Brayin Candy

The Syrian Headfake


For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. 2 Cor 10:3

Never let a good crisis go to waste, even if you caused it yourself. We are now witnessing the results of Leading From Your Behind in Syria. This story is not about Syria and some questionable chemical attack or whether one side is worse than another, it is about our criminal mismanagement of our energy resources. Sure we are seeing how ill equipped Obomber is on the world stage when he has to actually lead, but more than anything it underscores his and the ruling class’ need to keep Americans impoverished and enslaved to overpriced Middle East oil.

If not for our addiction to Arabian oil we would not give an itch about what happens in the ME sandbox. We would treat it like feudal wars of Outer Mongolia with a half hearted appreciation of the suffering and then turn the channel back to Duck Dynasty as we slid off to sleep. Rather we treat every civil war or coup as if it was happening on Main Street USA, because it is. When you have a rumor of a war in the Persian crescent you can almost watch the pump price rise every time you pass a gas station. This Syrian rat’s nest has risen the price of oil five dollars per barrel which will translate into twenty cents a gallon within a month. This will take a bite out of every American wallet as their monthly gas bill has gone up forty dollars since President Disaster decided to become a warrior.

George Soros said a decade ago, the only thing stopping the entire world from becoming communist was the United States. He and some other speculators knew if you could enslave the world to a subsistence existence you can control them both physically and emotionally. The worst thing those who want to control the United States and the world can allow is wealthy and independent people who can afford to live and travel where they want. You have to keep them one paycheck from bankruptcy so the threat of poverty will keep them at the ruling class’ mercy. The Ruling Class cannot afford to have people not living in fear of losing everything or they will not need an all powerful gummit to have a huge cradle to grave safety net. Without that fear people would vote for freedom rather than indentured servitude which would be the end of central control.

We are now living in the results of nearly a hundred years of brainwashing through the Three Pillars of Indoctrination (academia, media and the DNC). Soros and his buddies have funded these groups along with the militant environmentalists to vilify cost effective energy to the point of making it illegal. We are watching the EPA and Enviro-commies closing down our most abundant energy resource coal, which will take electricity from a hundred bucks a month to double or triple those costs. We are seeing in Europe a situation where people cannot afford to turn on their lights and heat and will soon see people freezing to death in their homes. This will be coming here as soon as those hundreds of coal fired plants are closed for another sacrifice to the environmental earth worshipers. They falsely claim there is Global Warming which does not exist and get the Three Pillars to promote the fraud into consensus and people gladly put the shackles on their legs to become less free for Mother Gaia. This is the purest unadulterated form of brainwashing ever invented using religion.

In addition to the chains of environmental cultism we are just about to be further impoverished with Obozocare. The Liberal zombies are about to slap a huge tax on the working people taking them even closer to the bankruptcy cliff by forcing them to pay for the most Cadillac plan for Mercedes prices. This is one step from a pure communist healthcare which will truly be the end of America as we knew it. Once they collapse the insurance industry we will no longer have any choice of where to go to a doctor or have any say in our treatments as it will all be decided by the Ruling Class. This is what Syria is about, becoming serfs to the Rulers or Inner Circle.

We have to have the courage to say no to bombing Syria. If the Rulers had their way they would have us completely at the mercy of the Arabian Peninsula and purchasing $10/gal gas. This would keep us in our homes or better yet purchasing the communal hovels to live our lives indentured to the Communal Store. It is time to stand up to the insanity of Syria as well as the energy mismanagement which caused this disaster. We have to say no to Obozocare as well as the taxes which go with it. If our elected officials will not stop it then it is time for the American people to just say no and undermine it until it collapses on its own weight. It is time to organize and fight the Ruling Class wherever we can engage them to get our country back.

This Syrian fiasco has shown how inept the monkey with a grenade can be, although he has handled this grenade much better than he has the economy. Talk about a monkey with the largest economy on the planet, trying to come up with a plan, the world is seeing how stupid he truly is. Now is the time to defeat his Syrian proposal and expose his poor plan for what it is as well as expose the Three Pillars for the power hungry hypocrites they are. They are in the open proving once again that they were not sincere about their opposition to Iraq, but were only using it as a tool to defeat Bush and promote their agenda. If they were sincere they would be howling louder about this rush to war, yet all we have is silence and an endorsement by Yawn Kerry the biggest hypocrite of all.

As dangerous as this situation is it has exposed everyone for exactly who they are and what they are about. It has nothing to do with Syria or the children who were gassed it is about enslaving America to higher priced energy. They have to enslave you to control your lives. It makes it easier to bring the final solution to America which is the second generation of Obamacare or nationalized healthcare. Once it is in place then every American will have Obama and the Czars at your throat deciding who lives and who dies which has been their goal for the last sixty years. This has nothing to do with controlling Assad and everything to do with controlling America.

Pray for America to Wake Up