill their wells in the most hazardous depths. When their rig nearly blew up a month earlier which should have been an automatic shutdown the obozo regime gave them a wink and a nod and said keep on drilling. When BP axed to put in a substandard Blowout Protector the regime gave another wink and said doesn’t worry. Finally the regime even had a party out on the rig the night before the explosion celebrating a great safety record in spite of the near disaster earlier and warnings the cement seal may not be quite ready to go, another final wink and an ecological disaster caused directly by their earth worship.

Now we are seeing the disaster of cults and their inability to accomplish even the simplest tasks. Rather than following the standard rules of procedure that have been used worldwide hundreds of times these cultists had to measure every step on how it related to their worship. This is their church and as cultists they attempt to work their way into their heaven by being more politically correct than the next church member. They measure everything they do by how large an imagined carbon footprint they leave on mother earth and decide accordingly. Problem is this has never happened quite like this so when the evil oil company would ax to do something like set up burn booms the cult leaders rejected the idea for fear it would release evil Greenhouse gasses. Now they are stopping the berms being built to protect the estuaries for fear it will upset the ecology of the sand being dug. None of this is based on real science, simply on fundamental earth worship as the liberal members follow blindly searching for more kool-aid.

We need to break away from this cult and begin to manage our resources in the manner God asked us to do. We need to fight this from a spiritual standpoint and call it out for the religious cult it represents. The cult has been built and followed strictly to install a communist dictatorship which will and is enforcing all of the commandments of the cult leaders. We are seeing a prohibition on drilling for no other reason than there was one mistake by their favored company in 30 yrs of spill free drilling. Never mind that the regime had their regulators literally on the rig when it blew who had waved many of the infractions which led to this explosion. We also need to ignore the fact this disaster is going to punish our oil workers to make his primary $$ man George $oro$ huge profits while we suffer through the worst economy since FDR. Some skeptics would wonder if this wasn’t fixed just like Global Warming.

Now the all powerful gummit has proved itself to be a disaster at cleaning up the spill. Twenty yrs ago when the tanker spilled in Alaska the spill was cleaned up in very short order. They had the skimmers crisscrossing Prudhoe Bay as Exxon coordinated the cleanup like a precision marching band. President Greasy Fingers’ cleanup looks more like the Stanford band than Ohio State. Have they got the first skimmer on the water after nearly 3 mos and dozens of offers from foreign Countries? It’s almost like he doesn’t want the oil cleaned and would rather have the political issue no matter how many fish are killed and people’s lives destroyed. This is the other main tenet of atheism; moral relativism allows a cult leader to decide if the ends justify the means in any situation. Just as environazis would booby trap trees to injure or kill loggers, allowing the Gulf to be destroyed if it will bring about a communist America is justified.

This is one of the emptiest religions ever invented, right behind islam. The zombies who follow it lead the most perverse lifestyles of complete immorality as long as they have a “you can’t hug the whale’s w/nuclear arms” bumper sticker on their Prious. These hypocrites spend their lives in complete ruin but as long as they are into ruining your life they believe they are morally superior. If they were morally consistent they would march into the ocean which would be a win win. We need to stand up to their hypocrisy and point out if we were managing our oil production and resources properly the Global Horizon never would have happened and our forests would be far healthier. We need to point out that God has asked Man to be the Shepherd of the earth not the other way around. We need to boldly bring Jesus to these people and break them from this dangerous cult they have been sucked into. Until then we are going to have more Global Horizons as these people use moral relativism as their guide rather the one True God to guide America’s path.

Pray for America