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Diving From the cliffs of Medicare

Diving from the cliff of Medicare 

…and who also told us of your LOVE in the Spirit. Col 1:8

When did the Greatest Generation turn into a bunch of Socialist sissies? Here are the facts Mom and Dad, Social InSecurity and Medicare are dying and there is only one way to save them. We have to make some changes for the people paying the taxes and the eventual weaning them off the system. Eventually there will be a program of self directed investments rather than the fraudulent Ponzi scheme they are enslaved to now. Why in Socialist societies the only victims are the receivers, while the payers are never considered victimized? The reason is, when an all powerful gummit wants to maintain their corrupt money train they always exhibit their pitiful starving props to break your heart while they pick your pocket.

For the last 20 years we have heard from the libs how we need to fix these two monstrosities although nobody wants to dare touch the so called Third Rail for being electrocuted politically. Now Paul Ryan has come up with a plan to fix the two programs while not even touching the people on it or close to going onto this broken system. Rather than even taking the slightest peek at the plan the commie libs begin pumping the volts through that Turd Rail in hopes of killing any discussion of reform. Just like every other issue they feign outrage even though they could care less about the people on the program only what they can gain politically by using them as voltage and votes.

Is scaring grandma about losing her SSI a winner or a loser? Are American so indebted to a big gummit program they will reward the Dems for stopping someone with the courage to finally step up or will that strategy backfire? The problem with Groupthink is that it simply agrees with everything it says and doesn’t debate whether right or wrong, it is simply a go along to get along. What if God forbid the truth of the Ryan bill gets past the gatekeepers of information say on the internet and find out that SSI and Medicare reform is not only needed it is required and America decides to work together to fix it?

What would happen if the Commie-media was bypassed and wasn’t able to divide old against young but both groups actually realized some compromise was going to have to happen and there were going to have to be changes made in these programs and were willing to make those changes. If those two events were to occur and people were to educate themselves on the Ryan plan or hopefully something more aggressive to actually eventually end the entrapment of those two boondoggles, it would be the end of the DNC. They are counting on scaring America into losing their precious entitlements so they’ll crawl on their knees for their own money to reach for the table crumbs of corruption. They can’t afford for America, the aged or the young to stand up on their feet and tell them to keep their pittance and return our freedom; that would be the end of their senior puppet show.

The dirty little secret seniors, is you have been sold a bill of goods by FDR. It was never meant to take care of you in your golden years, it was meant to secure your vote and enslave you to a big gummit program. Paul Ryan and his bill simply exposes this fraud and the Dems are hoping you stay on the Social Security Express to the Gulag where they can control you for $1500/mo for the rest of your lives. The Express is powered by enslaving the next generation in their Ponzi to make you enslaved to their paychecks. This cycle needs to be broken and replaced by a system of choices and private enterprise which is what reform represents.

Our entire working life we have paid around 15% of our wages to this broken down system. You pay 7.5% and your employer pays 7.5% which should be going to your paycheck. So when you look at your SSI and Medicare deduction, double it and you will see what you are paying for SSI and Medicare. It is actually a bit higher since around $40 is the Great Obama 95% tax cut although they never cut the employer match since you don’t see that. Imagine if you had been able to invest in T Bills or the stock market your entire life 15% of your wages and what a nest egg you would have amassed? That is what the Ryan bill is beginning to promote, freedom from theft and corruption.

How do we reach this freedom? First, we have to support reform of this system in any form and especially Paul Ryan. Don’t fall for the granny off the cliff routine since she is at the cliff now and doing nothing will slingshot her off. We need to support the plan and laugh at their Turd Rail tactics they are using to destroy this Country while solidifying their power. The second step is anybody who can afford to needs to begin sending their checks back. We need to work til our last breath to free our kids from the Gulag Express and keep ourselves off of their train to their retirement death camp. Who said working your entire life is a bad thing when it builds security and satisfaction. An 80 year old man can make more with his mind than he could at 20 with his back. We need to fight this to our last breath to leave Freedom and Liberty for the next generation and the next.

The Baby Boom generation has an opportunity to be the Generation who saved America as we attack the Omaha beach in our own land. We can destroy the gun emplacements of SSI and Medicare that were built to hold us down rather than lift up. We need to walk to those cliffs of Freedom with Paul Ryan and jump off into Capitalism and Free Markets doing a swan dive into the cool waters of self determination to remove the Wheelchair of Socialism. Yes it is scary to dive into waters you don’t know anything about which is exactly what Obama, Pelosi and Reid are counting on that your fear is their power. It is time for our Generation to remove that fear and defiantly stand up from the wheelchair and soar into FREEDOM!

Pray for America