Brayin Candy

Blackmail from the Dark State

God thundereth marvellously with his voice; great things doeth he, which we cannot comprehend. For he saith to the snow, Be thou on the earth; likewise to the small rain, and to the great rain of his strength.
Job 37:5-6 KJV

Ever since the fake Iran-Contra scandal under Reagan the Dems have using fake scandals as a tactic to hamstring Republican administrations. They and their thugs in PravdABDNC have been doing it likely for the last hundred years, but it has really been their bread and butter since Nixon and Reagan. They even did it on Ford with his scandalous pardon they made into a campaign issue to weaken him going into an election giving America Carter.

The Communist Party’s biggest problem now is they no longer control the largest source of information, the interweb. They still have the Three Pillars of Groupthink (Academia, Media and the DNC) which is a huge megaphone and especially in DC, but the trust factor has dropped like a fresh road apple. Of the three, Academia may be the only one left which people have some trust factor although even that is sliding. Once the person leaves High School many begin thinking for themselves although plenty are willing to have their minds washed inside the church of secular humanism.

Academia can control around forty percent through their, worship but the Three Pillars are dropping in trust forcing people onto the web where truth can be measured.
It is not doled out with massive bias and when it is can be weighed for the truth. Just like this fake Peachmint you can really see through the smoke and mirrors that Joe Biden was using his son as his laundry to take bribes. Ukraine which was the Switzerland of international corruption and drug cartels. Looks like a smorgasbord of DC political families working with corporations and now we find the source of the Russia scandal, well, well, well.

Today the phony scandals are being scrutinized from both sides as opposed to Iran Contra which was a complete fabrication. During the Reagan administration which was returning pride back to America after four years of apology and energy restrictions leading to an economic malaise, Reagan had turned around the economy and had a blowout reelection. The media hated him with a white hot despise since he was taking away their precious socialistic ideals and replacing them with capitalism which was succeeding incredibly. He even allowed the Alaskan pipeline which was supposed to devastate the caribou and polar bear populations into extinction which never happened. The Three Pillars were beside themselves and went nuclear when those caribous started nesting near the pipelines.

So, they went to their tried and true collaborating with the DNC to manufacture a scandal. After Noriega was elected as a Communist in the mold of Castro and claimed to turn South America Communist Reagan and Congress agreed to supply the rival Contras. That is when Tip O’Neill and the Congress added an amendment to a bill to make it illegal to supply weapons to the Contras. Reagan had a choice of abandoning them or finding another way to supply them.

He turned to the CIA who had some old weapons they would sell to Israel who would then trade small arms to the Contras. The real story was the backstabbing again by the Dems of some freedom fighters trying to stop Communism in this hemisphere just like they did in the Bay of Pigs in Cuba. Neve mind it ended up destroying Nicaragua, they all believe in Marxism no matter who is hurt.

Make no mistake these are the same people with more power and more hatred for our privileged life. According to anonymous sources inside the Barack shadow White House this entire coup has been run by Valarie Jarrett with his knowledge. It has been running since the minute Trump announced coming down the elevator as spies were introduced into his campaign. These sources reported that the current spy who they planted Eric Ciaramella has been a specialist in the Ukraine DNC money laundering since the start of the Barak administration.

The sources claim the parody whistleblower complaint was written inside the shadow WH by attorneys intimately involved with the coup. This was their plan B coup attempt since the Mueller sham failed so miserably. They admit it is a copy of the Russia story but feel the media can magnify and amplify enough to keep the Repubs sitting on their hands and so far, are right.

The sources also say that Nazi Pelosi was against this step however the major donors are demanding impeachment, so they went forward with the fake vote. These donors demanded impeachment, or they would stop sending their checks to the DNC, so she relented and took the vote on the weakest attempt in the history of the House. Some are joking they are basically investigating a call that is made by a President every day of the week by every COC since the phone was invented.

In a related story from these inside sources there is real fear from the shadow gummit there will be charges coming from the IG report may be more than their media outlets can contain. They are worried real felony charges could be difficult to spin into conspiracy nonsense. They know the GOP will not pursue any charges; however, they are terrified that President Trump will want revenge and push for convictions throughout the Shadow White House. There is real terror that this may be exposure of the early spying and late coup members who go deep into all the intelligence agencies.

The main thought process inside the shadow WH is there are no chance of winning elections with so many things working against them. They knew Hillary would not likely win the election as Barak believed she was a terrible candidate and not so privately could not stand her or Bill. Nobody in their WH thinks anyone can win this time so they are trying to weaken Trump’s hand with this nothing investigation. They are going to simply run it open ended and use it as a club to beat him during the election with their lapdog media.

When will the GOP realize this is the tactic the Dems use no matter how genteel you are? It doesn’t matter if it is a Bush or a Trump; they will impeach him anyway. They can no longer count on rigging elections.

Trump just understands they are going to hate you anyway so you may as well give them a reason. Everything is manufactured out of smoke and ash so stop pretending it is real while letting the Dems make the rules It is time to play by the President’s rules and squash these bugs like the cucarachas they are.

Pray for the blind