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Destroying American Men with Porn

For when we were yet without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly. For scarcely for a righteous man will one die: yet peradventure for a good man some would even dare to die. But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:6-8 (King James Version)

Men are like regular people only bigger but not as big as pigs. The good news is there are very few real testosterone loving men left in America, they have all crawled into their addictions and now let the women run the country. Most have left slowly but surely as the butt of every comedy or political joke to the point of being non-factors in American life.

The entire GOP was outraged at the fact Supreme Court Justice Jackson was lenient on pedophile porn viewers, but they are completely missing the point. The GOP would rather play political games than address the real issue she was exposed to. As for the light sentences, let the one who has not watched porn throw the first stone. The focus of the disgust should not be pointed at the porn watcher who is actually the target, but the porn industry is the real criminal. Every algorithm on the internet is to draw as many web users as possible to porn sites to get them hooked and on the road to depression and suicide.

Now the ones in her courtroom were the most disgusting porn available, but the real story is how all of it is filthy since saying child porn is worse than regular porn is like saying getting drunk on whiskey is worse than being drunk on beer, they are both bad except alcoholism is not celebrated like porn is. Hunter Biden is one of those porn users and producers who put it on different web pages of him having sex for people to view and was monetized from numbers of porn watchers. He most likely began watching porn at a young age and became extremely addicted.

Americans have accepted porn as a normal activity for decades and especially with the advent of the internet. It then became a normal form of entertainment as girls were posting their naked pictures and amateur filmmakers made more and more films monetizing millions off the viewers. Then the spirals started for those who became addicted to the dopamine their brains were producing from looking at these obscene pictures.

Nobody is excusing these creeps and hopefully they have broken the habit although the addiction is never truly broken even though you can abstain from it and clear the dopamine from your mind over months of eliminating porn from you life. Anyone who has viewed or read the garbage including R rated movies etc. knows this activity is all the same it is just the deeper you become addicted the more disgusting the porn becomes to get the same effect. Just like going from pot to pills to hard drugs the medication needs to be stronger and stronger doses to reach the same high as the body becomes more and more dependent to the drug.

Porn addiction is worse than alcoholism or other types since it does the same triggering of brain dopamine, but it is an addiction nobody knows about until it is too late. The people who are caught by law enforcement are the ones who have gotten immune to regular sex and are watching more and more perverted types including pedophilia. Once a person’s mind has become addicted to this level of porn there is likely very little chance of ever breaking that habit which will easily lead to acting out and invariably being caught by authorities in different sting operations.

Porn is one of the most destructive activities in America due to its widespread use and acceptance. It has been reported nearly 70% of men are regular watchers of porn and 30% of women. It destroys a man as it replaces the real romantic dance between men and women to a fantasy of the most beautiful women imaginable being nothing more than sexual objects without any type of interaction. This sends men into a fantasy world which everything is available and then after the watching and experience is not an intimate time with a woman but a feeling of shame from watching something so disgusting.

This shame becomes a never-ending spiral as it is replaced by emptiness and depression along with the complete inability to interact with women or even look them in the eye. The statistics show that there is an overwhelming majority of men dealing or not dealing with this feeling of worthlessness and shame and all people can do is joke and make cheap political points without addressing the issue of men having checked out of society and forcing women to carry the decision-making load. They have to start and maintain an empty relationship and now many being ignored by men since they are far more a challenge than turning on the computer and having some perfect fantasy girl provide his every need.

There is hope for anyone who is on the porn train to the abyss. First there is Jesus who is offering forgiveness for what you have watched and done against God and women. God says this is a horrible sin no matter what society tells you. This is adultery against your wife and exploiting these girls makes you an accomplice to all of the sex slave traders who make this disgusting filth.

You have been exploited by these web site managers who have an algorithm watching every site you have clicked and know what pictures to put on your screen to make you end up with a naked girl performing sex acts for you and other ads making you go deeper and deeper until you pay for the sites month after month. It is one click away which is always a temptation.

There are plenty of sites which will help you off the addiction and give you motivation to stay off allowing your mind to be cleansed of the dopamine fog until you become a normal man again. When you have made it three to six months porn free, the world will open back up to you and you will remember what it is like to have a clear sharp brain with the ability to look women in the eyes and have normal conversations rather than hiding your shame.

When you go months and years there will be a clarity you never thought you had before as it continues to be an addiction like any other but the victories far outdistance the failures.

Men need to be cleaned of this plague since it is one of the biggest contributors to men checking out and ignoring all of the things which make life worth living starting with the interaction between the sexes. Men are the suiters and women are who are supposed to be pursued and not the way it is done on a porn site, but with romance, honor, and integrity.

Men have been sold a bill of goods with porn. It is cotton candy since it is fun for a few minutes but once the candy is consumed there is nothing left except a shame hangover. It is empty pleasure with nothing to really nourish your life. It makes you empty and hollow as you go from one sex site to another searching for a bigger and bigger high until you wander down the really dangerous sites with children and perversions until you are caught watching or attempting to act out and then it is too late as you hit rock bottom losing everything over a seductive computer screen. You know you need to stop, but how do you break this addiction?

This is one of the biggest problems in America, right up there with abortion and the sex slave industry coming across the border. They are all interconnected and symptoms of the bigger problem of pornography. Until this is addressed without judgement or pretending it is a big joke the rest of the sexual addiction problems will never be addressed.

American men are being destroyed by computer algorithms which are programed to trigger brain activities that have been adapted for centuries to keep the human race alive. Now some evil website owners are using those algorithms to enslave men to their screens for years on end. It is time to address this crisis and cure these men of their secret addiction.

Pray for revival