Brayin Candy

Obamaville 2.9

For the creation was subfected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it, in hope... Rom 8:20

The Establishmedia is all atwitter that Obama was able to give speech on the economy and not put the entire country to sleep with his recycled pabulum. He obviously does not have his heart into giving speeches about the economy the way he does about racism. One he thinks he knows something about and the other he has not gotten a clue which the economy proves. Can anybody say they are better off today than they were when he was elected?

Nearly everybody in this country is suffering from this ongoing communist malaise as he goes on his tour between vacations about how great the economy has done since he was elected. The primary problem we have is a lack of basic foundational economic building blocks and that is resource management. He believes that resource restriction is management when in reality it is complete mismanagement. Every one of our abundant natural resources is being squandered by him and the environmental zealots and everyone suffers from their fanaticism.

These fanatics include the President are locking up our resources and abilities to earn a living and making it harder and harder to survive for the middle class. He claims jobs are created somehow by the middle class yet has no examples of that ever happening. If there was a correlation between a strong working class and a growing economy we should have a expanding middle class now after all of those stimulus dollars poured into them over the past five years. In reality the middle class is shrinking like every other group as they try to keep their heads above water with rising energy prices and taxes. These two burdens are direct results of Obamanomics and are only going to get worse with Obamacare. He claims to be a friend to the middle class when he is their worst enemy.

While he talks about knowing what it is like to be in the mid or lower class we know he has not spent any time wondering how he was going to pay his mortgage or tax bills. He has lived a life of privilege in Hawaii while being indoctrinated on the virtues of Maoist and Leninist communism. He has a five hundred pound chip on his shoulder in his misunderstanding of who Americans are and how they provide uncountable charity and help worldwide. He only sees hatred of Whitey and the exploitation by the evil Industrialist pig upon the poor of the nation and now he finally has the power to exact his revenge.

His final knife through the heart will be Obamacare as it drives up premiums for insurance to unaffordable levels. They are pretty much there already, but when the entire country is going to be accepting every crackhead and alcoholic into the system so the healthy people are going to have to pay for the unhealthy. This will quickly destroy the insurance industry as we are seeing the number of companies dropping from the exchanges leading to an even more expensive gummit healthcare. This will be the boondoggle of all boondoggles sending the economy into the abyss.

How can anybody say the economy is anything but worse since he arrived? These are the same people who claimed to know everything about everything while they have destroyed everything they have touched. The truth is, these communists know nothing about everything. If they were to take their hands off the economy it would have a chance to recover, but they will never do that since they want to turn this into Detroit, a burned out shell of an economy.

While he is chasing fairy dust it is time to the Repubs to grow a pair and go after saving the economy. Forget immigration reform and get after stopping Obamacare. It is badly flawed as a law and with the employer mandate being delayed by Obama it is time to attack it with everything they have. Pull the string and unravel this monstrosity and save the economy from freefalling and be the good guys. The entire nation wants the plug pulled and they have a chance to pull it.

Unfortunately, the managers of the Party want to leave it alone to maintain their chances of winning the midterm elections. Managers don’t like controversy so they will say don’t rock the boat and take a stand after you win bigger majorities and retake the Senate. The problem is managers get paid whether you win the Senate or lose it so they are not ones to take chances. They will keep doing whatever it is that they are doing and after we lose the Senate will say they gave it their best shot then focus on 2016 and lose that. If you are going to lose anyway, why not go down big and die trying.

This is the last chance for the Repubs to stand for something. Right now and going into the next election not only are they irrelevant, but there is a Civil War building with them and the Conservatives in the Party. A real battle for freedom could unify the Party as a common goal could satisfy the Conservatives while teaching the Rhinos how to fight. The managers will say it is a waste of time and a risk while in reality it is a fight for the soul of America and the most important fight we can have this century.

Pray for America to Wake Up