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Trump is NOT a racist

Trump is NOT a Racist 

Romans 2:1 Therefore thou art inexcusable, O man, whosoever thou art that judgest: for wherein thou judgest another, thou condemnest thyself; for thou that judgest doest the same things.

I am a proud racist just not as racist as Barak Hussain Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, Paul Ryan, McConnell and the rest of the Democrat Party. Once again the Democrats’ favorite card is being played and the Repubs have dutifully begun their apology tour. How many times has this card been used in the last fifty years and how many times have it not worked to perfection. For a change the accused has stood up and decided not to play their game which makes the fighting Repubs crawl over razor blades to condemn the victim with gracious indignation.

The least racist country in the world is America although according to the Marxists we still have the slave ships unloading slaves in Baltimore. Even though Africa still has a lucrative Islamic slave trade with all the Christian persecution, the only racists in the world are White cops whose only reason for showing up to work is to hunt poor innocent blacks. The two common truths is that White men are racist and every sanctified victim group in America (every group who is not a white male) is incapable of racism.

Until we begin talking about our problems we will never solve them and fake racism is one of the biggest. The racism which is the most divisive is not white racism but the two most prevalent, black and Mexican racism. These two groups have a bitter hatred for whites and America and until those two groups learn to blend into this once great country they will always have economic disaster.

After coming back from the slave auction, or as the race industry calls it watching the NBA finals; it was time to reflect on racism in America, Alinsky Rules for Radicals style. There is very little real racism in America, it is only used as a political tool to censor positive discussion about our inner cities. If you call cops or whites racists you don’t have to discuss the utter failure of the breakdown of blacks and Mexicans in cities. Their failure is directly tied to Democrats who need to have them as slaves to further their agenda. Without a permanent poverty class they would have no reason to exist.

For the past couple years Obama and the Dems have been fanning the flames of racism. Every white person is a racist and cops are the most racist of all. They have pushed this agenda for decades and have allowed cities to burn over the idea of white cops being racist with the #blacklivesmatter movement. It is fine for them to say an officer cannot do his job arresting black criminals and if one gets killed they and the media immediately charge, convict and execute the cop without even the hint of evidence, yet we are supposed to believe this never happens the other way around.

What Trump was pointing out with the judge in his case was the obvious corruption and reverse racism he was experiencing. Everyone is claiming he should have his lawyers handle the corruption and let the courts rule, which is exactly the problem our judicial system is as corrupt as the rest of the political system. He is obviously an affirmative action judge who belongs to the La Raza movement and is a pure racist who wants to overthrow America. Sure he is a fine upstanding Marxist Dem, but he has an agenda and that is to hurt Trump Enterprises.

As it turns out this judge is an anchor baby who now has a huge bias and is absolutely corrupt. He cannot and has not given Trump a fair trial. If he were a white cop arresting a black man and accidentally killed him while fighting for his life everyone would claim a bias, so why should a judge who is a first generation Mexican American not be assumed the same? The reason is that the Dems have made the rules on racism and the Repubs follow those rules in lockstep. Whenever a white is accused of racism he is guilty and whenever a victim group is accused he is innocent as the wind driven snow and the accuser if white is the racist. White bad, everyone else good.

The cowardice of the Repubs knows no limit. Rather than ever fighting for anything they simply agree with the Dems and declare Trump a racist. For Repubs (racists) to actually pull the race card is about as ironic as it gets. This Party perfected their surrender techniques to a fine art and then wonder why they are a shrinking. For Lyan Ryan, Gingrich, Turtle McConnell and the rest of the Democrats to call Trump a racist and shut down his wall was another landmark in their wasteland of defeats. Stand and fight this injustice and point out that the judicial class is filled with political hacks and needs to be cleaned out as well.

If they are going to follow this obvious political path are they going to surrender when it is another victim group like homosexuals or Mooselips? Are they going to allow pastors to be thrown in jail for following the Bible or as in the case of the prayer breakfast in the Air Force a pastor attending for being a homophobe and islamaphobe. At what point does the Party stand up to these racial thugs and say no he is not a racist and you are using this weapon to promote your Marxist agenda. No it is easier to point the finger and say this is classic racism and go hide under your desk.

This case does not point to Trump being a racist for pointing out that this judge is a pure Mexican and that it is the primary issue in his life. He is using it as an axe to grind and Trump represents everything he hates, a successful white in California. The bigger issue is the corruption inside the race industry. It is past time to eliminate all affirmative action and reduce the promotion of a poverty class. It is time to close the border and stop the influx of more poverty into this country. This is why they declared Trump a subhuman and want the discussion stopped. It is time to turn it around and point out who the real racists in America really are and why they are using this nuclear weapon.

If they succeed and label Trump and the wall racist then everything he says is racist. In America because of our so called guilt of slavery which was practiced since the dawn of time and still used in Africa, it is the cheapest of attacks. If he is labeled, then he is less than human and his ideas are also debunked. If the label is allowed to stand which nobody has dared stood up to say, no this is not racism it is a very credible accusation of reverse racism and has merit, then he becomes dehumanized. Once dehumanized then everyone is allowed to mock him and say all of ideas are racist so don’t listen to him, listen to the other people who are not racist and are truly wise, Obama, Hillary, Ryan and Gingrich. This is what the protests are attempting to establish.

This is the tactic being used by the Dems to promote their agenda. It is pure corruption that allows them to determine what the subject matter will be and how it will be decided. Like Lucy with the football the Repubs fall for it every time and immediately begin their apology tour hoping for penance and favor from their enemies for the sin of racism. To his credit Trump has not taken the tour to Telemundo and the morning programs asking their forgiveness again and again and standing in front of the virtual firing squad hoping they don’t shoot.

It is time for the Conservatives to stand for something, anything. Of course their kneejerk, heavy on the jerk; reaction is to run and hide like scared little girls, but it is time to fight. Love him or obviously hate him, we have someone who will fight the sacred cows in America. One of the most sacred is race and he stuck his sword right in the side of it. He did not bring up the subject, Hillary did with her attack on the case and he pointed out he had a corrupt Mexican judge who should have been dismissed it but kept it going for political reasons. Conservatives should point out this happens every day in our courts by promoting judges with political agendas right up to the Supreme Court. It is time to grow a backbone and take on racism at its roots. Until that happens we are all slaves to our silence.

Pray America wakes

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