Brayin Candy

The War on Cars

Matthew 24:6 And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.

Why are the Democrats running away from Detroit? Aren’t these the results they have been striving for ever since their War on Cars began back in the sixties? For the past fifty years the Marxists have focused all of their energy on making sure Detroit would become a ghost town and now that they have succeeded they act like they are surprised that it looks like an abandoned factory.

Ever since 1960 the Democrat Party has declared the automobile to be the worst evil which could ever happen to the eart. First they declared that lead in the gasoline was causing children to be mentally stunted and required lead additives taken out of fuel. This caused to more expensive blends and less performance which they thought would lead to the end of the muscle car. Of course you could never get the kids to eat enough lead to be as mentally handicapped as Common Core has done to our youth, but they always want to make the car and capitalism their booger man.

Even though our nation is floating on an ocean of oil and coal these insane Marxists have done everything in their power to starve the automobile of its lifeblood. They have made every excuse under the sun why you could not drill or transport oil in their attempt to destroy Detroit. They encouraged smaller Japanese cars to compete against our muscle and gave them every advantage they could to take bigger and bigger shares of the market in the mask of lowering pollution and now Global Warming is the fraud du jour.

Their war on the Detroit has been fought 24/7/365 for fifty years and now that the victim lays on the undertaker’s table they want to blame everyone except themselves. Every one of their laws and regulations had one goal in mind and that was to destroy the auto industry. To them the car is the biggest threat to the world and every other threat comes in a very distant second although it is also an industry they do not approve.

One of their first frauds was the Peak Oil scare. The lying Marxist scientists came up with a theory there was only enough oil in the world to last no longer than 2020. This required closing down the auto industry or at least damaging it with sardine can cars which nobody wanted and not profitable for the car companies. This hoax caused a major blow to the industry as well as the steel manufacturers as the cars were forced to convert to plastic.

As little as Marxists understand about economics they do understand the concept of lowering supply causes pricing to go up which is why they have stopped drilling everywhere they could in America. With oil literally seeping out of huge reserves in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mejico the gummit has passed law after law stopping drilling in both. Other than the suspicious BP explosion there has been almost no accidents in drilling or transporting. Even then there was almost no damage from the BP accident when the Marxist scientists were predicting an environmental disaster. The only disaster was an explosion of fish the following year as the micro-organisms had a feast on their favorite mineral and bumping the food chain.

By artificially lowering the supply they have managed to keep prices of gas artificially high to get people out of their SUVs and forcing them to buy smaller. They understand the larger the car the bigger the margin and less desirable Japanese cars look to the consumer. In addition they pass laws forcing Detroit to make smaller and smaller cars where there is no profitability. Their favorite weapon has been the sanctimonious environmental worship. Forever they have painted the tailpipe as the biggest threat to their Earth god. They are always pointing to the exhaust and making false claims to its damage to the planet and atmosphere. Whether it was lead, ozone, acid rain and now Global Warming they always pointed to the car like the flea was going to kill the elephant. If they were to actually point out the massiveness of the eart’s atmosphere compared to a few million cars exhaust no matter how dirty the engine, it would be infinitesimal.

Now they had to invent Global Warming which has collapsed so bad on its own façade they have to threaten jail to those who question it. If it were true they would have some results to point to rather than lying about one the higher temperatures and then get busted time and time again. Those same scientists who said there would be no snow in the Sierra Nevada mountains by now and closed the water valves to California cannot explain the snowfall records yet we must eliminate our lifestyles over their scientific decrees. Their entire purpose of their fraud is to destroy our auto industry and get Americans out of their cars. The destruction of the energy industry is only a side benefit.

The final nails into the coffin were the dictates declared at the beginning of the Obozo administration. Now this economic genius who never ran a hot dog stand was reorganizing the automobile industry into the disaster it is now. Starting with turning over a huge portion of the industry to his comrades in the unions to his Crash for Clunkers program he has been an atomic bomb to the economy. He also stole billions from the bond investors and turned GM over to a crony who had never sold a car in his life and then increased the CAFE laws even tighter. Oh yeah, he also shoved electric cars down their throats which was as bad an idea as Solyndra. The War went according to plan.

Detroit should be celebrating a massive success to victory by the Democommie Party. They are the perfect example of what a Marxist victory looks like. The shift from high paying careers with full benefits to gummit handouts is the most perfect display of their ideas and should make it the DNC shining city on their hill. It should be the example of what decades of a War on Cars will achieve, a shell that looks like Baghdad after shock and awe.

What the Marxists have accomplished in Detroit they have done to the entire country since it was the engine of America. The War on Cars is their War on America and capitalism. That is their real war and why they institute every law and regulation they do. Every weapon like Global Warming is one more gun in their war on Americans. They believe the end of this Country is the solution to every problem in their world. The fact that they become the leaders of that world is a side benefit to destroying America. This is why this economy looks much like Detroit’s since they are working at destroying every industry that adds to the strength of our economy.

We have the best cars in the world if we were only allowed to build them. We have the most energy in the world if we were just allowed to find it. We have the best farmland if we were only allowed to farm it. We have the hardest workers if they were only allowed to work. There is one large collection of Marxists in very high places stopping all of that from happening and America becoming that once great country from ever emerging. They want to make sure none of that ever occurs for whatever personal reason for their hatred of their own country. If they win this election we will all be living in their utopia Detroit collapsing into Hiroshima the day after with no America to rebuild it.

Pray America wakes