Brayin Candy

Phony Soldier Rushed

 To have the Leader of the Senate tell a Private Citizen what he can and can’t say on his own Radio Program sends chills down the spine of Lady Liberty. Since when is it the congress’ job to monitor Free Speech? What next, close down TV stations and replace them with Nationalized Broadcasting? Isn’t there such a thing as the 1st Amendment Corrupt Reid has run though the Shredder? The latest version of Phony Outrage about Rush has all the legitimacy as Yaaawn Kerry’s 3 Purple Hearts. Once again the Clinton War Room is on full attack mode all the time. If not for pure hatred the Wicked Witch of NY would have nothing at all.

What the HilaryCare, Media Mad hatters, and puppet Reid Cabal are trying to accomplish besides satisfying their kook base, is censorship. The Clinton War Room is famous for thug tactics and this is how they silence speech. Like every dictatorial gummit the main form of control is the silencing of the opposing voices. Rush Limbaugh represents the primary spokesman of that Freedom so the War Room is attempting to silence him.

The clinton hate machine has extended its tentacles throughout PravdABDNCBS. Now Rush has exposed the conduit to the Dinosaur Press through Media Matters, Movon.gor & the Daily Kos. This gives them a complete lineal distribution and filtration of the news in the form they need twisted to their benefit. They are now flexing their muscle w/in the dinosaur news industry which is thoroughly salted with their own people. Fortunately, they once again overplayed their hand exposing themselves.

The thugs are telling the people in the press if they dare to challenge group think there will be a price to pay. This includes the Federal Gummit and the Congress of the United States attempting to silence you. What next, closing down newspapers? This may be the first time in histoir we’ve had our gummit make a statement we will censor Free Speech and Freedom of the Press. Much the same way things are done in their Stalinist utopias like Cuba.

This is a chilling development into our belief in Free Speech. These same people who always complain about the Bush Administrations censors are actively attempting to silence their critics or at least making people fear reprisals if you dare speak against HilaryCare. You can bet that Carvile, Bugeyel and Derchowitz are all getting big bucks from HilaryCare/$0R0$. This is a semi-organized attempt to manufacture and manipulate the information to the public. They know the New Media has stopped them from winning the last 2 elections and will do whatever it takes to eliminate it.

What Rush exposed was their next attack on our troops and thwarted it before it could get off the ground. Since the "General Betray Us" campaign exploded in their faces like another ACME Missile and they couldn’t paint him as Westmoreland, they were going to Winter Soldier our troops. The Iraq War is now being won so they have to camouflage their treasonous behavior during the war. If they could manufacture enough phony soldiers claiming atrocities like the Vietnam Winter Soldier campaign, they could still wash their hands of the war. Unfortunately for them, ABC did a report on these Phony Soldiers and Rush amplified it. Now their plan C is to attack Rush and let ABC know they better be careful of what they report. Rush is simply receiving the Destruction they were about to give our Freedom Fighters and paint them as Baby Killers, again.

The GOP and Rush would be beaten if not for the Keystone Cops infecting the TraitorcRat Party. This ham handed attack was an expensive battle for the Clinton Chinese Mafia War Room. It completely pulled back the curtain to see the Wizard of Oz Media Matters Machine and how it is connected to PravdABDNCBS. Whenever something is reported from Media Matters to Hilary we can dismiss it as a War Room release. We also can dismiss Dirtbag Harry and the congress as the cheap hacks we already knew them to be. Same Bozos who agreed with the $0R0$ ad. When all this settles in and The Wicked Witch of NY realizes how much she has lost there will be more than a few Ashtrays thrown across the room. Release the Flying Monkeys!

Pray for W and Our Freedom Fighters