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The Godless Convention

The Godless Convention 

“Neither this man nor his parents sinned,” said Jesus, “but this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life. John 9:3

If there was any question whether the Democrat Party is nothing more than a satanic Godless cult you had to look no farther than their Platform. The Platform for any Party is what the Party stands for and is a structure of its beliefs and ideals. When they denied the Party’s belief in God it was a very loud and public statement they no longer want to be considered a Party that believed in God. This year more than others they have accidentally revealed the truth about their communist anti-God agenda for all of America to see. They are Darwinists who believe in government as their ultimate God while they worship at the altar of abortion as their Holiest Sacrament and moral relativism is their path.

Many have been pointing out liberalism is nothing more than an atheistic socialist cult which people have to live their lives according to its tenants which are far removed from Christianity. It has forced their believers to move farther and farther away from the Bible in their acceptance of social justice and tolerance. Unlike Christianity which teaches you to love the sinner but hate the sin, liberalism says you must also love the sin or tolerate it and often sanctify it. As in abortion you must not only love the girl who is having the abortion but you must also accept the abortion as well as pay for it no matter what your religious beliefs. This makes abortion more sacred than your right of religious belief. Not only will you pay for it but the church must be forced by the State to perform abortions as will doctors who have a moral objection to the killing of babies. There is no longer Freedom of Religion due to the Democrat cult of tolerance.

Tolerance is the highest tenant of liberalism and its greatest sin is intolerance which puts the DNC directly at odds with the church just as the Soviet Union and Germany’s were. It is necessary for the church and pastors to get out of the way and force their parishioners to accept the cult’s demands and ignore the teachings of the Bible. The cult is tolerant of every social and sexual perversion under the sun except for disagreement with their world view. This is at the heart of their anti-God Platform as well as denying Israel a capital. America and Israel are God centered countries that will not bow to their overreaching gummit or the sins that are inherent in their beliefs.

Now they have laid all of their cards on the table and saying if they are elected they do not want America a God centered country. They want an atheistic secular country that will keep the one true God bowing down to their gods and religion. They will worship at the altar of abortion and soon under DeathCare, eugenics. They believe through Darwinism they are the highest form of being so they will decide who lives and dies for the greater good of society. They will decide which Americans are worth saving and which are not. They still seem to be wavering on that killing all the Jews thing but are right on schedule with the infirmed. We are watching a party exposing itself as the same humanistic cults we saw come to power in the 1930s and 40s with all of their followers worshiping a godlike leader into a new form of evolutionary selection to make a more perfect society.

To think we have churches throughout the country and especially the Catholic Church falling for a perversion of their religion under the guise of Social Justice. They are willing to ignore the most basic Commandments of Though Shalt not kill or Thou Shalt not Envy for the commie candy of Economic Equality. They pretend poverty will be cured if you will turn your lives over to an equalizing State, but who determines what is Justice or Equality? Who says there is no happiness in poverty? There are millions of poor people who are living solid lives and have great families without money. Right now we have people like Nazi Pelosi who is worth over $100 Million in corruption deciding who gets to keep what. How can you trust a corrupt bureaucracy to decide what is fair and what is not? Just like their deciding what the church can and can’t teach how are they going to decide who is and isn’t able to keep their earnings?

Many Churches and the entire Democrat Party have given their souls over to a cult that will destroy them. Just as we saw them make a cynical stand against God and then cower at the revolt of the American people, they are chasing an empty religion which only leads to one place. It will lead to death and emptiness followed by a Judgment by the one true God. There is no purpose or structure with their religion only personal destruction which is masked by social morality. You can live any sort of perverted lifestyle as long as you plant a tree or hug a whale and buy a Chevy Dolt. As long as you are a good tolerant liberal you are able to destroy your or anybody else’s life without persecution. This of course leads to all types of guilt and addictions since this cult has no real meaning leaving you empty and hopeless.

This is exactly where the Commie Convention wants to take you as they arrogantly told America they don’t believe in God and neither can you. It needs to eliminate God to complete their Utopian grand plan. This is the final step for their New World which is actually so new Abraham fought against it. It is so cutting edge we have seen it over and over again in Russia, Germany, Italy, China, Japan, Korea, Cuba, Cambodia, Vietnam and every other atheistic state. Only in America have we had a two century experiment of man worshiping God and the free choice it represents with free market abundance.

We have a clear choice between God and evil. This battle has been going on since the beginning of time and now we are seeing it clearly in the Democrat Platform. Sure they shoved through a band-aid against the will of the cult, but we know what these people truly believe. They hate God and Israel and were very transparent about it. You have to choose this election if you would rather be ruled by a Godless cult or continue to be the one country under a Christian God. They are now in the open if you are an atheist who hates Israel and America they have a Party Platform for you. If you believe in God, America and Israel’s right to existence you have to vote against their Godless cult.

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