Brayin Candy

Convicting Clinton

2 Peter 2:19 While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage.

The latest victim to come forward is telling the horrific story of how Donald Trump kissed her at her birthday party in the third grade; it was too humiliating for words. An A bomb just exploded quietly in the heart of the District of Corruption. During a rally in Cincinnati Trump said words which froze the hardest heart in even the toughest Marxist as they all turned their heads to Cincy. Phones burned from absolute fear as they began rolling out their final bimbo defense way too early. The words they feared were mated to his toss away phrase, “Because you would be in jail.” After the usual, “Lock her up,” chant he said he would order his Attorney General to appoint a Special Prosecutor and find out what was going on…blinding flash followed by a mushroom cloud.

With the revelations from WikiLeaks confirming what was already known about the Clinton Family Laundry there was not only proof, but nobody realized the breadth and depth of this corruption. As it turns out it not only contains the immediate crime family, but it also includes nearly every corner of DC as well as both Parties while being shielded from a corrupt media and nearly all of the White House. Now the President is running as hard as he can to keep himself out of jail with his ordering the head of the FBI to destroy evidence. There has never been corruption of this scale operating in the open and being hidden completely by ABDNCFOXBS. This scandal could possibly topple the Three Pillars of Propaganda (Media, Academia and the DNC) as it is exposed.

This election needs to be whether or not this country wants to finally shut down the Clintons or are they going to continue to let this once great freedom loving country turn into a Turd World cesspool. One of the major issues Trump needs to campaign on is the massive corruption Hillary represents. She has through her foundation and speech scam laundered billions of dollars and he has to prosecute her like laying out the blueprints of a skyscraper. Make it easy to understand and a simple solution. We cannot have another congressional whitewash, but a true investigator willing to take the arrows of the Clinton war room while finding out exactly who is involved and how widespread the cancer has spread. He is the only one who can verbalize what she has done and why it destroys America.

This is an important if not the most important reason to send Trump to the White House. We need to raze DC and expose it down to the foundations. We need to knock it down and rebuild it. Commie Clinton represents everything which is wrong in DC, from being bought off by Wall Street and Saudi Arabia to shaming anyone who crosses them and her connections with her enforcement mob. Just like her IT guy who found how she was switching votes from Sanders to Clinton and ended up dead on his way to the FBI, she will stop at nothing to reach her goal.

The first example which he can simply explain is the Haitian embezzlement scheme. The Clinton Family Laundry brought in around $5 Billion in donations and US funding only to have it turned into lavish living and bribes for friends and family. Only a small percentage of that money went to the actual earthquake victims of Haiti which is the poorest country in the Caribbean which is their standard operating procedure. We need to find out how far this octopus spreads around the world and inside DC.

The Haitian model was repeated over and over again as they took in billions from the wealthiest people like Soros and the worst dictators around the world for favors and influence. Much of the money was made during her tenure as the Secretary of State while she was making deals for weapons, intelligence and protection or lucrative grants from the US taxpayer. Were governments overthrown from bribes or lack of bribes in the Middle East? This was perhaps a trillion dollars of graft being laundered through either the Foundation or other methods of money washing which is where the email scandal begins. Her Presidency would take this to an entirely new universe.

She obviously deleted the evidence of her graft and corruption which most likely reaches and tarnishes most of the Fed including the Mooselimb in Chief. Whether Odumbo received money or was caught in the cover-up it is obvious he would be caught in any investigation and have to become a witness. The other not so innocent bystander is the US media. There is obvious collusion between them and this campaign and likely the coordination of the whitewash. This corruption goes throughout the different bureaus and branches which likely crosses Party lines.

This is why you cannot have a congressional investigation since you will only have Political hacks attempting to protect their turf as well as keep their own necks out of the nooses. Congress would only sweep this all under the rug to protect their own necks and would have to be done by someone truly outside DC.

During this next much anticipated debate Trump has to lay out what is at risk for our country. Do we want to continue the massive corruption found on WikiLeaks and make it worse or do we want to begin to take our country back. It will take years to unravel what has really happened, but he has to explain he is the only one who can do it since he is the only one who has clean hands.

He needs to explain to the people in his business your word is your bond and his word is worth billions. If you go back on your word people will find out and that is the end of your business. He has always kept his word and why he is successful. He is not a politician whose word is worthless and Harpy's is even less as she stated to the bankers. He has to let America know he is the only one who does not have this filth on him and vow he never will so he can return the country to her people. He does that and the landslide will be immense.

He can then detail his vision of America after four years of Trump and a more efficient and streamlined Moscow on the Potomac. He can let people begin to understand that healthy business means healthy paychecks and more employment. He has to make sure the people know how low cost energy adds dollars to their pockets at the end of the month as does lower taxes. He needs to explain how his entire life accomplishments have led him to this job and has the skills to make this happen. He has to let America know this is not about him but about putting this country back on track to make its people great again.

In the end God always picks the last person men would choose. If he could use Paul and Peter, why can't he use Trump?

Pray America wakes